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Walt Disney Gifs - Princess Jasmine
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
Walt Disney Gif of Princess Jasmine from "Aladdin" (1992)
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But Daddy - just one more cream-coated yoghurt raisin sponge cake... PLEASE?
But Daddy - just one more cream-coated yoghurt raisin sponge cake... PLEASE?
This idea sort of hit me in the face whilst I was doodling in the back of my French book on Tuesday when I should have been doing a listening exercise about someone wanting to be a doctor. What if Ariel didn't want our world for our junk and our legs but our marvellous food? That underwater stuff must be dead gross.
I actually started writing this around a doodle of fat Ariel, but yeah. My French book's at school so improvisation time!

Basically, fat Ariel has gained a lot of weight recently and her father has forbidden her from eating any more of this awful barbaric human junk. He's put her...
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Love can happen
Love can happen
Disney Princess Morals (My favourites)

Ok so here are my favourite morals from my favourite princess movies from Disney.
#1 The Little Mermaid

Moral: Never trust a sea hag for getting love

The Little Mermaid is my all time favourite childhood movie since I was like 7. What I really like about this movie is that Ariel is a love struck mermaid who falls in love with a handsome sailor. The whole message to this movie for the audience is that true love is powerful.

#2 Enchanted

Moral: True love can happen in both reality and fiction/being optimistic is important.

Ok so this wasn’t added...
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Belle is a young woman living in the French countryside with her father, an inventor. She's a lovely free-thinker who likes to read and go on adventures within her own imagination. She is not shy and is not afraid to speak her mind, especially in tight situations. She is very compassionate and takes care of those in need. Belle can also be stubborn, but she tries to protect people she truly loves and is very patient towards others.
Belle is a shrewd nonconformist for her time in many ways. The most pronounced is her love of books, adventure and knowledge, which the townspeople find...
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Name: Snow White
Meaning: name given to snow white by her mother and father because of her pale white skin
aka: In Low German Sneewittchen; in High German Schneeweißchen, called "the little princess" by the huntsman. Princess Snow White.
Disney film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes, 1st disney classic, 1937
Voice: Adriana Caselotti
Singing voice: Adrina Caselotti
Model: Marjorie Belcher and Margaret Champion
Based on: Many adaptions created but Brother Grimm's adaption was the one Disney’s version is most based on, ending of being kissed by the prince is borrowed from a different...
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As the majority know, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney's first feature length animated film, therefor giving us our first Disney Princess. There are a variety of different films, fairy tales, animations and stylistic genres that seemed to blend together to make this very historic piece of cinema.

Betty Boop & Snow White
Betty Boop & Snow White
Many believe that Disney was directly inspired to make the film due to the success of the Betty Boop short of the fairy tale. This is relatively believable, given that the Betty Boop short was released in 1933 a year prior to Disney's adaption coming into...
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