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"I really need to stop getting up so early..." Yawned Heather. She got up, stretched, and yawned again. The phone rang, making her jump.
"Who the hell is calling at 8 am??" Heather answered.
"Your boyfriend." Replied Alejandro. 
"Oh; why must you call so early? I just woke up..."
"After class today, could you come to the statue in front of the school? I have something to tell you."
"Ah, sure. I don't have classes today, so I'll be there."
"Ok, see you then."
"Bye...and please don't call at 8 anymore."
With a laugh, Alejandro hung up the phone. "YES!"
Duncan glanced at him, shifting his wheelchair....
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News of Heather and Alejandro's engagement spread around the school like syrup on a really big pancake. When Teams Amazon and Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot heard the news, they freaked out. 
"Holy crap, you guys!" Sierra cheered.
"I'm…I'm so PROUD!" Courtney wiped a tear from her eye.
"Wow,'s about time you two gave up the strategic crap and make out...but I didn't expect you guys to get MARRIED!" Gwen remarked.
"....Nobody's asking you to care." Heather crossed her arms. 
"Still as crabby as ever..that's not good for pre-wedding behavior." Blaineley remarked.
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i made this spot 5 minites ago.
i holpe you enjoy!

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Source: Screencapping
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I am a girl.
I am an esper.
I am going to the 8th Grade.
I am a interent pacifist.
I am sexybaby/divagirl's bodyguard.
I love brocolli and hate squash(Seriously. It's disgusting)
I watch: Total Drama Island/Action, Lucky Star, Spongebob Squarepants, JONAS, iCarly, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, The Farly Odd Parents, and, overall, I watch too much cartoons and anime.
My favorite color in the MOTHERFREAKIN universe is pink!
I wish izzyroxmysox was here. I miss her guts.
I don't like fighting. But I WILL fight to protect my friend(see Senetnce #5).
I want to focus on good things in life.
I am hyper, and cheerful about life(My dad told me I used to run at top speed looking down!!!)
I hope my laptops get fixed, because I am getting WAY TO HOOKED ON THIS THING.
I am ending this article.