Just a One-Shot. Quick and Simple. Lets Begin

We sat on the couch in his living room, watching scary movies and eating popcorn. Every so often the doorbell would ring and I'd get up and dish out the candy.

Needless to say it was Halloween.

So here I sat, cuddled into Mikey's side, watching some girl get her throat slit. Mikey took off his glasses and cleaned them with his shirt before putting them back on his head so he could see the TV.

"I hate these things." He said, referring to his glasses.


"They're such a hassle."

"But you look adorable." I smiled kissing his cheek.

"Well, in that case…" He smirked, kissing me on the lips. Just then the door rang, and I broke away from Mikey.

I grabbed the candy bowl, and opened the door.

"Trick or treat." They said on cue, smirking.

I glared at them until they entered the house.

"Scary movie marathon?" Gerard asked, sitting on the couch.

"Yeah." Mikey said, watching as one of the hostages took a swing at the killer, but missed and subsequently got his throat slit.

I sat down next to Mikey, and cuddled into him once more.

"Ahhh, young love." Frank smiled sitting next to Gerard.

"Where are Ray and Bob? Weren't they gonna go trick or treating with you guys?"

"Ray had to do something with his family, and Bob came down with the flu. Seriously, we went to check up on him. It was disgusting."

I chuckled. "Poor Bob."

"So, get any good candy?"

"Yes!" Gerard said, pouring out a mountain of candy onto their living room floor.

"Oh my god…"

"So where are Mom and Dad again, Gee?"

"They're at Aunties house, you know for the thing they were going to or whatever…"

"Ohhh, yeah…"

And that's when I fell asleep. When I woke up it was dark, and I had a pair of arms wrapped around me. When my eyes adjusted, I recognized Mikey's room.
I shifted my head so I could see Mikey. He was so cute. I smiled as his he shifted and his eyes slowly opened.

"Lilly." He whispered groggily.


"I love you." He said in the same fashion as before.

I smiled as my stomach fluttered and the butterflies attempted to beating their way through my chest.

"I love you too." He smiled and intwined his fingers with mine just has they should always be.

Just then Gerard opened the door to Mikey's room.

"No sex in the house!" He yelled jokingly.

Mikey grumbled in reply and threw a pillow in his general direction. But of course it missed by a long-shot.

I laughed and sat up, attempting to rub the sleep from my eyes. Mikey followed as we all heard the front door open.

An alarmed look came into Mikey's eyes. "They weren't supposed to be home until tomorrow."

Gerard hurried down the stairs.

"It's just Ray and Bob!" He yelled.

Mikey visibly relaxed as we got up and headed down the stairs.

"You feeling better, Bobbehhhh?"

"Yes. Last night was hell."

"And Ray, did you have fun with your family?" Gerard asked.

"Would've been more fun hanging with you guys, but it wasn't bad."

"Well, that's good."

I looked at Mikey. "Wanna finish our movie marathon? We only got through two…"


We all took our places on the couch, with me cuddled into Mikey. I loved days like these, just hanging with the guys.