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posted by BridgexJordan
Ok read this fan fiction with Zoey (sumerjoy11) Duncan (from TDI) and Jax (Codyfan123). It's manly about them. Here are the gusse stars Ray (taytrain97) Jordan (me)Jar3d(Fireflys113) and Lulu (TDItwin). I will show you guys some parts that have Jax and/or zoey and/or Duncan. At the end you will pick who you want Zoey to ask out to the girls chose dance. Let's go!!!


Zoey: Man!
Jax: What's wrong?
Zoey: There's a Math test today in 5th peroid and i forgot to study.
Jax: Do you want me to help you?
Zoey: You would do that?
Jax: Yeah sure.
Zoey: Thanks.
Jax: Ok ley's do it.

------Duncan's House------

Zoey: Duncan why are we in your bed room?
Duncan: This is my bed/wait room. wanna work out?
Zoey: Ummmmmmmmmmmmm sure.
Duncan: Ok grabe a wait.
Zoey: ok *grabes a wait*
Duncan: Let's do it now.
Zoey: Do what?
Duncan: wait.
Zoey: wait for what.
Duncan: work out.
Zoey: oh sorry.


Ray: hey Zoey wanna surf with me and lulu?
Zoey: ok!
Jax: Isn't Zoey hot?
Jordan: No bridgette is hot.
Jax: Sut it! I don't know what Zoey sees in him.
Jordan: who?
Jax: Duncan. he's mean. he's just not her type. I am! why dose he like her?
Jordan: well maby he has the guts to ask her out.
Jax: i'll ask her.
Jordan: Go. and while your doing that i'm going to find Bridgette. *jordan leaves*
Jax: *walks up to Zoey* ............ aaaaaa ...... hi .... Zoey.
Zoey: Oh hi Jax what's up?
Jax: *starts to swet* aaaaaaaa........aaaaaaaa............ Bye!
Zoey: Ok?
Lulu: Zoey let's go!
Zoey: ok.


Jordan: So what happend? what did you say?
Jax: well i siad, ............ aaaaaa ...... hi .... Zoey. than she asked me what's up and i said, aaaaaaaa........aaaaaaaa............ Bye!
Jordan: wow! You have probelms.
Ray:who are you going to ask out to the girls chose dance?
Zoey: *sigh* I don't know yet.
Lulu: I already asked out Cody.
Ray: and i asked out Noah and he said yes.
Lulu: Cody said yes too.
Zoey: well, i have 2 guys i'm thinking about.
Ray: who?
Zoey: Jax and Duncan.
Lulu: Pick Duncan.
Zoey: I'll pick the day befor the prom.
Ray: No! if you do that then they will be taken girl.
Zoey: I don't know.
Jar3d: So who are you going with To the Girls choise dance?
Duncan: Zoey hasn't asked me yet.
Jar3d: wow! Courntey asked me out and I said yes.
Duncan: Tons of girls asked me out but I want Zoey to. anyways i don't care about proms.
Jar3d: I see why.
-----Jax's House----

Jax: *sigh* maby i won't be going to prom.
Jordan: you never been to one.
Jax: I know. The only way you get to go in if you are working to prom or have a date. I never got a date and you have to be 17 to work the prom. I just wish this will be my prom that i get to go to. so are you going?
jordan:............... aaaaaa.......... no.
Jax: wow!

*end of the show confessions*

Jordan: Ok ok! I have a date. I don't know why but Lindsay asked me out and i said yes cause bridgette said no. So she was my next choise. I know i lied. i didn't want to hirt he's fillings.

Zoey: Ok it's ether to ask Jax out or ask Duncan out. who???

*Ray and noah make out*
Ray: oops.



So IM me, Comment on here, or message me who you want Zoey to ask out to prom.
posted by dxarmy423
Duncan: hey smart guy want a piercing
Noah: maybe after the shows over
Noah: I want to freak my parents out

Chris: Who ate all the gilded chris awards
*owen sits behind the bleachers*
Owen: mmmmm chocolate!!!!!!!!!

*at playas de losers*
Courtney: Hey duncan they got ddr here
Duncan: so what I dont dance
Courtney: come on it will be fun
Duncan: fine
*Duncan starts to dance and falls out the window*
Courtney: are you ok
Duncan: I told you I dont dance

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posted by TDIlover4ever
Fay: Okay, Team Lollipops, go vote for who you want to get kicked off!

*after everyone votes*

Fay: If you do not recieve a lollipop, you must walk down the Dock of Shame, get on the Boat of Losers, and leave!

Fay: Kylie!

Kylie: *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Zoey!

Zoey: YAY! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Lucy!

Lucy: Whoo! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Kierra!

Kierra: Cool! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: ...Jar3d!

Jar3d: Yay! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: This is the final lollipop tonight...and it goes to...........................................................................ERICA!

Erica: YES!

Alex: What?! Why'd you guys vote...
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posted by blenson555
Normal Rachlle
Normal Rachlle
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In double X's Limo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sue:God,hes a pussy!double X:Now girls it was good of you doing that,but we don't want anything like that again!So wear your normal cloths and i'll see you all next week!Tiffany:Kick ass!*The girls get out of the car*Rachlle:Lets get to hour homes and change Sue:How am I supposed to change I'm in my normal cloths!Tiffany:Well this is real spi work,come to my house i'll find cloths that are black for u!Sue:I look like a stupid fucking nerd!Tiffany:What about me?Sue:You look good!Tiffany:Thanks!Part7:Blending in coming soon!
Normal Tiffany
Normal Tiffany
Normal Sue
Normal Sue
posted by gothemo123
(at 7:30)

duncan:are you ready?

trent:i think so

duncan:i take that as a yes (gets stuff to look emo)


(20 mins later)

trent:(wiats at the door)

(door opens)

trent:hey are you ready?


trent:i think you are going to like this movie

tak:what is it?

trent:were going to freedy vs jason


(after the movie)

tak:that was great trent

trent: ha hey do you what to come to my house?


(at trents house)

tak:cool is this your old toys?


tak:cute (soon she gos to sleep)

trent:(kiss her) good night
ok again befor we start off i would like everyone to know if they where in the last one you are garenteed a much larger part in this one i promis, and of courtce if you havent sighned up and you want to here is the link i look at it all the time so just awnser this.
k so here we goo.....oh an p.s. nothing is going on in me an jakes relationship we are fine, if i say how i don't like him or if i am going t cheet on him or anything, i am not really going to its just to add up suspence for your amusment. k

I woke up this morning feeling more tierd than when i went to bed, i hate that feeling....
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posted by Mp4girl
[Please Read] I got this idea from the Miku Hatsune song, Anger. This poem is about a girl who’s comparing her love for her secret crush to the brightness of the morning. She struggles choosing between her heart and her expectations, and her opinions reflect against the creamy golden glow of sun against the lake, “Morning”.[/i]

Every day in the morning
The glow of the sun
Would spill inside, announcing
That the day had begun.

I walk outside
Observing things around me
Every blink of bright light
That only I can see.

Did I not know
About the harm you would bring?
I guess I was wrong...
About you;...
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posted by Dramatic-Teller
#1. Kari (Like a big sister)

#2. Yuri (Like a little sister that doesn't annoy me =^-^=)

#3. Addrey (Like the bff I've always wanted)

#4. Luz-Luz-Anwar-Night (Tu eres la mas cool de este club! Tu eres mi mejor amiga que habla espanol, lo siento, mi computadora no se puede ser el asento.;D)

#5. DuncanxGwen4evr (She's a really cool rocka chick)

They said I have to keep writing or I'll have to put it as a forum...u knowz we barely read those.

posted by iloveduncan6
*after they defete heartless they run into a big house*
sora: lets split up.
chey: i'll go this way!
sora: cool.
chey: *runs off*
*duncan's pov*
duncan: *runs off to find chey. then stops at house and walks in* *thinking* since chey has perfume on it trails behind her.*snifs air* this way.
chey's pov
chey: *keeps running till she meets axel* you.
axel: *runs to chey and pins her to the wall* ever since you broke up with me i allways wanted to get you back for it.
chey: let go of me.
axel: no. not until you take me back.
unfermillur voice: she said let go of her.
axel: what the...
chey: duncan!
duncan: let...
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posted by TDItwin
i did not make this pic
i did not make this pic
hi yeah this is an djxheather fanfic so yeah its set the night between 1 flu over the cookoos and the sandwhich project

heather stepped out her trailer and breathed in the evning air "well at least il have some relaxtion before going to bed hearing izzy bark in her sleep" she mutterd quitly to herslef and started walking as she walked past the craft service tent she heard chefs voice "no more mommas boy dj" chef bellowed in an angery tone "but i like the mommas boy dj!" heather thought to herself and looked in side there was dj standing with...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
I'm a banana! My spoon is too big! MONKEYS TASTE LIKE cake?
I'm a banana! My spoon is too big! MONKEYS TASTE LIKE cake?
A party up in here
Shall I go, love a lot
Friends be going
But forsooth, I cannot
For my heart
Broken down
By his voice
Chasing away my sanity
Cry away the pain
Whisper in air
Cry in water
Scream in noise
Grimace in pain
My heart hurts
He is gone
What went wrong?

The feel of his lips
On mine, like a curse
I be poisoned
With the drip
Of a venomous demon
Cursing in my ear
Shan't I wish I be free
I miss him
I cry for him
I scream for him
Keep the pain
Keep the agony
Keep the tears
Thy has taken my love
I do not wish to lock up
Shan't I free
Thy day shall exceed
My prescence
And popularity of the night

Purple tears
A broken heart
Lying limp on the bed
I do not feel love
I feel hatrid
I feel disobeyment
I feel broken

~Written by 7GG, courtesy of my sister Jacki, known as gwentrentever, who has forsince left Fanpop for good.
I love you sis
I love you sis
Episode 23: “2008: A Space Owen”

(Yurie’s POV)
We were on the bench outside, with Chris explaining the challenge, and I tried my best not to glance over at Duncan. He’s been acting so weird around me.
What did I do?
He usually got over things quickly. He can’t be still mad about the kung-fu challenge! Can he...?
I finally gave in and glanced at him. He had unmistakable hurt in his eyes; the kind you would see in someone’s eyes after their bf/gf dumped them.
What had happened?
We all received presents from home. Duncan got his pet tarantula, Scruffy, which didn’t really seem to cheer...
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posted by Trent-lover123
>(Ranma jumps in roxys arms while puring) Roxy:Aww Ranma are you tring to act like a kity for me. Ranmas dad:when hes traped by cats he gets so scared he starts acting like one. Every one:Ohhh. Reyoga:what a sham so NOW I CAN DEFET RANMA HAHA!!Alex:any one want more p.... Roxy:say pizza one more time your fiered. Alex:cake any one hee hee. Roxy:just shut alex. Riana:I love you reyoga. Starr:I want cake cheese cake. Karen:whos a cute little kitty. Ranma:hiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss. Karen:you are really mean kitty I hate your human like cat. Roxy:he needs to get use to you god women. Kyoya:but...
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Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Redirect from One Missed Call

That next morning...

Brittani and Jacki: *walking to the restrooms with toothbrushes and toothpaste, talking about Duncan*

Brittani: I think we should form an alliance.

Jacki: What?

Brittani: You, me and Duncan should form an alliance. I mean, he likes me and i know you like him.

Jacki: Well.....ok

: : : : : : : CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Jacki: Do I like Duncan? ...Yes. I mean, come on, he is SO sexy!

Duncan: Do I like Jacki? A bit....ok, a lot!

Jacki: And I'm just waiting for him to make his move.

Duncan: *making out with Jacki, they both fall off the chair and start um......doing...
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