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Vampires are in these days. It's debatable whether they ever really went out-I mean, who hasn't at least gone through a phase where they were entranced by vampires? Vampires are sexy, strong, and forbidden-what could be more fascinating than that? And there are so many vampires worlds to choose from now: Twilight, House of Night, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Vladimir Tod, True Blood, Blue Blood, the Van Alen Legacy, Blood Ninja, Blood Coven, and even Buffy and The Lost Boys, who never get old.

It's no wonder so many people want to play in those worlds by writing fanfiction. Here are a few...
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posted by badcats10
I don’t take no for an answer P.s this is a story im working on so plzzzzz tell me what you think
Chapter 1
It was Friday, a sunny day for all of Los Angeles except for Winter, Los Angeles’ only Goth. Winter hated sunny days with the loud honking of horns of people trying to get to work or the laughing screams of kids as they play outside of her house. But she hated to day the most because as her alarm went off it marked the first day of school. As Winter looked for her clock in her dark room the only light other than the light of her lava lamp and a streak of light that managed to seep...
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posted by Raven33
It is not just a fantasy.

The Temple of the Vampire is an international organization that can enable you to acquire authentic power over others, build real wealth, achieve vibrant health, and even live beyond the usual human lifespan.

This is part of what it means to become a real Vampire.

Real Vampires are those who possess a special knowledge and power.
You can have this knowledge and gain this power.

Realize the hidden truths behind why people think and act as they do
and learn exactly how to control them.

Rise above the mindless rat race of having to work to make money
and employ our subtle...
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posted by Fangirl99

ok,i messed to copy the article,buti did the link opps,its about a seires comin soon.

i have ot qwrite more,then you can leave.




posted by slytherinangel
Believe it or not the first vampires actually come from the bible.

Adam's first wife Lillith refused to be dominated by him so she left him and went to the red sea where the angels that were sent to collect her and the angels said she could stay but it would come with a price. She was to become a witch and the mother of all demons. Cain, who killed his brother went wandering and happened to come across Lillith who was now a beautiful demoness that seduced and drank the blood of men. She showed Cain the power of blood and together they were the first vampires. Their offspring carried on their...
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posted by deedeeflower
I found this poem on the back of my Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir bottle.

But first on this earth as vampire sent,

Thy corpse shall from tomb be rent:

Then ghastly haunt thy native place,

And suck the blood of all thy race;

There from thy daughter, sister, wife,

At midnight drain the stream of life;

Yet loathe the banquet which perforce

Must feed thy livid living corpse.

Thy victims are they yet expire

Shall know the demon for the sire,

As cursing thee, thou cursing them,

Thy flowers are withered on the stem.
posted by ICEhanica
3rd part of story

“Brthy I think I know what is wrong whit you!
You are vampire!!!”

„What? Are u serious, or just craizy?“
„Srry, but that is true.“
„Ok,ok, well see…Vampires not exist!!!“

My BFF is gone from the room, and returned for 5 minutes. Has brought a book.

“Here read this!!!” say she to me.
“Why, what is that?”
“It’s book, book about vampires.”
“I don’t need it!!!”
“Yes you need, here take it!!!”

I take the book and start to read aloud:

You become a vampire only if vampire bite you.
Then filling the severe headache, and thirst for blood.
If these biting...
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posted by jarik
Note: The following poem began life as a poem submitted to the recent poetry contest. I've taken some librities with the original poem in order to create something tha will work for this spot. Anyway enjoy.

A stranger comes
Mesmerizing you with his eyes

You feel his bite
And pain that turns
Into ecstacy
Draining your old life from you

Your old life has died with you
And three nights later
you are reborn
into a world of endless night

You begin to feel a hunger
That cannot be ignored
And you begin the hunt
For fresh blood

So begins the vicious cycle
Of death
And hunger
That is never ever
posted by arylynn10
Chapter 3
"Finding Nathan"
My sister Myrissa brought me home.She's a junior.You know,high school actually isn't that bad.Today we all got our locker combinations.Luckily Riley and I are only one locker down from each other.Once I got home I passed out!The next morning was SATURDAY!Riley,me,and of course,Jason, all went to the movies.My god, does Riley know how to work combat boots or what! Even though we are teenagers we like to see little kid movies. We saw Tangled.In the middle of the movie I went to the bathroom."Riley, I gotta go to the bathroom, tell me what happens" i say very quietly...
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posted by twilight0girl
this month is going to be terrible.
i live in barrow alaska.this is thier month of complete,totall darkness.also,this is when the vampires come out to feed on the helpless men,women,and children.but instead of shaking in pure fear,i'll go out and see how they act.but i'm also going out because my two brothers,isaac and marcus,are vampires too.

4 days later

i've never walked around outside during this time of month.i can hear the screaming coming from every direction.i havent seen any va,pires nor my two brothers.when i started to walke away from...
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chapter 3: It was going to happen i just knew it, if i stayed any longer instinct would sink in and Alex would be dead in seconds. Alex picked his detective book off the ground and lifted his face so that his eyes locked with mine. i had to look away because he would see the red return to my eyes, my best option was to run away but after spending so much time with him i dreaded leaving while my vampire side was waiting for me to give in and kill him.
"are you OK Christa? your looking a little pale" Alex asked. i couldn't help but smirk at the 'pale' remark seeing that i was a vampire.
"Ya um...
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Chapter 2

    I was hyperventilating as my angel walked past me on to his first class. He walked into the door of Mr. Emmi’s class, which was also my first class. I learned that my angels name is Stefan . His sisters names were Colleen and Carmen. His brothers, Jacob and Leo.
    His voice was heavenly. Sweet and daring. He walked to the last empty desk. It was beside me. I moved my purse from off the desktop and smiled at him politely. His answering smile made me hyperventilate again. I could have sworn I heard him chuckle.
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I must have made quite a sight with my cloths stained with mud and torn, my hair wet and full of mats. I had no clue how long id been out but it had to be at least a week because my body was weak and shaken from hunger. For vampires when going a long time without blood we experience similar symptoms drug attics do when going through with drawl. I leaned against the door for support; my head was going foggy like I was going to pass out. The problem with being a vampire is that you can’t pass out; you’re just stuck in a foggy state till your system gives out.
“You look horrible Fang, what...
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Chapter 26: I spent the next few hours desperately trying to claw and rip my way through the coffin lid and dig to the surface. All I could think of was how I had to get back to Alex. I could only imagine what Antonio would do to him, chain him up, torture him? I had only turned out so tuff because of Antonio...

Summer of 1850:

"Antonio I swear I won't hesitate next time but please don't lock me up again" I begged. He grabbed me by the hair, my red locks entwined in his gloved hand. I fought and fought, my heeled shoes catching on my black domed skirt and bodice.
"Your disappointing me Fang, you...
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posted by gossipdanii
Today Robert films “Remember Me” in Central Park with his adorable onscreen sister, Ruby Jerins, and his co-star Emilie de Ravin. More pictures are on the way so keep checking back! Yesterday’s album was also updated with multiple new additions.

i think he shouldn't be ion this movie. That emelie GIRL is killing robenstens relationship. We don't care thaT YOUR GETTING DIVORCED.go FIND ANOTHER BOYTOY. she needs to go get laid. rob and kristen need to be togerther!!!!!!!! rob and kristen 4 ever!!!
Zombies have no real mythos or history. Most zombie stories are merely metaphors for issues that at the time can't be discussed head on due to the popular opinion of the time. George Romero's Living Dead movies are prime example of that. His movies really weren't about the living dead but more to do about messages concerning racism to consumerism. Only after the success of those movies, did zombies become popular in our culture and zombie movies were made just for the sake of making a zombie movie. But that means if such movies are based on these metaphor movies, then in a way they're echoing...
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Chapter 5: So i had gone from the satans creation to Alex's guardian angle, what the hell is that about? I knew from the text i had gotten from Patrick 'as of know Alex is fair game' or somthing like that and i knew he ment every word. For now he was stuck in that old wearhouse but as soon as night fell Alex would be in danger. All though as a vampire my instinct was to kill anything with a pulse my attraction to him was clouding my instincts, oH well i didnt have to worry right know it is only 8 or 9 in the morning,i had time.
I had never been to Toronto so i figured i should make the most...
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posted by ICEhanica
4th part of story!!!

…“Sandara are you vampire?”
“Yes, and I bite you!”

“What, why?”
“Cause I want you live forever whit me.”
“OK, but we than can’t go in same school that all years!!!”
“I know. I already buy tickets for plain.”
“Where we go?”
“We go in SAD, there is school for vampires!”
“OK, than where are my parents?”
“Are you don’t see message?”
“What message?”
“Message it’s on table, in the kitchen!”
“I go pack my things and call ma parents, then we can go!”
“I pack it all your things and tell your parents already.”
“At time...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter five:Sinful sins

After Alucard, Altair and Aly made it to america to find Dracula, Alucard and the others went in a old castle that used to belong to Becca's werewolf grandparents, Alucard looks around pulling out his gun slowly as Aly and Altair pull their swords out and Becca pulls out her father's shotgun, "Father I know you're here stop hiding like a god damn coward like you used to be!" Alucard yells "Ah my dear son's been so long and now look at you all grown up" he says to Alucard "I know what you did to this girl's uncle you f******* punk!" Alucard yells "Son you...
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posted by LOLsweetsweet0
-Hawaii,Summer,May 10-
Roxxy didn't like sun,sun,sun all the time. It made her look awsome,but her amount of awsome-ness didn't need a skin-burning-follows- you-everywhere-un-nessasary-skylights.Meet Roxxy Qwick,an all atitude bad b**** that didn't like the serious stuff in life. Ironic,I know. You should just SEE this chick. A pale skin Albino(move over Kristen Stewart)Mexican mix with one red eye,one green. Her hair was cut at the bottom edge of her ear and spiked perfectly with random red streaks of color. The boots she wore however,all different colors to show her mood(but never to match...
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