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posted by BridgexJordan
Ok read this fan fiction with Zoey (sumerjoy11) Duncan (from TDI) and Jax (Codyfan123). It's manly about them. Here are the gusse stars Ray (taytrain97) Jordan (me)Jar3d(Fireflys113) and Lulu (TDItwin). I will show you guys some parts that have Jax and/or zoey and/or Duncan. At the end you will pick who you want Zoey to ask out to the girls chose dance. Let's go!!!


Zoey: Man!
Jax: What's wrong?
Zoey: There's a Math test today in 5th peroid and i forgot to study.
Jax: Do you want me to help you?
Zoey: You would do that?
Jax: Yeah sure.
Zoey: Thanks.
Jax: Ok ley's do it.

------Duncan's House------

Zoey: Duncan why are we in your bed room?
Duncan: This is my bed/wait room. wanna work out?
Zoey: Ummmmmmmmmmmmm sure.
Duncan: Ok grabe a wait.
Zoey: ok *grabes a wait*
Duncan: Let's do it now.
Zoey: Do what?
Duncan: wait.
Zoey: wait for what.
Duncan: work out.
Zoey: oh sorry.


Ray: hey Zoey wanna surf with me and lulu?
Zoey: ok!
Jax: Isn't Zoey hot?
Jordan: No bridgette is hot.
Jax: Sut it! I don't know what Zoey sees in him.
Jordan: who?
Jax: Duncan. he's mean. he's just not her type. I am! why dose he like her?
Jordan: well maby he has the guts to ask her out.
Jax: i'll ask her.
Jordan: Go. and while your doing that i'm going to find Bridgette. *jordan leaves*
Jax: *walks up to Zoey* ............ aaaaaa ...... hi .... Zoey.
Zoey: Oh hi Jax what's up?
Jax: *starts to swet* aaaaaaaa........aaaaaaaa............ Bye!
Zoey: Ok?
Lulu: Zoey let's go!
Zoey: ok.


Jordan: So what happend? what did you say?
Jax: well i siad, ............ aaaaaa ...... hi .... Zoey. than she asked me what's up and i said, aaaaaaaa........aaaaaaaa............ Bye!
Jordan: wow! You have probelms.
Ray:who are you going to ask out to the girls chose dance?
Zoey: *sigh* I don't know yet.
Lulu: I already asked out Cody.
Ray: and i asked out Noah and he said yes.
Lulu: Cody said yes too.
Zoey: well, i have 2 guys i'm thinking about.
Ray: who?
Zoey: Jax and Duncan.
Lulu: Pick Duncan.
Zoey: I'll pick the day befor the prom.
Ray: No! if you do that then they will be taken girl.
Zoey: I don't know.
Jar3d: So who are you going with To the Girls choise dance?
Duncan: Zoey hasn't asked me yet.
Jar3d: wow! Courntey asked me out and I said yes.
Duncan: Tons of girls asked me out but I want Zoey to. anyways i don't care about proms.
Jar3d: I see why.
-----Jax's House----

Jax: *sigh* maby i won't be going to prom.
Jordan: you never been to one.
Jax: I know. The only way you get to go in if you are working to prom or have a date. I never got a date and you have to be 17 to work the prom. I just wish this will be my prom that i get to go to. so are you going?
jordan:............... aaaaaa.......... no.
Jax: wow!

*end of the show confessions*

Jordan: Ok ok! I have a date. I don't know why but Lindsay asked me out and i said yes cause bridgette said no. So she was my next choise. I know i lied. i didn't want to hirt he's fillings.

Zoey: Ok it's ether to ask Jax out or ask Duncan out. who???

*Ray and noah make out*
Ray: oops.



So IM me, Comment on here, or message me who you want Zoey to ask out to prom.
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