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We thought Wren (Julian Morris) would never return to Pretty Little Liars because he hasn’t appeared since Episode 4, “Can You Hear Me Now.” However, “no one is ever gone for good" on Pretty Little Liars, says Showrunner Marlene King tells SpoilerTV.

That’s PLL code for "yes" Wren will be back, but we've got even more proof:

A fan tweeted at PLL Producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan asking if Wren would return. She replied, “We're doing 25 episodes for season 2. And Dr Wren has a future in Rosewood, careful if you're not feeling well...#PrettyLittleLiars.”

We’re not sure when or why Wren will return, but we can’t wait! Plus, if he does come back as a doctor, we know one patient who needs medical attention: Melissa (Torrey DeVitto). She was sent to the hospital after the car crash and is in critical condition. Imagine how much drama would ensue if Melissa discovered Ian's (Ryan Merriman) dead or missing, and Wren is there to help her!

source Twitter, SpoilerTV