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I just thought I would point out some of the differences between the movie and the book, not to criticize the movie, but to give a clearer picture of the story to those who haven't read the book.

1st. The Thenardiers:
The Thenardiers are quite different in the book. In the movie they are greedy and a bit goofy. In the book they are greedy but very serious and quite cruel. They also have five children, not the assumed one, and Gavroche is one of them. Marius is also constantly trying to repay Thenardier for saving his father at the battle of Waterloo, although Marius ends up causing Thenardiers'...
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posted by deedragongirl
The 1998 version
The 1998 version
Hi guys, I know that this board is pretty empty, but I thought that it would be interesting to compare both the 1998 version with the 2012 version.

1998 Version

While the majority of the movie is faithful, there are a number of things that I wasn't very happy about. In the case of Valjean, he was a very violent man in this version. Whereas in the book, the musical and previous adaptations. He's very harmless and will never go as far as to attack the Bishop and slap Cossette later in the movie after discovering that the latter is in love with Marius from Javert's letter.
Another disappointment...
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