The Office What Office quote do you find yourself using most in your everyday life? (PLEASE ADD IF YOU QUOTE SOMETHING ELSE)

Pick one:
"No cookie."
"You ignorant slut!"
"That's what she said."
"Don't screw the pooch."
"Who has two thumbs and hates _____?"
I don't quote The Office around regular people
"Absolutely, I do."
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Beer Me
Beer Me
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Tie between &# 34; Question, Fact, False, ect.&# 34; &# 34; Beer Me&# 34;...
Tie between "Question,Fact,False,ect." "Beer Me" and "Thats what she said"
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"Bears... Beets... Battlestar Gallactica."
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i&# 39; d like everybody&# 39; s attention christmas is...
i'd like everybody's attention christmas is cancelled
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Jim &# 34; maybe it&# 39; s in the ceiling&# 34;. Andy &# 34; maybe...
Jim " maybe it's in the ceiling". Andy " maybe you're in the ceiling".
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Awesome Blossom
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