okay since the threadarella story it's kinda short i'm thinking of making it long oh and i'm kinda borrowing some of the parts from disney's cinderella but that's what makes the story interesting, with parodies !!! anyways here's the main cast.

cinderella-frankie stein

prince charming-jackson jekyll/holt hyde

lady tremaine-Toralei (i'm making her older)

anatasia and drizella-meowlody and purrsephone

fairy godmother-abby bominable

the grand duke-mr.rotter

the king-dr.jekyll/mr. hyde

Jaq , Gus ,mary and the other mice -Gwen, Gaga, Green Day, Girlicious, and Ghostface Killah

bruno-Watzit (i'm also making him older too)

lucifer-sweet fangs i'm just gonna have to make her a him so i decided to renamed "him" spice fangs.

cinderella's father-frankenstein

the two blue birds-male and female canary.

on with the story

Once upon a time, in a faraway land , there was a tiny kingdom , peaceful , prosperity. and rich in romantic and tradition, there ruled the king with two personalities with wisedom , power and goodwill it won't be long before the king hand over his kingdom to his sons.

The prince that shared a body , within different personality, prince jackson the king's shy but intelligent , nice son though he swore to his father that he would bring good and peace to the kingdom once he is ruler he would never react to use violence in order to defend those who depend on them he will use quick thinking and a cunning plan to protect his people from danger and wars.

now there was prince holt the king's boldest but loyalest , cunning son though he would also swore to his father that he would bring good , and peace to the kingdom as well once he is ruler but he would never let his temper get the best out of him nor be aggressive, he will calmly listen to the good people (monsters) with their problems and when in battle he will do everything to protect his kingdom and his people

Here in a stately chateau there lived a widowed gentleman monster and his little daughter , threadarella. Although he was a kind and devoted father ,and give his beloved child every lecture in confert , still he felt she needed a mother's care. And so he married again choosing for his second wife ,a woman of good family Toralei was her name she had daughters just threadarella's age.

By name, meowlody a little cat girl who had grey and white skin tone, beading yellow eyes. she had long white hair white as snow with a grey streak high-light that goes down to her waist and a layer of a black and white hair hanging on her right side of her face. she was also wearing a red chesnut dress that reaches to her ankles she had her fingers together,with a glare for threadarella she was burning with furious jealous of her upcoming beauty and kindness.

And purrsephone another of threadarella's step sisters and meowlody's sister , also a little cat girl who looked almost identical to her sister grey and white skin , beading yellow eyes. she had long hair which is black , black as coal with a white streak high light that goes down to her waist and a layer of a black and white hair hanging on her left side of her face. she like her sister waa wearing a red chestnut dress only it was in a lighter shade of red that reaches to her ankles she had her right finger rubbing her nose while her left finger touched her back she too was jealous of threadarella's beauty.

It was a cold and rainy night , it was as seen inside the window layed a crying girl against her's father's bedside knowing that she has now lost her father cold , cruel and bittlerly jealous of threadarella's charm and beauty.
The step mother was grimly determined terformed to forward the interest of her own two akward daughters. she couldn't care-less of threadrella's well being as she reckless order the sweet innocent maiden to do her work , cleaning , sweeping ,scrubing and washing

threadrella had no choice now with her father gone she had no other option but to do her step-mothers bidding.she let a tear escape her eye as she stood from her father's former bed and went to pack her nessasarcies and to move onto a new room as her step sisters clamied her room.

Thus as time went by ,the shadow fell in despair , for the family's fortune were sqawndred upon the vein and selfish step sisters , while threadrella was abused , humilated and finally forced to become servant on her own house. and yet throught it all threadrella remained ever gently and kind for which each dawn , she found new hope that someday her dreams of happiness would come true.