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Doctor Who has a wide range of characters. From villains, monsters, Doctor's, Master's, companions and extras, there's a wide range of men, women, homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals and asexual's in this show and the expanded universe.

The women are what I'm going to be talking about today.

As 90% of the companions in Doctor Who are young women, you can imagine that there are many women to choose from, whether from both the classic series and revival or just one of them. And that's not even including all the "extra" women or the villain women!

So as you can imagine, there's going to be a lot...
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Doctor Who Confidential on BBC Three about the 11 episode of season 4 - Turn Left.
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Rumour has it that their is a silent loose in the Tardis.
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there are more parts so make sure you watch them all
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NOT MADE BY ME!!! Made by xxdrrosexx :) I always felt sorry for Martha during series 3 :) Enjoy!!!
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