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Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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St. Louis. Our heroes were only five miles away from the BNSF yards they needed to reach.

Lee: This is it. Nothing can stop us now.

Multiple bullets hit the left side of the car. Several holes were in the door, and the window was broken.

Buick: *Driving towards him in his Fusion* I've got you now.
Lee: He's got an automatic pistol. *Looks at Janet, and sees a bullet in her neck* And he killed you.
Jeff: Lee's in trouble.
Bryce: He's not the only one. Look behind us.
Dragovich & Josh: *Coming towards Jeff & Bryce with 20 GP60's, and 12 ES40DC's*
Jeff: Ah, this isn't good.
Buick: Nothing can stop me now.

Song: link

EL 1700: That's where you're wrong!
Buick: What the?
Lee: Who are those guys?
Bryce: Is that who I think it is?
Jeff: All 21 of the Heritage Units.
Bernard: *Taking cover with the executives* Hopefully, this'll all be over soon.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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Jeff and Bryce passed through Louisville.

Bryce: Is Lauren going to hold off Norfolk Southern at Lexington 24/7?
Jeff: Of course not. That would be suicide. Plus, I think she already left to help out the Canadian National.
Janet: *Laughing* Listen to this, on our way through Kentucky, we'll pass a town called Santa Claus.
Lee: Genji would enjoy that.
Janet: Merry Christmas!
Lee: *Laughing*

Back in Roanoke.

NS Employee 98: What's going on here?! We haven't received any transmissions! It's like we're being jammed!
NS Employee 24: Or something.
Gordon: Did anyone even consider telling Squires?
NS Employee 24: Oh yeah.
NS Employee 98: Let's go together.
Gordon: Follow me gentlemen. *Walks with the two men*

They walked into the same room where Gordon killed the first employee. The door was closed, and two gunshots were heard.

Buick returned to the station with Dragovich, Josh, five SD70M-2's, and five SD60's.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Lauren watched her friends leave Lexington, and then she waited patiently for Norfolk Southern to arrive.

Dragovich: *With Josh, and five GP60's as they make their way into Lexington*
Lauren: *Looks at a nearby clock* Any second now.
Josh: How much further?
Dragovich: Don't you worry about that.
Lauren: I see them.

Song: link

Josh: Wait a minute, who's that?
Dragovich: I don't know, but she's going to be scrapped. Spread out!
Lauren: *Fires missiles*
Josh: Back up!
Dragovich: *Watching the GP60's get killed by the rockets* Nyet!
Josh: We need to leave!
Dragovich: I'm not leaving until she's down. *Deploys an AK47*
Lauren: *Fires an energy blast that knocks the AK47 away from Dragovich*
Dragovich: We need to leave!
Josh: Why didn't you listen to me in the first place?
Dragovich: Shut up.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Lexington, Virginia

Dragovich and Josh met up with Buick at a train station.

Buick: They're not here.
Dragovich: I know, I told you! This is the wrong Lexington. They're in Kentucky.
Buick: I'm sorry for not listening.
Josh: Why can't we just leave them alone?
Buick: You're worse than Squires. Hurry up now. We must move.

Back in Roanoke.

NS Employee 75: *Staring at the bird*
Gordon: *Walks over towards him* What do you see?
NS Employee 75: That bird has been there for well over half an hour.
Gordon: You mean it hasn't moved?
NS Employee 75: Yes.
Gordon: I think you should come with me. We're going to talk to Squires about this. *Puts his arm around the Employee's shoulder, and walks with him down a hallway.

They took a left turn into a room, but a gunshot was heard.

Lexington, Kentucky

Jeff & Bryce: *Stop at a station*
Bernard: How much longer until the rest of your colleagues arrive?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Bryce, and Jeff continued pulling the empty boxcars, and gondolas. Dragovich, and Josh were still chasing them.

Josh: How are you going to stop them?
Dragovich: Grenades, and an AK47.
Josh: Grenades?
Dragovich: Yeah, with a grenade launcher. *Deploys the grenade launcher*
Bryce: *Shoots the grenade launcher off of Dragovich*
Josh: You still got the grenades?
Jeff: How do you think Lee's doing?

Song: link

Lee: This ain't entirely accurate, but it still sums up what we're doing.
Buick: Lee Brent! I will stop you, no matter what lies in my path!
Lee: *Going 95 miles an hour*
Buick: *Goes onto the side of the highway to pass a semi, and a pick up truck*

Dragovich was still chasing Jeff & Bryce, but he had a problem.

Dragovich: I can't believe he shot off both my guns! First the grenade launcher, and now the AK47 is gone too!
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Richmond, Virginia

Lee: *Turns onto Interstate 64*
Buick: I've just entered Interstate 64. How's everything going in Roanoke?
Gordon: They're still clueless about the hacking device. They don't know where I put it.
Buick: Very good. Keep up the good work over there.
Gordon: *Hangs up*
NS Employee 75: *Staring at the bird on top of the poll* It's been there for five minutes, and it hasn't moved.
Buick: *Continues driving down Interstate 64, when he notices Lee passing him on the other side of the road* LEE!!!!!!!! *Pushes a truck into a barrier as he goes up an exit* I gotta turn around immediately! *Goes over the highway*

Nearby, Jeff & Bryce were getting towards another part of Interstate 64.

Jeff: Whitcomb. Remember this place?
Bryce: I haven't been here in five years.
Lee: *Crossing the train tracks*
Jeff: I just saw Lee on that bridge.
Bryce: And he's got trouble nearby.
Buick: *Following Lee, then looks down at Jeff & Bryce on the tracks below him* AAHHHH!!!!!
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Christianburg, Virginia

Lee: We'll start heading North on 460, and we'll reunite with Jeff, and Bryce in Lexington.
Janet: What's going on there?
Lee: They need to stop, and pick up two more executives to take to St. Louis. Then they'll refuel, and continue the journey.

A white F150 was getting towards them. Two men were inside with AK47's.

Song: link

Lee: I think we got company. *Floors it*
NS Employee 94: Shoot them!
NS Employee 56: *Firing at Lee, and Janet with an AK47*
Lee: Time to go northbound. *Turns right onto 460*
NS Employee 94: *Following Lee*
NS Employee 56: Buick! Lee's been spotted! We're following him on 460, heading north through Christianburg, Virginia.
Buick: Good work. Any sign on Jeff, and Bryce?
NS Employee 77: *Flying a helicopter* I found them. Pursing the two diesels now.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 months ago
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Jeff and Bryce had a conversation while pulling their train to St. Louis.

Jeff: Did I ever tell you about the last time I went to St. Louis?
Bryce: I don't think I've ever been there myself. Anyways, to answer your question, no. You never told me about the last time you went to St. Louis.
Jeff: It was August, 2017. I was with two ES44's on loan from Union Pacific.
Bryce: What happened?
Jeff: We went to a place to grab a few drinks when this 4-8-2 pops up. They're both intoxicated, and try to fight each other to win her over. They even thought I was trying to hit on her.
Bryce: You still dating Lauren?
Jeff: Yes. We might see her in Lexington.

Inside the Firebird, Lee and Janet were having a conversation of their own.

Lee: If all goes well, we should reach St. Louis within 14 hours.
Janet: You think Buick Baltimore will strike again?
Lee: Yeah, but it won't be easy for him to find us. He may know where our HQ is in Norfolk, but I don't think he'll find us. Nor will he find Jeff and Bryce. Let's try not to worry about him, and keep going westbound.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 months ago
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Norfolk, Virginia.

Jeff: *Returns with Bryce* Another good run from New Jersey.
Bryce: Our railroad is getting bigger every time we get back.
Jeff: I noticed that as well. It's good that we're also getting new engines joining us.

An RS11 was heading towards them with a passenger car. Lee was inside with Janet, and Bernard.

Lee: Good to see you two again. Bernard has another assignment for us.
Bernard: After two years of successful freight operations, we are to test out this passenger car on our line all the way to St. Louis. We are planning to start passenger services on our railroad.
Lee: Bernard and a few executives are riding in the car on one of your freight trains. Janet and I will be following you on the roads.
Jeff: With what?
N&W Employee: *Driving a Firebird towards Lee* Mr. Brent, your brand new car has arrived.
Jeff: I withdraw my question.
Lee & Janet: *Step out of the passenger car, and go into the Firebird*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 months ago
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Song: link

Jeff & Bryce: *Pulling thirty freight cars. They pass two N&W SD40-2 High Hoods pulling another freight train*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Fan Fiction Featuring Talking Trains

Norfolk & Western 2

Sean Bodine as Lee Brent
Jeff & Bryce the Norfolk & Western diesels as themselves
Dragovich & Josh the Norfolk Southern diesels as themselves
Hannah Belle as Janet Gunray
Sir Topham Hatt as Bernard Moore
Tom Hiddleston as Buick Baltimore
Timothy Dalton as Gordon Sekkol
The Norfolk Southern Heritage Units as themselves
Lauren as herself
James A. Squires as himself

The song fades away as we go to Roanoke Virginia. Buick Baltimore was having a conversation with James Squires.

James: What's this I hear about you trying to take down the new Norfolk & Western?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 months ago
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Previous Update: link

Phew, Season 6 is finally complete. Even though it started last year on the 29th of May, the last episode for the season was completed on the 24th, just several days ago. So what happened? Well, I usually stick with one episode per week, or sometimes, I get even two episodes done per week. However, because of work I have not been able to post as much as I wanted. Also, since last January, college has also contributed to my lack of article posting. I've been taking an acting class, and I do plan to continue this.

Now it's time for an update on the list of characters.

The Eastern Pacific engines

Sean: Amtrak F40PH
Austin: Cylinderless 2-6-0
Jerry: Union Pacific ES44AC
Mike "Fonzi": Canadian Pacific ES44AC
Lucy: 2-6-0 steam engine
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 months ago
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S.B is the narrator

Song: link

San Francisco

People: *Walking down the sidewalks*
Other People: *Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge*

S.B: *Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, passing many other people along the way*

S.B: *On top of a cable car. As it stops, he jumps off, and starts walking down the middle of the street, performing numerous dance moves along the way*
Man 553: Yo, check him out.
Woman 52: He's got great moves.
S.B: *Gives everyone a thumbs up as he continues walking in the middle of the street*
People: *Giving S.B a thumbs up back*
S.B: *Continues to dance while moving forward down the street*
Man 77: *Stops his car*
S.B: *Walks on top of the car, and dances*

The car began to move, and S.B jumped off, doing a front flip.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 4 months ago
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Mily: *Pulling six passenger cars*
S.B: *In her cab, looking out the window*
Mily: Thanks for coming with me today.
S.B: Thanks for inviting me over. Things must be easier for everyone here now that all the snow's melted away.
Mily: It didn't take that long for it all to melt though. That's what I find surprising. We get 13 inches of snow, and then four hours later, it gets into the 50's, and it all melts away.
S.B: I didn't even get a chance to make a snowman.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*

Not far away, an ambulance was going down a road. Four men were inside.

Man 134: $50,000. We just stole $50,000 from the bank.
Man 241: And the cops didn't even know about it. They actually thought we were medics.
Man 66: *Drives past a few houses*
Police Officer 30: *In a Ford Fusion police car, next to a house* They haven't spotted me. I'm moving in.

Song (0:18): link
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 months ago
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S.B is the narrator

Narrator: Trainz was filmed in high definition before a live studio audience, but you already know this, so moving on.
Audience: *Laughing*
Sean & Ian: *Coupling up to a freight train in the yards*
Sean: I think this is the first time we've ever worked together on a freight train.
Ian: I agree.
S.B: *Walks over to the two diesels* Hi fellas. Where are you heading?
Sean: Mossberg Harbor.
Ian: Want to join us?
S.B: I'll stand on your walkway.
Sean: Won't you freeze?
S.B: I've got a coat suitable for the arctic. I don't think I'll freeze. *Climbs on Ian's ladder, and stands on his left walkway* Let's go.
Narrator: There were three boxcars in the harbor. They needed to be loaded with guitars heading for a music store. All of the boxcars belonged to the Eastern Pacific, and Ferris was ordered to steal them.
Ferris: No one's looking. Time to make my move.

Song (Start at 1:13): link
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 months ago
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Mily is the narrator

Mike: *Leaving the yards with thirty freight cars*
Rachael: *Next to Suzie. Both engines are exhausted* I'm telling you, these trains just keep coming, and coming.
Suzie: I don't know how much more of this I can take.
Edward: *Stops next to Rachael, and Suzie* Hey girls, I know you're tired, but we got another freight coming here in five minutes. Get some coal, and water, and be prepared. *Leaves*
Rachael: He doesn't look tired at all.
Suzie: How does he do it?
Rachael: Maybe that's one of the perks of being a diesel. Plus, he has eight drive wheels, whereas we only have two.
Suzie: I feel like we're reliving the start of our career here. Remember how that turned out?
Rachael: That's what got us limited to yard work in the first place. It's easier, but still too tough for us.

Theme Song: link

Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 months ago
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Sodor, 1977

Thomas: *Pulling Annie, and Clarabel on his branch line*
Paxton: *Stops at a station with a short freight train*
Thomas: *Stops next to Paxton*
Paxton: Hello Thomas. What's going on today?
Thomas: Oh, I'm just running my branch line as usual. What's going on with you?
Paxton: Sir Tophamm Hat asked me to deliver toys for the children.
Thomas: That sounds like a wonderful job.
Paxton: Why thank you Thomas. Listen, I've been hearing Diesel 10 talk about you, and the rest of the steam engines. He's trying to get a group of diesels to join him, so that he can destroy you, and the other steam engines.
Thomas: Thanks for letting me know Paxton. Diesel 10 just doesn't want to quit.

Song: link

Thomas & Paxton: *Leave the station*

A claw appears out of nowhere, and rips the scene in half, changing it to a red background
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 months ago
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Jack is the narrator.

Narrator: Twice in a row, huh? Lucky me.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Narrator: Here we go with this again, Trainz was filmed before a live studio audience.
Panzer: *Stops in front of Mr. Bruce's tower* You wanted to see me sir?
Mr. Bruce: It's about the bomb you dropped off at Mossberg Harbor. Do you want to know how much damage it caused?
Panzer: Yes.
Mr. Bruce: NONE!!!!!!
Panzer: You're too early for April Fools sir.
Audience: *Laughing*
Mr. Bruce: This is no joke!! I told you and Carter to scrap Jack! Now that he's on the Eastern Pacific, he can help Mr. Baldwin's engines foil our plans!! We need to make the Eastern Pacific go out of business!!
Panzer: You know sir, maybe if you actually listened to Jack instead of interrupting him, maybe this wouldn't have happened.
Mr. Bruce: Don't you start with me Panzer, just don't you start with me!

Theme Song: link
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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Jack is the narrator.

Narrator: Trainz was fillmed in front of a live studio audience. I guess?
Audience: *Laughing*
Jack: *Stops at the Mossberg Freight Depot*
Ferris: *Stops next to Jack* What are you picking up?
Jack: I'm taking some steel back to Zorrin. We got a few clients over there that need it.
Ferris: I gotta turn around. I only stopped here to pick up some bricks, and gardening tools. They're being shipped to Hawaii from Mossberg Harbor.
Jack: Have fun with that.
Ferris: Same to you buddy.

Theme Song: link

Jack: *Leaving the freight depot*
Ferris: *Uncouples from his train*


Sean: *Next to Jessica as they both pull passenger trains out of Impala Station*
Makenzie: *Passing a group of children watching her*
Grayback: *Backing into the Eastern Pacific interchange*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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Margaret is the narrator

Marisa & Holly: *Pulling Jessica out of Impala Station*
Jessica: *Groaning* Thanks you two for your help.
Holly: That's what friends are for.
Marisa: What happened to you Jessica?
Jessica: I guess I bit off more than I could chew with one of my freight trains. I pulled pretty hard when going up the hill after getting out of Nova, and I guess you know the rest.
Holly: Uh, huh.
Marisa: I definitely know.

Back at Impala Station

Ms. Scarlett: *Talking on the phone* She just returned. Thanks for bringing her back in one piece. Or, almost one piece.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Mr. Baldwin: I did warn her to wait for another engine, but she insisted on going solo.
Ms. Scarlett: I think it's safe to say that she learned her lesson after that.
Mr. Baldwin: The freight trains should be fine for now, but I could borrow another engine for passenger trains.
Ms. Scarlett: I'll send over Margaret. Call me back whenever you can.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 months ago
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Thomas: Hello, I'm Thomas. I'm going to steal everyone's spotlight.

Then Thomas pushed Duck down a cliff. He went to Oliver, and pushed him into a turntable well. When he reached Donald & Douglas, he derailed them in their sheds, and put tape on their mouths so they could not call for help.

Sir Topham Hatt: He what?! I knew he'd act like this when the new special was announced. Where is he now?

Spotlight, starring everyone as theirself

Thomas: *Stops next to James*
James: Hello Thomas. Have you seen Edward, or Henry?
Thomas: Hmm...

On the mainland

Edward: *In a scrapyard with Henry* Why would Thomas do this to us?!
Henry: *Going crosseyed* Duh, I don't know. I don't know anything.


Thomas: Oh, that's right, Sir Topham Hatt sold them.
James: Why?
Thomas: He didn't say. Either they're being replaced, or their simply isn't enough work for them. As much as I like chatting with you James, I'm needed at Brendam Docks. Goodbye. *Puffs away*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 months ago
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Song: link

Ferris & Jack: *Resting in Zorrin*
Sean: *Falls down in front of them* Prepare to meet your doom!!
Ferris: What are you gonna do?
Sean: *His roof turns yellow, and he slowly begins to float above the rails, charging a blue ball from his front coupler* KA!!
Jack: Oh no!
Sean: ME!
Ferris: NO!!!!!!!
Sean: HA!!!
Ferris & Jack: *Shaking in fear*
Sean: ME!!! *Shoots the blue ball, making a massive laser* HA!!!!!!!!!!!

But a message appeared, making this noise: link

The message said Warning: Kamehameha.exe has stopped working. This is a kid's show, and no one shall die.

Jack: Hey, we're still alive.
Sean: It looks like I'll have to defeat you the old fashioned way. *Deploys a .44 Magnum on his right side, and fires a bullet*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 months ago
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Mike "Fonzi" is the narrator.

Narrator: Heeey.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Narrator: Trainz was filmed in high definition before a live studio audience.
Ian: *Back on the Eastern Pacific, he stops at a red signal at Nova Station*
Rio: *Behind Adam, coupled up to him, and a freight train* Ian's here.
Adam: Oh, good.
Ian: Good to see you two as well.
Adam: I don't suppose you heard the news.
Ian: What news?
Rio: Marcus and Catherine went to Philadelphia for their vacation, but...someone scrapped them.
Ian: What?
Rio: The two of them were spending some time in 30th street, until someone from Septa shot them.
Ian: Any reason why he did that?
Adam: The police think he was trying to mug them.
Ian: Boy. First those two B&O diesels try to get rid of them, and then some random engine from Septa, actually succeeds. Wonder how many others wanted to stop them.
Adam: Mr. Baldwin said that he wanted to see you at the roundhouse when you got back.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 months ago
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The Eiger Sanction: Froiteg!


Sean as Clint Eastwood
Jesse & Panzer as theirselves

Song: link

Well it's not really a song, but I think you'll enjoy listening to it.

Jesse: *Derailed next to Sean*

His voice echoed around the island, all the way into Zorrin.

Panzer: *Smiles devilishly as he hears Sean's echo*

The End

This is short enough to be a short, but another skit is on the way. A much longer one.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 months ago
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Adam is the narrator

Narrator: Trainz was filmed in high definition before a live studio audience.

S.B and Austin are watching a video (0:20): link

Austin: I'm surprised he hasn't said- *Listens to the video* Oh, never mind.
Audience: *Laughing*
S.B: It gets better from there.
Austin: *Watching the video, and watching Donald Trump go crazy* What?!!? *Laughing*
S.B: *Smiles* What did I tell you?
Austin: Ah, that was the best video ever.
Andrew: *Backing into the roundhouse*
Austin: I gotta show this to Sean. Get in my cab.
S.B: *Climbs into Austin's cab*
Andrew: He's over at Mossberg Harbor.

Theme Song: link

Austin: Thanks Andrew.
S.B: We'll be back.
Austin: *Leaving the roundhouse*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 8 months ago
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Jerry is the narrator

Narrator: Trainz was filmed in High Definition before a live studio audience.
Austin: *Passing by with a freight train* Since when?
Narrator: Okay, it's not really, but..
Audience: *Laughing*
Jerry: ..why am I even saying it then if it's not true?!
Sean: *Passes by with a passenger train* Nostalgia.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Jerry: Ah. Well, we're supposed to have yet another new engine on the line. Why am I not surprised?
Sean: *Passes by with another passenger train* Continuity.
Jerry: On what?
S.B: *Rises up from the ground* Merchandise.
Audience: *Laughing*
Jerry: Of course. How else would we make money?
Audience: *Laughing*
Sean: *Passing by with yet another freight train* Advertising.
Audience: *Laughing*

Theme Song: link

Jerry: How do you keep doing that? Never mind, I wonder what the new engine looks like.