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sonicphantom47 said …
Hey guys. My name is Jacob Cohen, or Sonicphantom47. I have a club that is called, The World of Anime. I have questios and polls that I would love to be answered. I want to find out the interests in other anime fans. I was wondering since you guys are anime fans, will you please join my club that I mentioned above and do my stuff. I would love to be fans with all you guys so please! Posted over a year ago
fanpup0511 said …
hey will u join my club its called kaname chidori plz and thx Posted over a year ago
totolove said …
do u like magister negi ? Posted over a year ago
radd gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Can you be my quiz master,can you? Posted over a year ago
radd said …
Hey,animagic can you be my fan ! It's pleasure to meet you:} Posted over a year ago
dargox gave me props for my comments
Hey animagic would u like to role play in my yu-gi-oh rp? If so it called "duel monsters" and it's in the yu-gi-oh club. Posted over a year ago
S_y_r_i_n_x gave me props for my comments
Thanks for joining the Phantom Breaker club :D Posted over a year ago
barbiecat gave me props for my articles
hey it is say hello to your sisters day but i realise that your not a girl but still i'm going to give you props K

don't forget to say this to about five other people but if there girls then say something elso, don't forget to give props Posted over a year ago
barbiecat said …
i love your photo animagic it is so so cool :) Posted over a year ago
dargox said …
Hey do u rp? Posted over a year ago