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I've realized that Pixar has a lot of sad/bittersweet moments. I have either cried or teared up in almost ALL of the Pixar movies, with a few exceptions. So, I decided that I should take my top 5 Saddest Pixar Moments and turn it into an article. Enjoy!

*Just to mention these are not in any specific order!*

-Toy Story 3: When Andy Drives away, leaving his Toys behind with Bonnie.

This moment in the movie crushes my heart. He's playing with his toys for the last time. Reliving memories that he had when he was younger. And then, he has to get up and leave, leaving his toys with Bonnie. SO SAD. I'd...
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Animated Cruella De Vil (1961)
Animated Cruella De Vil (1961)
A while after Roger and Anita have married and settled down together, Perdita, Anita's dalmatian, hears the screech of Cruella's car outside, and runs to the kitchen to hide from 'that devil woman'. Looking out of the window, Roger sees that Cruella, whom he refers to as Anita's old schoolmate, is coming towards the house. As she approaches the front door, Roger sings less-than-flattering song about Cruella; Anita attempts to stop Roger for fear that Cruella might hear. Roger goes upstairs and uses various musical instruments to play the tune to the song when Cruella bursts in, demanding to...
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Once at a time.......Both of them had a child (girl). She was called Julisa Avril.... Most of the people called her Jul* and Av* (eiv)......And other people called her *Lisa or Lavi* (new nickname hehe).....She had lots of dreams.......Av* wanted to be a singer also she wanted to have a CROWN (ooh strange dream),pet,blue eyes (oops),white dress,black clips under her beautiful goldish hair (WTF!?!?!?),pink clips,green clips,blue clips,toys oh my God.....Lots of...Rapunzel once told her *You are so dreamy...And I hope your head got confusing in all your dreams!* Av* *Haha! Thats true!!!!* Flynn * I hope you can get all your dreams true....And find a new dream or new dreams....* Av* (eiv) * Yes,I hoped the same*.......... STILL DREAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 2—Tramp’s Truth Revealed

    Scamp jumped up in surprise. “Angel, you mean… you had a mother?”
    “Yes,” Angel told Scamp with a slightly upset tone in her voice. “She’s my mother, Peg. I haven’t seen her in months. She raised me until I found my first family, but then we got lost when I got dumped.”
    “Oh,” Scamp stated, comprehending what was going on.
    “Sorry I didn’t see you after, sweetie. It ain’t easy bein’ a street dog, you must’ve learned that by now,” Peg...
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posted by ilovejlsxxxxxxx
i went disney land and loved it lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am curious what disney movies everybody has. Silly and random question, I know, but I am very curious. Anyway if you can write out a list of every disney movie you have in a comment that would be great. Thanks!:)

Here is what I have:

Tarzan (DVD)
The Princess and the Frog (DVD)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (DVD)
Sleeping Beauty (DVD)
The Little Mermaid (DVD)
Cinderella (DVD)
The Fox and the Hound (DVD)
Pinochio (DVD)
Monsters Inc. (DVD)
Alice in Wondorland (DVD)
The Rescuers (DVD)
Oliver and Company (DVD)

So yeah, I dont have very many. I am working on it though lol.
A/N#1: So I watched "Pocahontas" today and I had forgotten how great of a movie it was, it's now my second favorite
disney movie. I have not watched the second...personally...I probably never will...soooo I'm just writing this on what
knowledge I have of the tale and if something is incorrect...or if there was a character death I'm not aware of...then they
are alive in my story...so yeah. This is just a chapter...I want to know how this will be received, but dont worry...in this
story our FAVORITE "Pocahontas" couple will be together. Okay! Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

My raven black hair whipped in the salty...
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posted by fhghu
Please, no mean comments. This is just MY opinion. Anyways, I'm going to include sequels as well, because I like her in one of the sequels, and I'd like to explain why. In The Little Mermaid, I think she has a fun personality, but that's the only thing I like about her in the first film. She knew Ursula was evil, and she went to her anyway and was told she had THREE days to win her prince over. I thought that was incredibly risky, even though we all knew she'd win him over. It's Disney. I also thought it was selfish to leave her family behind like that, and at the age of 16. I just think she's...
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posted by madisonsavanna
10. Jasmine
I can't stay here and have my life lived for me
I can't stay here and have my life lived for me

Jasmine is a beautiful, confident princess who longs for freedom. She's full of sass and apparently is a fast learner. She's got a gorgeous little smile, no wonder Aladdin falls in love with her the second he lays eyes on her. She's full of spunk and just down right AWESOME.

9. Perdita
She can't possible love them!
She can't possible love them!

The heroine in my favorite movie, 101 Dalmations. Perdita is proper, polite, kind, caring, you can so tell how much her puppies mean to her. She's great, well, not as great as her husband Pongo, but no one can beat...
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posted by disney505218
20.Oogie Boogie Man (The Nightmare Before Christmas). This guy has spunk. Enough said. His song is pretty cool, but just look at his animation. It's AWESOME. And I swear, he's the same voice as Audrey II...ah well, at least he sounds exactly like him anyway. And when you open this guy, he turns into BUGS. The only reason he's so low is he's a little too show-offy for my tastes.

19.Dr. Facilier (The Ptincess and the Frog). He's pretty new to the disney scene, but he's cool. Nothing over-the-top amazing, which is what landed him so low, but he's got spunk. And his henchman scare the pants off...
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posted by Jayden-G
I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other Disney Couples) after I got bored one day, and wanted to write a series of articles. You can recommend me which couple to do next in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my overall statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually an the couple itself. I also have a request, just for a little while; please do not recommend a Disney Renaissance couple? I say this because...
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posted by deedragongirl
Hello Nadia!
Hello Nadia!
Hi guys, since Disney had done with both Pocahontas and Mulan, here are my opinions on whether or not Disney should make a biopic about Romanian gymnast, Nadia Comaneci.

Good Idea!

Yea, I personally think that Disney should make a film about her. I mean I don't see what's the problem on making a film on a famous Romanian gymnasts and encourage young children on never giving up, the real Nadia could provide the narrations for the film.

Not a Good Idea At All!

Okay, I just found out that she has a dark side, because she was suffering from Anorexia and allegedly attempted suicide. It would bring a bad image for a Disney film, unless Disney omits these facts.

Romanian Fans?

So, here are my thoughts and in my opinion, I personally think that Disney should make a movie about her, just for a change.
Go ahead and strike a pose!
Go ahead and strike a pose!
There are Five Options, Love, Like, Neutral, Dislike or Hate.

*The Evil Queen Grimhilde (Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, 1937) - Like
*Lady Tremaine (Cinderella, 1950) - Dislike
*The Queen Of Hearts (Alice In Wonderland, 1951) - Hate
*Captain James Hook (Peter Pan, 1953) - Love
*Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty, 1959) - Love
*Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians, 1961) - Dislike
*Madam Mim (The Sword In The Stone, 1963) - Neutral
*Shere Khan (The Jungle Book, 1967) - Love
*Prince John (Robin Hood, 1973) - Dislike
*Madame Medusa (The Rescuers, 1977) - Neutral
*The Horned King (The Black Cauldron, 1985) - Neutral...
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Now, I've been seeing so many people fighting over who is better and more important in Frozen. I've heard many people say "Elsa taught more lessons" or "Anna is the main heroine and should have more attention" and argue over which one is better.

I used to be one of them. I used to love everything about Anna and everything about Elsa, but watching the movie more, I liked Elsa a tiny bit more.

The more I watched the movie, the more I see that everything I hate about Elsa is what makes Anna, and everything I love about Anna builds Elsa. I realize that these opposites I used to dislike and love made...
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posted by deltabannermen
A Disney Tale: A young princess narrowly avoids death on the command of her evil stepmother. She shacks up with a group of mining dwarves but the stepmother finds her and puts her to sleep with a poisoned apple. The dwarves put her inside a glass coffin until a prince comes and kisses her, releasing her from the spell to live happily ever after.

Disney Heroine: Snow White is the first Disney princess, but having viewed this around the same time as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (my daughter is going through a Disney Princess phase) I would argue that those princesses are what we think of when...
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This next battle is between Lawson and Spinelli. Like before, you two have no time limit and you are only allowed to use 1 of your 6 pokemon. You may begin by stepping forward. said Principal Prickly Spinelli squinted her eyes out of anger at Lawson before grabbing a Pokeball off her belt. Lawson did the same. Why do you hate me and my friends so? Huh? Care to explain why you do? asked Spinelli You know what? Let's just settle this once and for all. said Lawson Fine. But you're going down. said Spinelli Begin! said Principal Prickly, raising his flag to start the battle. Go! Arbok! said Lawson...
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Once Mickey realized that Donald and the boys had defeated he said angrily, “Alright guys what was so important that you had to interrupt my game?! I was close to beating the score!”

“Now Listen!” Donald shouted, “Goofy’s right! All you do is play games; you’re like a video game-aholic! I mean, take a look yourself, you’re ignoring us, you just hit Max, and fixing to lose your girlfriend!”

Mickey grumbled, “That’s not true.”

“Come on guys let’s leave the game-aholic alone.” Donald said, “He obviously enjoys being with his games a lot more than us.”

After the boys...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Since Frozen is coming out in November (3 days after my birthday, I might add), I thought it would be nice to give my opinion on what Disney should do next.

4. "The Fox Girl"

This is one has been floating around my head for a while. It's about a Kitsune girl named Hikari (Kitsunes are fox girls) who falls in love with a prince named Yamato, while she lives in the forest. There would be two villains, a fox hunter named Benkei, and an evil princess named Yuki. Disney should really do something about Japanese culture.

3. "Blade Rebirth"

Disney should do at least one "Tokusatsu" movie, so this is my...
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Hopper: It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, princess. One of those Circle of Life kind of things. Now let me tell you how things are supposed to work: The sun grows the food, the ants pick the food, the grasshoppers eat the food...
Molt: And the birds eat the grasshoppers. Hey, like the one that nearly ate you, you remember? You remem- Oh, you shoulda seen it, okay?
Hopper: Molt!
Molt: This blue jay has him half way down his throat, okay? And Hopper - Hopper's kicking and screaming, okay? And I'm scared, okay, I'm not going anywhere near, okay- Aw, come on! It's a great story.
[Hopper grabs...
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The Black Cauldron
I watched this movie for the first time on vhs with my sister, mom, and my dad. I was 3-5 years old and amazingly enough this movie did not scare me like Pinocchio, Snow White, and Fantasia did. I actually felt like a big girl watching this "scary" movie and I watched this movie a million times, including on Halloween. I remember when I was little there were a few things that I didn't understand or was wondering what the point of some stuff in the movie like what happened to Taran's guardian or Eilonwy's bauble that just sorta appeared every now and then or what the point...
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