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posted by mimika_s
1 ~(after)run,drive sb/sth in order to catch them
2 to try to obtain or achieve sth,for examble money,work or success
3 ~(after sb)to try to persuade someone to have personal relationship with you
4 to persuade someone to do sth they should have done already
5 to rush pr hurry somewhere
6 to cut patterns or designs on metal

1 an act of running or driving after sb/sth in order to catch them
2 a process of trying hard to get sth
3 hunting animals as a sport

Oxford ADVANCED LEARNER'S Dictionary-Oxford

Sometimes you get attached to a tv character more than normal,or what people tend to call normal....You...
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Name:Robert Chase

born:in Australia in about 1970's

Occupation:the diagnostic team's cardiologist and intensive care specialist

Marital Status:Allison Cameron (divorced)

His Mother:was an alcoholic who died 10 years ago (from season 1)

His Father:Rowan Chase was wealthy and world renowned rheumatologist.In the pilot,House revealed that he hired Chase because a phone call his father made.he died from lung cancer.it was revealed that he left Chase out of his will.

Early Life:he had a wild teenage years ,dealing with drugs and sex because of lack of parental supervision,Chase also appears to have been...
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