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13. Reason

I felt rushed suddenly like I couldn’t unbuckle fast enough. Here I was seeing Alice for the first time in 11 years. For a second I wondered how much she changed but then realized my dumb accusation. I redid the checklist in my head. Aly is safe with Charlie and Sue at Billy’s house having a Fish Fry. Jacob is with them and he knows I'm getting my hair colored ad I said I would try to come back once I'm done. I looked in the back seat at the bags of cloths for seeing Jacob and hanging with Alice. I changed right after I talked to Jacob and now I'm here.

I opened the door and...
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posted by taelor4twilight
Here's a fanfiction of Bella and Edward on Valentine's Day! Enjoy!

It was a beautiful morning. Simply beautiful. Renesmee was sleeping quietly in her room, while Edward and I sat on the couch in the front room. His arm wrapped around me and I leaned into his chest. Today seemed so perfect. I wonder why? I had a feeling something good was going to happen today. I must have accidentally released my shield because Edward answered my unspoken thought.
"You don't know what day it is?" he said.
"No, did I miss something?"
"Today is Valentine's Day, love."
That threw me for a millisecond. Huh. I counted...
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Hey! I got bored one day and started to write about when Bella becomes a vampire, I picked up from New Moon where Bella puts her mortality to a vote! I really hope that you like it!

1. A New Life

Carlisle nodded toward me. "The floor is yours." I swallowed. Their gazing eyes made me nervous. Edward took my hand under the table. I peeked at him, but he was watching the others, his face suddenly fierce.
"Well," I paused. "I'm hoping Alice has already told you everything that happened in Volterra?" "Everything," Alice assured me. I threw her a meaningful look. "And everything on the way?" "That,...
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posted by ISABELLA92
Chapter 10: Father’s Love
Bella’s POV
Rosalie and I were planning another day of bonding, but we needed a date. So I left Rosalie to call Charlie. I grabbed the house phone and dialed my home number; Charlie picked up on the third ring.
“Hello? Bells?” I heard him say.
“Yea, dad, it’s me. Can I stay at the Cullen’s house tonight?” I asked blatantly.
“Absolutely not young lady. I will not permit you to be tempted Into sleeping with Edward.” Charlie barked.
“dad, I meant can I have a sleepover with Rosalie and Alice?” I said knowing Alice was his weak point.
“Uh, bells, will...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Once apon a time there was a powerful king ruling London.
The legend says a witch cursed the kings only daughter because he killed all the witches in London except for his own.
As its told the curse forbids the princess to ever feels or falls in love(but she can just feel love for the witche’s son Damien who is in love with the princess) unless the witch that's has casted the spell on her shall die drowning in her own blood at an eclipse.
    Witch: a witch is a person that has special abilities and is immortal they look like a human and blood runs in their...
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Text Messaging
3 hours later

Carlisle and Bella are texting.
Bella: is edward ok? u btr tell me, or i'll hrt u! u know it's tru. i'd do anything 4 edward. tell me!
Carlisle: bella, calm down. edward is abso. fine. may i b shot if i am lying. even tho that would not hrt.
Bella: but wat is vampiremonoculosis? dude, really! i need some info here! edward has a disease! oh dear, my 1 and only luv has vampiremonoculosis.
Carlisle: it happens wen a vamp. eats 2 much human food. he thought red kool aid was blood, and drank it 4 3 hrs straight!
Bella: oh dear. Jake is texting me.
Jacob: yo, yo, yo. DJ jakey...
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posted by twilightchick
bella: lookeddyigotpixiestixsimveryhyper!
edward:i can see that love. Bella listen im wanted dead or alive
bella: *turns her head like a dog* huh?

edward: i jumped on mike cause..." i put on for my lady on on for my lady (a/n: they're sing/rapping)
bella:*jumps on the table and sings* now you can have whatever you like, i said you can have whatever you like lets go, play checkers (a/n: checkers is a inside joke between us three, it doesnt mean the board game.....just think about BD..)..we can pop bottles all night baby you...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
Okay so this has been in my mind for a while I need to get it out before I lose it , I am not continuing this now I am finishing my other story first but I am putting the first chapter on Fanpop and then later on Fanfiction when I can write this properly :)
Summary: Bella see’s a gang hurting a homeless stranger, she helps him obviously and takes him to the shelter which  her and her friends have made, but he seems so smart, so nice so how did he end up on the street?

Pairings : Canon ExB  ( All Human //Alternative Universe)
Rating : T for now
Playlist: Innocent - Taylor Swift 

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posted by ISABELLA92
Chapter 4: Worry and Family

Again, I have to thank my co-writer kfchater94. Thanks for all your amazing ideas.

Edward’s POV
“Oh my god, oh my god. What have I signed Bella up for?” I chanted as a paced the living room.
“Honey, relax. Alice says everything is going to be fine.” Seem cooed looking up from her book.
“Mom, you don’t understand. What If something happens to set Rosalie off? Bella is sure to be her first victim.” I ranted at my mom.
“Edward, trust me. I’ll see if anything happens that would put Bella In danger. Let’s be practical though, Bella is her own worst enemy.”...
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posted by bella01
[Edward POV]
I know I'm impatient,no I'm getting angry with the plane where my Isabella is riding.'No,no,no, she is not mine.She is my sister now'.Finally,the plane has landed.Alice is jumping up and down now.She is annoying but I love her.She is my favorite sister.I got worried because there is still no sign of a girl name Isabella.'Edward,please calm down'Jasper thought.'Hahaha,Edward is in love with our new sister'Emmett thought.'Isabella shopping shopping dress up'Alice thought.Then when I'm about to ask Alice where is Isabella.A beautiful girl came out the door.She looks so fragile.She...
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posted by team_robward
Chapter 6.
My trying reply:

The clock loudly ticked and it tocked even louder. I sat and thought, my brain empty. After about ten minutes of pure nothingness I decided to start.

Dear Edward,

I did enjoy reading your letter. It was lovely. You have incredibly beautiful handwriting. How did you learn to write like that?
This would be a lot easier if he asked me some questions, he answered mine and left me with nothing!

So you have a pretty big family, I’ve always wanted a huge family, I don’t really know why. I guess you didn’t grow up with them from birth. But, you still must be really...
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posted by taelor4twilight
PLEASE don't forget to comment! Thnx!

I drove non-stop to Volterra.

The plane dropped me off at an airport in Venice, so I just stole another car- yet again -and started driving. I don't even know how long I've been driving. Hours, days, who cared? I just knew that I was almost there.
Driving this time was a little easier. The choking stopped, and I could breathe. Not easily, but I could feel some air in my lungs.
It took a while, but I was finally here, and decided to pull into a hotel. I didn't bother to look at the name, because I wasn't going in. This was just another place to abandon the...
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posted by gossipgirlxoxo
The blond smiled, once her eyes reached me behind Edward. “Hello there” Carlisle said his voice was calm. The taller dark haired boy smiled. “We don’t mean to be any harm to the human” he said, he put his hands up like Edward had a gun to him, but his smile was cunning. “Then why don’t you go on your way” Said Alice, her voice was hard. “My name is Carlisle this is my family, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Edward and...Bella” He said. Their faces looked shocked. “Well, well, a human, part of a vampire family...and what about the dogs?” He asked, smiling. I had...
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I woke up to a sunny sky, which was the cloudiest day in my book. I turned my head and saw him smiling. “Can you, go in the sunlight?” I asked. He smiled and laughed a sharp laugh. “You mean do we burn?” he replied. I smiled and nodded. He signed. “No we do not burn we...sparkle” he said, this shocked me I smiled and put my hand on his ice cold cheek. “Can you show me?” I asked, he smiled and nodded. “I will later but now you have to get ready” He told me, I smiled and gave him a confused look, until I remembered. Today I had to meet his family. “What if they don’t like...
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Hi! This chapter will have Jane's POV in it. I didn't have anything good to do so, I decided to write it in drama class. Enjoy it because I'm having writer's block and I might not be able to write stuff for a long time. Maybe you guys can give me ideas. Enjoy!

Chapter 10
Jane's POV

Caius and I had been planning this for decades. I only wished Alec were here to see it. But never mind Alec for now. This was my moment. My triumph. Caius and I walked down to the room where Aro and Marcus were. "Jane, dear one"!, Aro said. "Marcus and I were just talking about you. Weren't we Marcus"? Marcus nodded....
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posted by twilightchick
Disclaimer: I don't own any twilight characters

Rosalie's POV

I was sitting in the living room, snuggling with my teddy bear of a husband, when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my middle toe. I sighed when I realized what it was.
"Baby I'm going to the bathroom, I have to take care of something" I said to emmett
"Rose, if you're going in there to put on more makeup,don't. You look perfectly fine and sexy".
I rolled my eyes at him, but smiled. " No thats not what i have to do but thanks for the compliment sweetie. I'll be out in a minute"
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Hi! As a treat, I have a Jacob and an Edward POV for you. Enjoy!

Chapter 17
Jacob's POV

I couldn't believe what that bloodsucker did. He lost her. In the past, I couldn't stand him but, this was unforgivable. But, I still loved Bella. "Give it a rest, Jacob.", Leah thought. "You didn't imprint on her so, she's not your mate". "Shut up Leah. Sam didn't imprint on you so, YOU give it a rest". She howled. "I'll get you for that"., she thought. I ran back to the Cullen house and phased back. There was an entire outfit layed out for me on the doorstep. I changed and went inside. "Ew, who let the...
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