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Austin: * Listneing to R5 while driving*
Ally: Yess!! Were finally here!
Auslly: *Get out car*
Ally: Can I have the key to the house? I gotta go to the bathroom!
Austin: *Rolls eyes* No Ally, I told you my parents will drop it off in the next Atleast 20 minuets . Ok?!
Ally: But I have to goo! *Jumps Rapidly*
Austin: If you have to go that bad just go!
Ally: *shocked* I'm not a boy!
Austin: *Counts to five*
Ally:*Dosnt know what to do*
Austin: *At 4*
Ally: FINE!
Austin: Where are you goanna go?
Ally: You tell me, I'm not the boy.
Austin: *Points to Woods*
Ally: *Runs to woods*
Austin: *Folows*
Ally: *Dosnt notice*
Austin: *Looks in love*
Ally: *Stands up and Pulls down her pants*
Austin: *Whispers* Whoaa
Ally: *Pees*
Ally: *Pulls up pants* Done!
Austin: I wasnt watching you!
Ally: *Rolls eyes*
Austin: * Bites lip*
Ally: *Grins tiny*
Austin: *Kisses and squeezes her*
Ally: * Kisses him back and humps him a little*
Ally:*Puts on White and Black Dress With Black earings and a White Necklace*
Ally's POV:Today's the big day! I Finnally Get to move out the house with Austin! Were going to have a house!
End Of POV
Ally's dad: Bye Ally! I'll tell your mom you said bye!
Ally: * Gets Luggage* See yah dad! I can't BELIVE I moving out of the house!
Ally's dad: I know. You grow up fast! * Hugs*
Ally's dad:Bye sweetie!
Austin:*Honks Horn*
Ally: Coming ! I'll visit you later Ok!
Ally's dad:Bye!
Ally: Bye! *walks up to Austin* Ready?
Austin: * Gets close to her face* Yeah. *Kisses*
Ally: *Deepens Kiss*
Austin: * Pulls away* No, Let's do that somewhere else.
Ally: *Smiles*

Sorry It's short
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ross lynch
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Auslly:*Walk over to rush and Dez*
Dez:Sorry I didn't tell you earlier! Oh wel I'm telling you now
Were dating!
Austin:Stop keeping things from me! Like when you tap dance and your parent got divorced!
Austin:I can't trust you! I'm not talking to you anymore!
Dez:Fine ! I'm not making your music videos anymore!
Ally/Trish: Crap! NO!
Ally: Trish why didn't you tell me ! ME! Your BFF!
Trish: So what! Here we go again! Your always starting something!
Ally: Take that back you Lieing thief!
Trish: I'm not talking to you either!
Dez: Ok!...
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ross lynch
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I fell in love with Ross when I first heard him sing and that's prob how you fell in love with him too :)
On a magazine he said I'd rather find true love than have a million dollars awww soooooo sweet !!!! And HOT (^o^).
I love his movie teen beach movie And due he looked soooo good maia mitchell is so lucky they almost kiss !!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! He is so nice. And a good dancer and I bet he is a very good kisser he he he and he is so talented he is the total package, man if I met ross lynch this is what have happened

Ross : hi I'm Ross lynch

Me : OMG your your your your R r r Ross Lynch !

Ross : yeah

Me : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me : ( faints )