By now I feel like most people know about and have formed opinions on Delphi and the details surrounding her birth. I know I definitely have and I thought I'd share them.

I'll just put it right out there; hell yeah I'm glad it happened! I know that there are a lot of people who hated the fact that Bellatrix had a kid--and believe me I do understand why, I'll get to that in a bit. But I personally was really excited. I saw the leaked script back in June (or so) and I hoped quite feverishly that it wasn't a hoax. Because the Lord knows that I'm happy that Bellatrix's legacy will live on through her daughter.

Which is another thing I'm happy about; I'm glad that she had a daughter and not a son. For one thing I feel like somehow it would have been very typical for her to have had a son--by this I mean that those old aristocratic families always seemed to favor sons. And I think that it would have taken something away if Bellatrix had a son. Likewise there was that point in the books where Bella says "if I had sons, I would be glad to give them up to the service of the Dark Lord!" I think that this adds another layer of depth because it implies that Bellatrix herself wanted & expected to have a son or sons not a daughter. I wonder if she was disappointed or if she was fine with it and such. Did the fact that it was a daughter make it easier for her to drop Delphi off with the Rowles. Or did it not matter and Bella took pride in Delphi just because she was Voldmort's?
Plus I think it's more fun to imagine Bellatrix trying to parent a hormonal teenage daughter. Throw Voldemort into that equation and it's a lolfest.

Speaking of imagining things, I also enjoy the fact that Bellatrix was pregnant for the sheer idea of it and the jokes that could come out of it. Like just picture a hormonal, probably twice as nutty Bellatrix trumping around the Malfoy Manor making Cissy's life just that much more difficult. Or Bella get all emotional and crying over stupid things like Lucius' hideous new hair cut. Whatever mood swings her pregnancy may have caused it's fun for me to picture lol.

My friend and I are constantly making jokes about that as well as about what we think Bella & Voldy's parenting style would be like. For instance Voldemort playing 'got your nose' with Delphi and Delphi saying "okay daddy you can keep it, you need it more than me." And Bellatrix snickers in the background. Or Bellatrix making stupid dad jokes; "mom I'm hungry." "Hi hungry, I'm Bellatrix." And Voldemort getting salty that she is stealing his jokes. And of course I love to joke about the naming process; Bella just looking down at her child as shrill dolphin noises echo in her head. Voldemort shaking his head at her name selection and trying to convince himself that Bellatrix was referring to the Greek prophecy, knowing that she just wanted to name her kid dolphin. And who could forget all of the "Bellatrix did the do with you know who" jokes. Each time my friend would reply that, "that's a horrible image, who would screw Voldeort." And I'd always say, "don't kinkshame Bella."
What about the jokes concerning Voldy wanting to keep things under the radar; "Now Bella no one can know about this." he says. The next day he opens the Daily prophet and the headline reads 'Bellatrix Does the Do With You Know Who'. *Just Had Sex plays in the background as Bella holds a party in celebration*

Jokes aside I've always been a Bellamort shipper. She just loved Voldemort so much and devoted so much of herself to he and his cause. It was really kind of satisfying to my shipper's soul to know it paid off for her. Moreover to know that Bellamort is very much canon to a lager degree and it's less one-sided (again to a degree) than I thought.

I just wish it was timed better and had less plot holes. For instance I've said it before an I'll say it again; I have no idea how not one person (save for Voldy) knew she was pregnant. Like Bella was on top of Hermione in DH. I mean maybe magic could cover the physical changes? But actually giving birth in the Malfoy Manor? Because I can't see Bellatrix being very quite while doing so. I also find it very hard to believe that Narcissa couldn't pick up on the emotional changes in her sister. Likewise Bellatrix was doing some wild things during the Malfory Manor chapter and I would imagine that, that was dangerous for the baby.
I've heard theories that she was pregnant in HBP and gave birth before that, so that could explain it. But she has one helluva postpartum body then, because (if I'm not mistaken) Rowling was still describing her as tall and super thin.
In other words I'd just like some more clarification and less plot holes. Because as thrilled as I am about this I can see why people say it's fanfic-y. To me it does very much seem like it was thrown in as an after thought, probably because it was.