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i don't know what i said at the end! it think its just noises
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zukisaru isabella sora and kallen atasunta (from left to right)
zukisaru isabella sora and kallen atasunta (from left to right)
i have never done a article or anything before so yeah XD..i didn't know what to do so i asked sora(haremaster99) and she said to do something about the atsunta sisters so i will

we where taking a walk to the park and where going to go for a picnic when we got there we found a nice place so we started to set it up"isabella can you hold this end of the blanket and help me set it up?"said my older sister and the oldest of the four of us sora but i called her onee-chan(it means big sister in japanese)"sure"i went to go help her

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(If anyone remembers me from back when I used to frequent this site, please, send me a message or something cuz i wanna catch up. Anyway, for he/she who is reading this, you probably don't know me so the only thing I have to go by is "Nominated for fan of the fortnight.")

So Im checking my e-mail inbox and something comes up saying that someone has commented on on a pick from almost a year ago. I though I may aswell check it out. So I blow the digital dust off of my fanpop acount and sign in. To my confusion(?) most of the spots that I was hanging around on havent been touched in months, and...
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