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wendus92 said:
Montserrat in Glendale, Calif.: Please tell me this Cuddy-Lucas liaison is almost over on House. I can't stand it anymore!
OK, the bad news is that next Monday's House ep, "5 to 9," is Cuddy-centric and therefore riddled with Cuddy-Lucas PDA. Blech. On the other hand, the good news is that "5 to 9" is Cuddy-centric and therefore riddled with scenes that reveal House and Cuddy's genuine emotional and psychological intimacy, and that remind us fans why she loves that dude's deranged narcissistic ass in the first place. If you Huddy fans can just squint through the Cuddy-Lucas scenes, you'll find that when you come out the other side, the Huddy material is very rewarding.

Pete in Phoenix: Give me an update on House, stat!
Look for actor-comedian Orlando Jones to pop up in tonight's House, bringing along a few surprises for his brother, Foreman (Omar Epps). We checked into reports that Orlando will possibly be back on a full-time basis next year, but a House rep tells us that the writers don't yet know anything past this season. So for now, Foreman's big bro is only expected to show up once.

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