Harry Potter Vs. Twilight 30 Day Harry Potter still challenge

omg_stop posted on Jul 17, 2012 at 01:11AM
This is the 30 day Harry Potter still challenge.

~~~Post a still of the subject provided on the corresponding day. You don't have to do it daily, and you can do more than one a day, but it's more fun for everyone if you only do one a day. You can start whenever you want.
~~~ You can't post the same still as someone else on the same page. You can post stills from the same scene, but they HAVE to be different frames. You can post the same still as someone else, but the still has to be on a different page.
~~~ The stills can be from the movie, behind the scenes, or deleted scenes. No cast pictures, unless the cast is in costume and makeup.

Day 1: Ron with Food in his mouth
Day 2: Draco flying on a broom
Day 3: Fred with his eyes closed
Day 4: George with his mouth open
Day 5: Harry and the Snitch
Day 6: Cedric dead
Day 7: Hermione with blood on her body
Day 8: Ginny in the bathroom
Day 9: Any picture with an apple
Day 10: Hermione and ron in stripped shirts
Day 11: Sirius in a wanted poster
Day 12: Ron with his shirt untucked
Day 13: Hermione hugging Ron
Day 14: Hedwig in a cage
Day 15: Harry wearing a tie
Day 16: A howler
Day 17: Slytherin flags at a house cup ceremony
Day 18: Harry and Luna
Day 19: Wizard chess
Day 20: Bellatrix without a want in her hands
Day 21: Lupin at the Burrow
Day 22: Ron in a quiddich uniform
Day 23: Hermione wearing a hat
Day 24: Luna and Cho
Day 25: Ginny in a tie
Day 26: Oliver Wood with a bludger
Day 27: Myrtle sexually harassing Harry
Day 28: Hermione and a feather
Day 29: Ron's bedroom
Day 30: A portrait of Dumbledore

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