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doubletrouble7 said …
hi there,i'm tori from omaha,ne i now live in sacramento,ca since 2004.
i like star trek and dark shadows the gothic soap opera.
my favorite sci-fi movie is supernova from 200.
bye what else do you like?
i like travel,shoppng at stores,eating sugar free food and being with friends and family.
will you be my friend?
oh it would be so much dear to my heart.
think about and happy weekend Posted 9 months ago
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it was a awesome question Posted over a year ago
x-missmckena-x said …
Hiya I am trying to collect research for my dissertation on why people do or dont watch shows on The CW and The WB and I would love your input, if you have a spare few seconds Ive created a forum on the Television spot for responses:


Thanks x Posted over a year ago
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Oh,it's no problem :) Posted over a year ago
Lovetreehill said …
██████░▀███▀░░░██░▀████▀ Posted over a year ago
Lovetreehill commented…
I wish you and your family a great new year with only good things. over a year ago
jarik commented…
Happy New Year to you too. Hope great things come your way this year. over a year ago
Lovetreehill said …
() '''*()

() "'* ()
Where are you?

()*''' ()

() ''''*()
Ah..! There u r...

Just want to say
Merry Christmas Ricky Posted over a year ago
jarik said about Star Wars
Disney has acquired Lucas Films and plans Star Wars Episode VII Posted over a year ago
misse1000 commented…
Yes I know! Would they please leave the film series alone? I mean, don't get me wrong; I'm one of the biggest Disney fans you will ever meet and plan to work in Walt Disney World one day, but could they please not mess with the classics? over a year ago
Fluttershyy commented…
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over a year ago
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Jennifer Morrison/Emma Swan icon :) **^^** Posted over a year ago
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How are you Posted over a year ago
CharlieSheenLuv said …
Thank You for the prop!! It's greatly appreciated!! :D :D You're welcome for the comment on your poll :)
PS what poll was this?? Posted over a year ago
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I also fanned you :) over a year ago