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posted by Ravager
Chapter 1: Meeting

We stood unnoticed in the fringe of the forest, watching the enormous white house in the clearing.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked Alice as I surveyed our surroundings.

Alice sighed. "Yes, of course I'm sure about this, Jazz. I've been watching them for three decades."

Alice had told me about these strange golden-eyed vampires who chose to kill animals instead of humans. I still couldn't quite wrap my head around the notion. Humans were our natural food source. I had tried to hunt animals when Alice had first introduced the concept to me. The animal blood had tasted disgusting,...
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Hi! As a treat, I have a Jacob and an Edward POV for you. Enjoy!

Chapter 17
Jacob's POV

I couldn't believe what that bloodsucker did. He lost her. In the past, I couldn't stand him but, this was unforgivable. But, I still loved Bella. "Give it a rest, Jacob.", Leah thought. "You didn't imprint on her so, she's not your mate". "Shut up Leah. Sam didn't imprint on you so, YOU give it a rest". She howled. "I'll get you for that"., she thought. I ran back to the Cullen house and phased back. There was an entire outfit layed out for me on the doorstep. I changed and went inside. "Ew, who let the...
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posted by Repo-girl
Hi! I have nothing to say except... enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 29
Bella's POV

"You love me"?, I asked. He smiled and nodded. "Really"? I just couldn't grasp the concept. "I love you Bella Swan. Really. Honestly. And you love me too". He said the last bit smugly. He was so sure of himself. I shrugged my shoulders. "I think I'm going to make you dinner tonight"., he said. "No. You don't have to do that". "I want to. Besides, you shouldn't be near the stove in your condition". "Fine". It carried on like this for the next six days. On the seventh day... James was off hunting and I was at home with...
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posted by nataliaryanfan
"Alice,what did you see?" I asked her in a soft tone.
"I saw us fighting newborns," she started, "there was only 25 of them and we finished them off in an instance." Alice started to sob again. "After we killed all of them, we started a bonfire and burned all their bodies." She paused. "We split up into groups. Well, actually couples- you and Edward, me and Jasper, you and Emmett, and you and Carlisle." Me, Rosalie, and Esme immediately knew who was with who. In her premonition, I was paired up with Edward, Alice was with Jasper, Rose was with Emmett, and Esme was with Carlisle. Alice went...
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Ch 8 My Sick Days

A/N: I own no characters.
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Sorry to keep you waiting so long. There's a bunch of excuses and I know you don't want to hear them!

Bella POV

Finally, I woke up. It was 3:00 AM. I wondered how I had slept so late.

I wrote Charlie a note. Explaining I was sick and would not go to school the next day, or, technically, today. I felt really crappy. And, my head hurt! At least I had something to distract me from my heart.

Anytime I even thought of them, the little edges around the hole would tear and burn. Sometimes, I even regretted ever finding out who they were. I mean,...
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posted by twilightchick
day 4

jasper: *walkin down stairs in baggy pants, a shirt and gold chains*
bella: jasper..what are you doing?
edward: BOB!!!!
bella: who the hell is bob?
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added by pameee
posted by Repo-girl
Hi! I have so much to do before London! I am having a little writer's block at the moment so, it might be a while until the nest chapter is written. Enjoy!

Chapter 20
Bella's POV

I couldn't believe it. Jasper's creator. And James was friends with her. Maria smiled sweetly. She reminded me of Jane. "James tells me that you know my Jasper. Tell me Bella, how is he"? I tried to find my voice, but failed. "She's speechless"., James said. "No doubt Jasper told her about me. Shall I show you to your room"? "Of course. Come on, Bella". James took my hand and followed Maria up a long winding staircase....
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Hi! I stayed up until 12 for this so, I am tired! There will be a Jacob POV too so, watch out for that. On with the story!

Chapter 12
Edward's POV

I lost her. I couldn't believe it. How could I have been so stupid. My family didn't blame me. They kept saying that it wasn't my fault. If only I had said no to Bella when she asked me not to come that night. I felt so lost. She could be anywhere by now. Who knew what James was doing to her? I remembered the note Bella wrote before she left:


I've decided not to marry Edward. I'm 18. I'm too young to get married. I'm going away for awhile. Please...
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posted by twilightchick
Alice: *giggles*
edward: ali, whats so funny?
alice: oh its nothing *busts out laughing*
bella: *asks cautiously* what is it alice?
alice: my vision. i can see that you and edward are going to have a problem and it just played out for me
bella: oh-no..
alice: oh yes, edward will tell you what he just saw
edward: bella, love we better get out of here..
bella: whats going on?.... Alice Cullen you better tell me whats going on before i get the box!
alice: oh so scary *rolls her eyes* mike is coming!
jasper: *door rings*...
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Hey! I got bored one day and started to write about when Bella becomes a vampire, I picked up from New Moon where Bella puts her mortality to a vote! I really hope that you like it!

1. A New Life

Carlisle nodded toward me. "The floor is yours." I swallowed. Their gazing eyes made me nervous. Edward took my hand under the table. I peeked at him, but he was watching the others, his face suddenly fierce.
"Well," I paused. "I'm hoping Alice has already told you everything that happened in Volterra?" "Everything," Alice assured me. I threw her a meaningful look. "And everything on the way?" "That,...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
Okay so this has been in my mind for a while I need to get it out before I lose it , I am not continuing this now I am finishing my other story first but I am putting the first chapter on Fanpop and then later on Fanfiction when I can write this properly :)
Summary: Bella see’s a gang hurting a homeless stranger, she helps him obviously and takes him to the shelter which  her and her friends have made, but he seems so smart, so nice so how did he end up on the street?

Pairings : Canon ExB  ( All Human //Alternative Universe)
Rating : T for now
Playlist: Innocent - Taylor Swift 

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posted by sexy_vamp
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters… just this story.

A/N: Please, please, please review. I really need you all to keep me motivated. So read and let me know what you think of my story.

Chapter 10

*Back to BPOV, same day that Jake came to visit Bella at the Cullen’s*

I felt better knowing that I got to apologize to Jake. I know that I jumped on him and he didn’t need it but I was angry and I shouldn’t have attacked like I did. And I am sure that Ashni didn’t like that I jumped all over him either. I regretted it the moment I opened my mouth. I really should learn to think before...
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I woke up to a sunny sky, which was the cloudiest day in my book. I turned my head and saw him smiling. “Can you, go in the sunlight?” I asked. He smiled and laughed a sharp laugh. “You mean do we burn?” he replied. I smiled and nodded. He signed. “No we do not burn we...sparkle” he said, this shocked me I smiled and put my hand on his ice cold cheek. “Can you show me?” I asked, he smiled and nodded. “I will later but now you have to get ready” He told me, I smiled and gave him a confused look, until I remembered. Today I had to meet his family. “What if they don’t like...
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Hi! This chapter will have Jane's POV in it. I didn't have anything good to do so, I decided to write it in drama class. Enjoy it because I'm having writer's block and I might not be able to write stuff for a long time. Maybe you guys can give me ideas. Enjoy!

Chapter 10
Jane's POV

Caius and I had been planning this for decades. I only wished Alec were here to see it. But never mind Alec for now. This was my moment. My triumph. Caius and I walked down to the room where Aro and Marcus were. "Jane, dear one"!, Aro said. "Marcus and I were just talking about you. Weren't we Marcus"? Marcus nodded....
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Hi! Thank you all for your nice reviews! It looks like all of you are on board for the "special scene". I will write it ASAP. I have some fanfics that are M rated so, I have some info. Also, there will be a POV switch in this. Now on with the story!

Chapter 8
James POV

I was so pissed. I was trying my best to be nice to Bella but it was so damn hard. She smelled so good. Better than I remembered. She didn't like me. Like you care, I told myself. She's just part of the game. Nothing else. But there was another part of me that liked her. That wanted to know her. That wanted her to be my mate and...
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posted by twilightchick
Disclaimer: I don't own any twilight characters

Rosalie's POV

I was sitting in the living room, snuggling with my teddy bear of a husband, when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my middle toe. I sighed when I realized what it was.
"Baby I'm going to the bathroom, I have to take care of something" I said to emmett
"Rose, if you're going in there to put on more makeup,don't. You look perfectly fine and sexy".
I rolled my eyes at him, but smiled. " No thats not what i have to do but thanks for the compliment sweetie. I'll be out in a minute"
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i really love Leah and always feel really sorry for her on the one of the questions it said would you rather read a story about leah or about renesmee i would love both!!i'm new to fanfiction so its not great! this starts when Sam goes away to turn into a werewolf
he's gone. thats the only way i can describe it he left no note no sign that he was going. But why would he leave me when i needed him so bad? He keeped the sadness and depression away he stopped me from acting a monster. everytime I looked out the window i thought i could...
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Edwards POV Ch2

" I can't really dance", She whispered when we were on the dancefloor.
"Do not worry I will guide you thorough". I tried to reassure her so to make her feel better I would start with introductions.
" My name is Edward Anthony Masen and your is ?"
" Isabella Marie Swan but I prefer Bella." She spoke as if she was agitated. Better to calm her down.
"Okay Bella you do not have to worry I will guide you thorough."
Then carefully I sild my hand across her small soft waist and pulled her close and held her hand mine.
At that moment all I wanted was her and I and I would always want her...
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