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The fans pick: ★ Young Thumper from "Bambi" ★
The fans pick: ★ Prince Phillip from "Sleeping Beauty" (1959) ★
The fans pick: ★ Wendy Darling from "Peter Pan" (1953) ★
The fans pick: ★ Eugene Fitzherbert ★
The fans pick: ★ A vain and proud Beauty Queen ★
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Answer: Probably, the Renaissance, because back then Disney...
Answer: She doesn't look like any official DP, but she remi...
Answer: Daaayyyuuummm, OP, this is especially tough for me ...
Answer: 10. Tangled 9.Angels in the Outfield 8. Pooh's He...
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cruella said …
Hey fellow Disney fans, the Meet the DP Fans Of 2018 Article forum is now open! Check it out if you’re interested.

link Posted 15 days ago
FanboyHater said …
Overrated film. Posted 4 months ago
FanboyHater commented…
Bambi overrated 4 months ago
Makeupdiva commented…
Frozen, I've never seen it but that one is definitely overrated. 25 days ago
Mongoose09 commented…
^.... you've never seen a film but say it's overrated? sorry but that's so stupid. maybe watch it and form your own opinion? (I mean I agree it's overrated, but I've watched it so..) 15 days ago
PrueFever said …
I got the Saludos Amigos/The Three Caballeros (75th Anniversary Edition) Blu-Ray from eBay today! I'm so happy that Disney finally released these two movies on Blu. Having seen both movies today, I'm very pleased with the transfers and I will be adding HD Screencaptures from both movies to the Gallery. One thing I hope Disney will do soon, is to release the classic Mickey/Donald/Goofy/Pluto shorts on Blu-ray. One can hope, right? ;) Posted 8 months ago