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I want to name for you, indolent sorceress !
The divers marks of beauty which adorn your youth,
I want to describe your beauty,
In which are blended childhood and maturity.

When you go sweeping by in your full, flowing skirts,
You resemble a trim ship as it puts to sea
Under full sail and goes rolling
Lazily, to a slow and easy rhythm.

On your large, round neck, on your plump shoulders,
Your head moves proudly and with a strange grace,
With a placid, triumphant air
You go your way, majestic child.

I want to name for you, indolent sorceress !
The divers marks of beauty which adorn your youth,
I want to describe...
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posted by Lovetreehill
Soon we shall plunge into the cold darkness,
Farewell, vivid brightness of our short-lived summers!
Already I hear the dismal sound of firewood
Falling with a clatter on the courtyard pavements.

All winter will possess my being : wrath,
Hate, horror, shivering, hard, forced labor,
And, like the sun in his polar Hades,
My heart will be no more than a frozen red block.

All atremble I listen to each falling log,
The building of a scaffold has no duller sound.
My spirit resembles the tower which crumbles
Under the tireless blows of the battering ram.

It seems to me, lulled by these monotonous shocks,
That somewhere...
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posted by Sasunaru120
You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never get it back.

My heart was taken by you... broken by you... and now it is in pieces because of you.

Love is like falling down... in the end you're left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.

You're the one who broke my heart, you're the reason my world fell apart, you're the one who made me cry, yet I'm still in love with you and I don't know why.

A million words would not bring you back, I know because I've tried, neither would a million tears, I know I've cried.

Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him...
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posted by irena83

You said...

You said
you would
try to make
this up.

You said
you wanted
me by your side.

You said
I would be happy,
I would be
happy this time.

You said.

You said
you wanted
the fresh start
for us,
you said
you wanted us
you wanted
me back.

You promised.

You said
you would
you said
that things
would be better
this time,
you said
I would feel
from now.

you said.

No more tears,
you said,
no more
empty words,

You said.

You said
you wanted
a fresh start
for us.
You said,
no more pain,
you said,
no more.

And no more lies
now I say,
sell them
some where else.
Broken promises,
that's all
you gave,
no more pain,
that's what
you said.
posted by manjusang
As for u It is easy
just say the words and forget
But Not for me

Words that Hurt Not As the winds
Blows and Gone...
Words that HURT it's Knife...
As it walkin' through......... teared ,destroyed,,,PAin

Have u ever felt it?
Not just Lies upon ur Big smile,,
But this is Me,,,
Who Taste The knife that walkin' through ur words

And the feeling left after It,,,
even the time can't erased It..
please stop shouting to me...
yesterday u say "shorty,,,,lovely,,,Miss me ..."

but now u say "damn,,,Im changed ,,,I never understands U'
How Come..
the same souls says the opposite in a minutes????
where've u been?

Im Just a girl with a fragile hearth ,,Im just a girl that searching for a mate...

Just a masochist that Hope,,,time will erased all my pain..

Don't do this to me...
Once I can't stand off,,,
I'll Lost
And u'll never found me..
I never wish hurt,,,
Just Understands Me
posted by bookworm103
My steps crunch on the gravel track
Why did you leave me? why did you go?
A sudden sadness begins to attack
All I want is an answer all I want is to know.

I begin to search the fog and dark trees
For the spot I'm longing for
As soon as I find it I fall to my knees
And I don't care whose watching me anymore.

I stare at the gray slab of stone
That is all I have left of you
I begin to sob felling so alone
It doesn't seem fair it just can't be true

I can't bring myself to leave this place
And soon all that's left is the winter winds cry
I run away at a ghostly pace
posted by CMJCMJLG
I feel lost,
I feel so different,
I know everyone around me,
but I don't seem to know any of the faces I see,
I don't know if it's just my hallucinations or my daydreaming,
I just don't know and yet kind of don't care,
I'm different from everyone and they judge me,
I know I'm weird, strange, and crazy,
But that's one of the great things about me,
I'm different and I'll deal with that my own self,
I'm not a typical popular girl,
but I'm not a backstabber either,
I'm a special different than they say,
I'm my own self and I love to be different,
Make fun of me cause know I don't care
I'm different and I love that because I don't
wanna be the same, I don't want to go with the flow,
I'm not like that. It's okay to different and I am.
posted by SarahCorine
Satin Sheets
Soft blankets
Warm night
Sleep tight

Though you lie awake
In your dark room
You will soon be asleep
For eternity perhaps
There is someone
He is coming for you
He sees you
He watches now

Close your eyes
And see what he says
No escape
No release
Tied down with nothing holding you
Against your will, you are trapped
You never think to call for help
You never think of salvation

You struggle
Though he said, "No escape"
You fight
Though he said, "No release"

What do you fear
You are not alone
Others share this fate
Look and you will see

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Your head, your bearing, your gestures
Are fair as a fair countryside;
Laughter plays on your face
Like a cool wind in a clear sky.

The gloomy passer-by you meet
Is dazzled by the glow of health
Which radiates resplendently
From your arms and shoulders.

The touches of sonorous color
That you scatter on your dresses
Cast into the minds of poets
The image of a flower dance.

Those crazy frocks are the emblem
Of your multi-colored nature;
Mad woman whom I'm mad about,
I hate and love you equally!

At times in a lovely garden
Where I dragged my atony,
I have felt the sun tear my breast,
As though it were in mockery;...
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Shelby Gray
Essay #3
    Darkness creeps it's way into everyone's mind at a certain point in thier lives. It
worms into the mind without a sound and slowly, over time, grasps at the heart until,
from the very depths of the dark underworld, it completely ensnares it. Edgar Allen Poe,
an eighteenth centry poet and writer of short stories , displayed many signs of that very
same darkness. The encounters in his mind were often of lingering evil, life after death,
torture, and other unspeakable horrors. One piece of this madman's work, in paticular,
caught the attention...
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posted by saracomet
Peter passed a note today.
He gave the note to Anna.
She opened it and read it,
then she passed it on to Hannah.

The note made Hannah giggle
so she handed it to Cody,
who read it with a smile before
he slid the note to Brody.

Then Brody read the contents
and he gave it to Luann,
who opened it and chuckled
and directed it to Dan.

He read it with a snicker,
then he tossed the note to Jon
who couldn't help but chortle
as he passed it on to Sean.

The teacher heard us laughing
and she saw what Sean was holding.
She walked across the room
and took the note he was unfolding.

We thought we'd get in trouble,
but she gave it back to Sean
and smiled because it read,
"The teacher's awesome. Pass it on."
posted by Lovetreehill
One would say that your gaze was veiled with mist;
Your mysterious eyes (are they blue, gray or green?)
Alternately tender, dreamy, cruel,
Reflect the indolence and pallor of the sky.

You call to mind those days, white, soft, and mild,
That make enchanted hearts burst into tears,
When, shaken by a mysterious, wracking pain,
The nerves, too wide-awake, jeer at the sleeping mind.

You resemble at times those gorgeous horizons
That the sun sets ablaze in the seasons of mist...
How resplendent you are, landscape drenched with rain,
Aflame with rays that fall from a cloudy sky!

O dangerous woman, O alluring...
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posted by Lovetreehill
Be quiet and more discreet, O my Grief.
You cried out for the Evening; even now it falls:
A gloomy atmosphere envelops the city,
Bringing peace to some, anxiety to others.

While the vulgar herd of mortals, under the scourge
Of Pleasure, that merciless torturer,
Goes to gather remorse in the servile festival,
My Grief, give me your hand; come this way

Far from them. See the dead years in old-fashioned gowns
Lean over the balconies of heaven;
Smiling Regret rise from the depths of the waters;

The dying Sun fall asleep beneath an arch, and
Listen, darling, to the soft footfalls of the Night
That traits off...
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posted by bookworm103
I am outside.

outside of your sight outside of your thoughts.
peering in in desperation.

I am away.

where you pushed where you shoved me.

away from where I long to be by your side.

I am outside. And away.

I loved you so hard that you were scared. scared of loving me back. So you threw me away.

Now I stand shivering and wallowing outside of where I long to be.

You won't bring me back. I know you won't. You pushed me away.

I would find my way back to you if I thought it would make a difference.

but, I think I know, that it won't.

So here I will stay.

Outside and Away...
posted by manjusang
Here I Stand Besides you
Don't You Even Realized That I Fight with Myself???????
against all the Reality that Can tore My souls..
I Can't make the loosing Fight with my own Hearth Beating..that was you...
you filling the hole that burned deep inside my Death Hearth,,
You MAke it Beating...
takes Me to the first Sunshines after my Nightmare..
Im Afraid..
I CAn't Imagine..
I CAn't Cope This..
How Can I Let My Self Flying high falling Free in Your Life,,then times awaits Me for hitting The Ground???????

Will I Survived from it?
Will I Still Have this beating then?
Help Me,,
Don't Let Me hit the Pain,,anymore..

Im Loosing,,Far Before The war Is Over..
Im in yours Now..
tie in ever single things you Make

you hold my Life's String..
Up....Down.... Lower...

You Stealing The best PArt Of Me..you Take it with you Now..
Im Nothing
Im Loosing this fight against my Self..
I Let My Self Falling In Love With you
posted by ShiningsTar542
When somebody hits me,
a crowd always cheers.


I don't understand it,
but it brings me to tears.


It thrills people silly
to throw me around
and make me go bouncing
across the hard ground.


What have I done
to deserve this cruel fate?
I've gone from just mad
to completely irate!


I'm battered by bats
just to make the crowd shout.


I am sick of this game-
it's not safe, I want out!


posted by HouseMindFreak
Bitter World

As time passes by and the world ages animals live on through their peace but man stays in strife...

Never do they see past their faults but see only their pride and hate...
Knowledge is a blessing yet they turn it into a vile curse...determined to possess all minds with one belief and rule all souls..

I am on the outside seeing what you have all become...bitter, angry, and wretched beings feeding off others misery and as one weak soul falls you quickly devour it...

I am haunted by your world...it darkens my mind and soul...as I come to see you all have betrayed my gifts as if they were toys to be thrown away!

I shall give only one message to all new life that comes into this world...do not be naive to believe you cannot be infected by this disease or else the transformation has already begun...
I DID NOT WRITE THIS POEM. I FOUND IT ON FACEBOOK. The page was called The Writer's Circle, I think.

Today was the absolute worst day ever
And don't try to convince me that
There's something good in every day
Because, if you take a closer look,
The world is a pretty evil place.
Even if
Some goodness does shine through once in a while
Satisfaction and happiness doesn't last
And it's not true that
It's all in the mind and heart
True happiness can be obtained
Only if one's surroundings are good
It's not true that good exists
The reality
My attitude
It's all beyond my control
And you'll never in a million years hear me me say that
Today was a good day.
(Now read it from the bottom up)
posted by Hi-Lo
Help Me Please for i am on my knees begging beyond a beggar praying beyond a saint lying more than a sinner i need someone to set me free from my chains of life, time and time again the same old routine i dont need the same thing over and over again please before my eyes become raw sore for i fear i can see no more sore for every day that leads to night i fear for you and me the temptation to leave them behind everything and everyone, all i know is that i need someone braver and stronger than me mentally, save me for i can not save myself help me for my future health
posted by ThornedRose
life has won over death
you arrive
a joyuss look in your eyes
you were laughing
you were smiling
you were crawling
when you took your first steps
you were mesmirized
you were running
you were jumping
you were making mud pies
clinging onto me
soon you were older
to old for grownups
you played with your friends
you played sports
but you still called me mommy
you were chasing after girls
you were failing your classes
you were making a mess of your world
soon you betrayed me
you lied and you cheated
you stole from me
you disapeared for days
you dropped out of school
you swore at me
you snuck into...
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