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To me Ross is amazing! He is amazing because he went from playing in his garage with his family to now touring and having his own tv sow (Austin and Ally) and filming a brand new movie Teen Beach Musical (2013)! He plays a ton of instrumental! His sexxiness is just a plus to his perfect smile and hair! His so talented! He's been singing and dancing ever since he cold walk! He went from dancing on the rage boys crew! To performing in concerts and dancing on Austin and ally! He's my hero! I adore him and love him soooooo much i can't explain it! He means the world to me! I love Ross shor lynch!

Ross facts'
-born Ross Shor Lynch
-favorite food :pancakes
-favorite color: yellow
-favorite animal :dolphin
-born:December. 29 1995
Ps. These were all from the top of my head!
I know so much about him that my mind is 99.9% filled with Ross!!!!!
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I first noticed his talent when went to one of his concerts. He was great and so were the other four. Then when his show Austin and Ally was released on Disney channel i noticed that was when i thought since he is the best singer, dancer, and actor i have been wanting to meet his in person this time. I also thin that Ross Lynch and the gang would be the best person to hang around if you ever meet him. R5 is the best band out there in the world. they make the best music i have ever heard they ROCK.
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R5 dancing to N'SYNC - 'Pop' featuring Ross Lynch. They are such amazing dancers.
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