Vampires vampire loving wife's b-day

boduke posted on Nov 08, 2010 at 03:21PM
Ok it's not like i'm totally in the dark(hehe) about the vampire thing in highschool i was one of those goth (emo) kids who clung to the anne rice books dressed in black grew my hair and wore makeup(sometimes) but after relising something J.togo would say years later was true I stopped acting depressed to get girls and met the love of my life she has now become fascinated with vamp and I don't understand the "new" vamp stuff (as girly as lestat was he would've turned edward into vampire flavored paste )but her b- day is coming up and aside from going to see the new pic is there anything else someone can think of please help (oh and by the way for a real goth exp. watch the copy of nosferatu with type-o as the soundtrack)

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