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Two things I can't remember if we found out the answer to

1. When everyone thought Catherine was dead after finding 'her' heart in the box, did we ever find out whose heart it really was?
2. What happened to Lily? She was all set up to be another villain with a grudge against the Charmings and I don't remember that being resolved - she just kind of disappeared :-/
 saz19126 posted over a year ago
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KataraLover said:
1. Regina has so many hearts in her vault that she probably just took one and made sure that the DNA test came out saying it was Kathryn's. Afterall, in season 2 we see that all of the hearts she ever took came with her to Storybrooke and when David asked whose hearts they were she said "I don't know. I took so many I lost track."

2. That has more to do with the fact that the actress that plays Lily was unavailable to reprise her role. She was supposed to appear in season 6 and I believe that The Dragon was supposed to be her father because of how he has a dragon form and he said he lost a daughter because of his ignorance. I'm willing to bet he was supposed to be Lily's father but because they couldn't get her actress (and possibly Maleficent's actress) to come back because she had other projects, that storyline was pretty much canned. But we can assume that The Dragon is her father and when Regina released him from the mirror realm he found both Maleficent and Lily and they lived happily ever after while Lily manages to gain some light because of the love of her family. Besides, I think Lily got over the grudge against the Charmings when Maleficent convinced her to move on and let them have a new life together after the episode "Mother."
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posted over a year ago 
That makes sense I guess - thanks :)
saz19126 posted over a year ago
It bugged me to no end that they weren't able to continue with Lily's story. I do feel more at peace with assuming that the Dragon is her father and after Regina freed him, he found Lily and Maleficent and they're now living happily together.
beekee404 posted over a year ago
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