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The fans pick: John returns to England, but sails back to America after he's healed
The fans pick: "I'd Rather Die Tomorrow than Live a Hundred Years without Ever Knowing You"
The fans pick: In the glade (first kiss)
The fans pick: YES!
The fans pick: John Smith
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Pocahontas and John Smith Wall

fansfunsz said …
i like an love them Posted over a year ago
therealpoca said …
I love John Smith he's my boyfriend. I broke up with John Rolfe. Posted over a year ago
pinkmare commented…
good! cause i can't stand the fake john :( over a year ago
Sirea commented…
John Smith forever. I can't see Poca with John Rolfe. over a year ago
big smile
LightningRed said …
I'm really glad that this club now has 317 fans! Love Pocahontas and John Smith!!! Posted over a year ago
pinkmare commented…
i couldn't agree more i'm sooo glad nobody likes rolfe over a year ago
therealpoca commented…
Make that 328, including me, Pocahontas. over a year ago
lolliypop272105 commented…
yo the real poca... THE REALLY REAL POCA DIED LONG AGO!!! SO YO DEAD!!! 319 FANS NOW!!!!! WOOP!!!! over a year ago