Dr. Robert Chase Favourite/Memorable Chase moments

nikky15 posted on May 16, 2009 at 05:18PM
Name some of your favourite Chase scenes/moments/quotes anything that you liked and was funny or interesting to you.

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over a year ago laughingGrl said…
It's Tuesday, I like you!!

oh nd his yo momma joke:
Your mama so fat when her beeper goes off, people think she's backing up!
over a year ago nikky15 said…
Mines are the yo momma joke,the scene in The Right Stuff when Chase has solved the case in few minutes,and when he hugged House beacuse he was thinking he is dying

Mines are the yo momma joke,the scene in The Right Stuff when Chase has solved the case in few minute
over a year ago lovehousemd_frv said…
i like every moment!because when i see him for me world is only i,he and my computer(or TV!)and my mom"he is 30 year old.stop to love him" xDDDD!~
over a year ago lovedrchase said…
There are so many......well some of them are when he hold Cameron 's hand and offered her flowers, when he proposed to her , when he solved the case in the Right Stuff and Airborne , when he was looking Cameron ,every "It's Tuesday.I like you" moment and many others
over a year ago lovehousemd_frv said…
I was Shocked when he choose Tuesday because it is my fav day of the week and now i love this day more:D
over a year ago zasu said…
big smile
1.- It´s tuesday...I like you.
2.- Chase and Cameron proposal.
3.- what this taste?...strawberries.
4.- Chase and Cameron (hunting).
5.- Chase and his father(01x13).
6.- Chase bets.
7.- Chase and House hug.
8.- Chase and Cameron in the bathroom (... 3kids...).
9.- Chase and Cameron (the itch).
10.-Chase and Cameron wedding.
11.-The tyrant.
12.-Chase and House (06x09).
13.-Private Lives.
14.-Lockdown(poor Chase, I hate Cameron).
15.-Knight Tale (Chase and 13).

over a year ago sexxiemogirl said…
all i love him!!!!
over a year ago MISAforever said…
Every Chameron scene.. and when he hugged house.. adorabele.. and yo mama jokes *lmao* ....
over a year ago zasu said…
07x01 Chase and 13: Will you have sex with me???