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This Disney Princess photo might contain bouquet, corsage, posy, and nosegay.

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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
This is a Princess Issue article where I talk about a significant issue pertaining to a certain princess. This one, I will discuss Aurora and the apparent overanalyzing of her character and how people project a personality onto her. Do I agree or disagree? If it's a yes or no question then No. But I'll dig a little deeper.

Let me start off by saying that even though Aurora is 12th on my list, I still love her and I think people are a bit too stubborn when it comes to her character. She's charming, playful, sweet, regal, graceful, dreamy, outdoorsy, romantic, loyal and obedient. Yes, her personality...
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I was surprised that this video wasn't here. I figured I'd post it since it isn't nearly as offensive as other parodies and it's actually kind of funny.
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It's been a while since I last wrote this list so I decided to write it again, it's been changing a slight bit since the last time, anyway hope you'll like this article

13. Aurora

I really love Aurora and I do think she's brave, just not as much as the other princesses above. Her bravest moment is when she chooses to leave the cottage with the fairies instead of staying there and waiting for Phillip

12. Jasmine

I placed Jasmine higher than Aurora because Jasmine is outspoken which makes her a slight bit more brave, but like Aurora she doesn't actually have a lot of brave moments. Her...
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