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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Question

[For haters] why do you hate twilight?????

Please be honest!!!
 mr-cullen posted over a year ago
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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Answers

ariba_c said:
I dont hate it but here are just some reasons why im not a fan:
-The plot is boring
-bella is a horrible character
-how almost 50% of the book is about how perfect and gorgeous edward is
-minimal action
-annoying romance
-horrible writing
-sparkly & vegetarian vampires
-no character development

Just my opinions...
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posted over a year ago 
Perfect answer!
surbhi-sm10 posted over a year ago
Oh yeah! I totally agree with you.
Phoebe43 posted over a year ago
LadyEmzy16 said:
Please don't take this the wrong way.

In my opinion, I think Twilight is good but not great.

Here's why I don't like Twilight:
1-Stephanie Meyer is afraid to kill her main characters (I hear this one a lot), while J.K Rowling killed Characters that a lot of people adored example: Fred Weasley, Tonks, Lupin, Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange (That's right!!) and Dobby!
2-Stephanie Meyer's story mostly evolves around Bella and Edward, (what's the point of having others if you're focusing on them?), While J.K Rowling gave us a special background story for most of her characters.
3-Stephanie Meyer ruined Baseball, while J.K Rowling gave us Quidditch

Those answers have a meaning to me, I don't care if they don't to most of you.
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posted over a year ago 
good answer
rk1241 posted over a year ago
Whaat? I think Smeyer made baseball bad ass haha
alexisn10 posted over a year ago
Lol, I think it's normal for main characters to be main characters.
cassie-1-2-3 posted over a year ago
ya, but harry potter had so many more characters stephanie just had the love triangle and teir friends and family. boooring
BumbleSweet posted over a year ago
alexisn10 said:
I don't hate Twilight. To me, there's more cons than pros.

Bella mostly
Cliche and repetitive storyline/endings
Breaking Dawn
Laughable films
Writing style in books

that's about it.
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posted over a year ago 
the films were painful to watch. ugh.
BumbleSweet posted over a year ago
ClaireVoyant said:
well, you ask, tough I didn't hate more like extreme dislike

1. in the early times? the fans (not so much nowadays)
2. the imprinting....
3. bella and everything that comes with her
4. edward and everything that comes with him
5. the so called 'vegetarian vampire' want to live among human 'peacefully' yet still feel like they are superior species... HY-PO-CRITE.
6. purple prose/eddie's so called handsomeness that.. yes, I got it he was 'perfect' but can we please get on with the story?
6. the implication (IMO) that the girls are useless and can do nothing with their own power/ability as human (bella and esme mostly)

well, that is all my opinion

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posted over a year ago 
it's more like things I find annoying/didn't like in T
ClaireVoyant posted over a year ago
shootcotton said:
I don't exactly hate Twilight, I never did, but I don't like it very much. Here's why:

I got through the first part without problems, mostly (apart from the fact that it was a bit annoying that Bella repeats how perfect Edward is pretty much every time she mentions his name), but around the second one, it became extremely boring. For me, at least.
And, yeah, the saga is composed of four heavy books, but it focuses only on the main characters, and the secondary characters don't really develop in any way.
And for me, one part was enough, it kept the story original, you know, a girl falling for a vampire and their difficult love story. I feel like the rest of the saga stretches this too much.
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posted over a year ago 
TriaRose said:
1.) Bella was too weak a heroine for me. I prefer girls who can fight for themselves.
2.) I didn't like the writing. It was really boring for me reading "I put on my shirt. I brushed my teeth. Edward's eyes were gold." I didn't see the need to describe almost every day at school for Bella.
4.) The story was boring. It was just "I love Edward, his eyes are golden!" and then three random villains were thrown in. I saw no plot development, and very little romantic development.

Don't really HATE it, but I don't think it's that good.
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posted over a year ago 
zanhar1 said:
Honestly I don't hate Twilight that much anymore. It's alright. But I still don't like Bella that much, she's just to... blah.
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posted over a year ago 
lol!! i am glad you are not a hater though
mr-cullen posted over a year ago
Yeah I'm glad I'm done with that to it's kind of childish to religiously hate something.
zanhar1 posted over a year ago
Me three!
TriaRose posted over a year ago
surbhi-sm10 said:
Its not like i really hate twilight..
1.But i just think half of the story is based on how amazing Edward is..
2.And Bella is a bad role model,if you ask me..She should done something inspirational after Edward left her..not jumping off a cliff and all that..
3.Half the time Edward is saving Bella because she is always in danger..
4.And most of the story concentrates only on Bella,Edward, and Jacob where as there should be more variety and importance for other characters!

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posted over a year ago 
HPfan236 said:
I don't hate it in fact i will admit i used to be a fan, i just dislike it.
It has potential to be a good story if they could fix a few things, my main problems

The characters not all of them but quite a few
Bella was to male dependent, whiny, and needy and just annoying
Edward was to controlling, angsty, and also annoying
Alice she was fun but i couldn't take her seriously like ever and all she ever did in my eyes was have visions, and go shopping a lot
Jasper I will admit is one of the characters I love
Rosalie i felt bad for her but she annoyed me because she was such a bitch
Emmett again another character i love
Jacob was to needy and angsty
Esme and carlisle i had really no problem with
Everyone else irrelavent

Problem #2
It was to simple and pretty predictable I kinda could guess the ending of twilight on point although the demon baby suprised me and also i didn't like the story after the baby was born because i dunno it kinda ruined it for me.

Problem #3
No lessons learned no morals gained and all twilight taught was how to be a weak needy teenage girl

Other then that i have no problem with it oh and the sparkly vampire need to go to because that's just stupid

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posted over a year ago 
BumbleSweet said:
    uh. i dont exactly hate twilight. i read the books and at the tie i fell in love with them. ifeel theyre good at first glance but after some deep thinking you realize they arent that great. for books that are so big there arent any major plot points. character developments or anything. they all wanted something at the beginning at that stayed pretty much the same throughout the entire series.
it seemed to be a novel for hopeless romantics in every sense of the phrase. if it had more action and some characters that didnt need someone with a lot of sass to get after them and smack some sense into them, it might. just maybe be better. idk
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posted over a year ago 
rere14 said:
I don't like the plot, the acting was bad but most of all I hate how twilight portrait women.
I hate that they make woman seem so weak and they seem can't live without a guy
Jump from a cliff because a guy leave you, change your whole identity because of a guy when you just turn 18(or 17? I forgot) and am I the only who think there's nothing healthy in edward/bella relationship?
the whole story was disturbing
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posted over a year ago 
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