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TurtlePow posted on May 18, 2013 at 05:17AM
Rank the TDI characters and give your opinions on them, and then discuss it with people!

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over a year ago TurtlePow said…
Here's mine:

37. Staci - Um... do I have to say why?

36. Scott - He was really annoying, his strategy didn't make sense, and personally, I found him more unlikable than Heather. At least she had been a good antagonist. Scott's just a Duncan wannabe.

35. Alejandro - Ugh. Although he played the game well, he was really unlikable. He doesn't deserve Heather!

34. Courtney - I know some people really like her, and I don't understand that. She's annoying, mean, bossy, and she doesn't do any of it in a funny way. She didn't deserve Duncan. Although it was harsh to cheat on her, I'm glad that Duncan is with Gwen, I've always shipped them.

33. B - Just a waste of space.

32. Trent - He's so boring, he's a complete satellite character. The only reason he was created was to be Gwen's boyfriend. And their relationship was boring, too!

31. Justin - Kind of funny in season one, but I didn't find him enjoyable in season two.

30. Zoey - Soooo boring, another satellite character! And always with the "Mike, save me!". She's just a female Trent, she was created for the sole purpose of being the love interest of another character. Actually, she and Trent would make a cute couple! Omg, random new ship!

29. Eva - She was okay, and I could tell she had a little more to her than just raging. But I still didn't like her very much.

28. Ezekiel - Meh.

27. Bridgette - She's okay, but kind of boring.

26. DJ - Um... He's pretty good.

25. Jo - She was funny, but could be really annoying.

24. Cameron - He's a pretty good character, but I never payed that much attention to him.

23. Owen - I was gonna put him higher, but I forgot, and I'm too lazy to change it. At first, I thought he was annoying and made for little kids, but he grew on me. Dang, they made him so lovable!

22. Tyler - He and Lindsay were made for each other! They're both just so dumb and ditsy!

21. Lightning - He was funny at first, but turned into a real jerk later on.

20. Beth - She was funny and cute, and I liked he friendship with Lindsay.

19. Geoff - I liked him a lot in season one, but not that much when he was hosting the Aftermath.

18. Mike - His personalities were hilarious, but regular Mike is kinda boring. Plus he and Zoey hogged the screen too much.

17. Dakota - She was very funny, and I think she's really sweet behind that fame monger personality.

16. Dawn - Why do I like her. Why do so many people like her. Why do I like her. EXPLAIN IT TO ME!

15. Leshawna - Very funny and enjoyable, especially in the first season.

14. Sadie - See my reasons for Katie.

13. Katie - She and Sadie are really funny, and I think they could do some cool development with Katie on her own. They're both really underrated characters.

12. Harold - Beatboxing ftw! I liked him a lot in TDI and TDA, but not as much in TDWT... Wonder why.

11. Lindsay - Something about Lindsay's dumbness is just so darn lovable.

10. Heather - If Heather was friends with Gwen and Leshawna and directed her meanness towards people who deserve it, she'd be awesome. That's why I hate AleHeather, she needs to be with somebody who can help her become nicer.

9. Brick - I DON'T KNOW! XD

8. Sierra - Sierra always made me laugh, and I really enjoy when she and Cody are actually friends. I'm totally a sucker for Coderra.

7. Anne Maria - This girl needs more love! She was absolutely hilarious in my opinion, she needed more screen time! You argue that she's mean? She's actually pretty nice, but her personality makes a lot of the things she says sound mean.

6. Cody - Cody's pretty awesome, especially how he actually sorta became friends with Sierra near the end of TDWT. He's just so lovable!

5. Duncan - Let me clear this up. I am NOT some screaming fan girl who loves Duncan and thinks he's hot and wants to date him. I just think he's really cool!

4. Gwen - I love her personality, I love her with Duncan, I love her everything. Seriously, she and Duncan were made for each other. Gwent is SOOOOO boring, and Duncey is just irritating.

3. Sam - My absolute favorite character in TDROTI. I'd love to see him interact with Harold and Izzy.

2. Noah - Noah deserves more screen time. Everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious, and I especially loved when he was friends with Izzy. (Nizzy fan! Woo!)

1. Izzy - Oh my gosh, Izzy is amazing! I've always loved crazy characters, and Izzy is just hilarious, I don't understand how anyone could not like her.
busterlover commented…
I like Trent he' s cute over a year ago
over a year ago cannibalZoey said…
37 . Courtney hater her
36 Beth such a pain
35 staci needs to shut up
34 Sadie eww!!!
33 Katie same
32 lightning annoying
31 Sam boring
30 Cody weird
29 Harold eww!!!
Now we're getting better
28 heather I like her bossy ness
27 Tyler like my ex bf
26 AnneMaria like her adatode
25 brick he's ok
24 Sierra coolest stalker ever
23 Owen not the best but ok
22 Geoff was ok
21 Bridgette not my fav
20 brick super cute and sweet
19 Dakota love her fame addict
18 Noah needs more love
17 Lindsay super funny
16 z hate
15 Eva I hate
14 DJ is cool
13 came he's ok
12 mike super cute so cute that he makes me droll
11 Alejandro funny
10 Justin eww!!
9 Leshawna love da gurl !!!!!
8 izzy I like izzy washaboom
7 Zoey is super cool
6 B silent
5 Trent like my bf
4 dawn love the girl
3 Scott bless the poor baby's heart he was hurt so bad
2 Gwen love her
1 Jo the best
over a year ago TotalDramaFan60 said…
Staci I don't watch that seson.
scott same
alejandro i hated him but he lost so that was good news to me.
courtney pretty much the same but the luxery she got then i kinda wanted to be her.
b i dont watch that seson.
trent is fun he was nice
justin he was hot i liked him.
zoey i dont watch that season.
eva she was mean and tough i kinda hated her.
ezekiel gross and wierd i liked him and not.
bridegette shes cool and knows and loves how to surf i wanna learn how to surf too.
dj he was nice and fun like trent but just nicer i got him once in a quiz.
jo was like eva because i kinda see eva as a tomboy too
cameron dont watch that season the only person i know about is jo.
owen fat and funny yay i liked him he was fun.
tyler i like to watch him at least try sports he always fails so its really funny.
lightning i dont watch that season still.
beth she was nice to everybody and shes named after my aunt and she also kinda acts like my aunt because she is really nice and so is the td beth.
geoff yeah he likes parties hes fun and he likes parties like me.
mike stoooooop.
dakota shes pretty period.
dawn meditates period.
leshawna sassy but nice also.
sadie i love her at first i was accuatlly crazy for her but now i just think im like her.
katie the same as sadie.
harold gross but is cool because he always says he has skils but always fails too so hes like tyler and ezekiel comined.
lindsay pretty and dumb a little bit like me.
heather i hate that girl shes soooooooooooooooo mean and cheats i think.
brick shut up about this stuff
sierra yes now were getting somewhere cuse i like sierrs the best.
anne maria yaaaaaaaah
cody i kinda love him.
duncan hes kinda like goth girl gwen.
gwen i described her at duncan shes a goth girl.
sam im not gonna say anything.
noah the bookworm like me at school.
izzy shes so awsome and crazy whoohoo whoohoo whooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo
over a year ago busterlover said…
Izzy love her 100% love
Trent Cute 50% love
Lynsey so cute 65% love
Gwen boo 10% love
Eva Reminds me of me when i get annoyed with my bro 24% love
Cody Little crazy but cute 45% love
Owen Gassy but okay 12% love
Noah no team effort but a tiny bit cute 44% love
Tyler real cute 35% love
Gotta go but i' ll write more
over a year ago xInheavenx said…
I only saw the first season, so I'm just gonna base my reaction on them. I only watched untill episode 20!! Sorry for crappy English, it's not my native language.

- Heather: Normally I wouldn't like the bitchie type, but there's something about her that just can't get me to hate her. She's smart, she had a strategy and annoying. But I had some points where I really was like: "Vote her off alreadyy!!"

- Harold: I know how people like him and think he's funny but I think the opposite. I think he is a lame nerd, trying to act a little bit more cooler than he actually is and that's what I don't like about him. He also was a mean little bitch when he sent Courtney away. That's where I lost my interest in him.

- Geoff: (First of all, what a stupid name) I thought he was dumb, but not stupid. It sounds weird but he is that typical guy I wouldn't like in real life, but he also showed his sweet side by clumsy flirting with Bridgette.

- Duncan: "Bad guy, but also with a sweet side" it's predictable but it also works. I really like him, and I don't think Courtney NOR Gwen deserves him (because some people SPOILED that he is going to have a relationship with Gwen).

- DJ: I like it that he looks strong, but he actually is really sweet and kind. He is also a wuss but I can forgive him that part. That's just what makes him adorable!

- Tyler: He was a jerk, and he sucked at dodgeball. But he was so sweet with Lindsay, just the perfect dumb couple ^^.

- Katie & Sadie: Because you can't split them. I have to agree with TurtlePow; they are really funny and highly underrated. Whish they could get some development on their own.

- Courtney: She actually is a hypocrite bitch; screaming, demanding and acting like a princess (like Duncan says). For me it looks like she was made to be a sweet girl, but than the developers would epic failed because she's just a bitch. I wish she had more interactions with Heather, that would be interesting.

- Eva: I think she was a bit TOO angry. Of course a little though and angry is okay but this was kinda creepy. And at the end she was all about getting Bridgette down leaving her personality away.

- Bridgette: Chill, nice and kind. But nothing special, nothing exciting. Sometimes a bit boring and she waited to long to act with Geoff.

- Cody: The wannabe ladies man. I think he's cute, clumsy and sweet. Too bad he was voted off so early. I would like to see more of him.

- Justin: He ain't even hot! I don't know.. I can't hate him, but I can't like him either because he almost never said a word! He kinda had a smart side though, that's what suprised me.

- Noah: Little bitch, especially at dodgeball. But sometimes he was funny. I don't know they didn't do much with his character.

- Trent: Booooorinngggg!! What's his deal? If I would describe him I would say: He was just created to be with Gwen. And that was even more boring! "He was so sweet and stuff". Yeah right. Boring as fuck. But at least he kept Gwen away from Duncan. (he failed according to the spoilers)

- Gwen: I don't like her at all. I think she is highly overrated and TOO good at some challenges (like she was a favourite character so she could easily win some challenges). She was just like: "This is lame, that is lame, I'm too good for this, Everything is boring, I'm just gonna react depressed on everything and what's the deal with Trent?! "I do like him A LOT but let's just act like I don't so I will accomplish ... " What would she accomplish with that kind of attitude?

- Beth: Meh, I think she was cool when she stood up for herself, but overall she was a bit boring and she was an easy target.

- Lindsay: She was cute, dumb and still kind to everyone (except Heather at the end). A slave of Heather but she could also break free and that was really cool because it took her SOO long to discover that Heather was taking advantage of her!

- Izzy: I loved her. I wouldn't be suprised if she turned out to be a secret agent or something (at least that's what I expect of that sort of character). She is crazy, energetic and funny. And I'm really shipping Owy (or how you would call Izzy & Owen).

- Lewshana: She's funny, loveable and a sugar mama. I really liked her but sometimes she had something that bothered me about her, can't exactly place what.

- Owen: He is soo cute (especially with Izzy) and so happy! I really liked him and his and his small gay moments.

- Ezekiel: Meh. Developers be like: Someone has to be voted off, just let the least popular guy say something bad and it'll be okay.

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