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Congratulations audreybrooke on being fan of the month January 2015!! Sorry this took so long :D

1. How does it feel to be Fan of the Month?
It's such a surprise! I'm so pleased. I never thought I'd get it!

2. Who is your favorite Princess?
My favorite princess is definitely Aurora.

3. Who is your least favorite Princess?
I've never cared for Snow White, unfortunately.

4. Has your favorite princess ever changed?
When I was little, my favorite would have been Mulan or Ariel. It changed a few years ago when I rewatched Sleeping Beauty and realized how much I love everything about it, especially Aurora.

5. Your favorite Prince?
Oh, Phillip. Again, there's no question. He's been my favorite prince even longer than Aurora has been my favorite princess.

6. Your least favorite Prince?
Snow White's Prince. I find him quite creepy, actually.

7. Your favorite DP movie?
Is this even a question? :D Sleeping Beauty. It's such a work of art, and it manages to amaze me every time I see it. The animation, music, characters, and plot are all so spectacular!

8. Your least favorite DP movie?
Snow White. I suppose I'm pretty consistent with these things.

9. If you could choose one Disney heroine to be in the line-up, who would it be? Where would they rank on your pretty list and favorite list?
Hmm. Honestly, I would choose Meg. I think the lineup could benefit from having someone like her. She wouldn't be in my Top 5 favorites or anything (she'd probably rank somewhere in the 7th-9th range), but she would most likely be my 6th prettiest.

10. Which Princess do you relate to most and why?
I relate the most to Aurora and Rapunzel, and if I had to choose one, I'd go with Aurora. I have a positive outlook on life and yet find myself yearning for more, like both of them. I'm also an overall pensive person who nonetheless has tons of hobbies to keep myself entertained. If you think of a combination of the two with a bit of Belle thrown in, you'd get me.

11. Who is your...
Prettiest? Aurora
Funniest? Rapunzel or Ariel
Smartest? Mulan
Nicest? Cinderella
Most underrated? Aurora
Most overrated? Elsa
Favorite singing voice? Aurora
Least favorite singing voice? Snow White
Most annoying? Merida
Least annoying? Aurora

12. Your favorite DP couple? Why them?
Aurora and Phillip. I love the way that their relationship seems fated, in a way, and how extraordinarily romantic the whole setup is. And they look gorgeous together, which never hurts. :D

13. Your favorite DP Outfit?
Aurora's peasant outfit. I even cosplay it! :)

14. Your least favorite DP Outfit?
Jasmine's wardrobe in general.

15. What is your favorite song from each DP movie? (It doesn't have to be sung by the DP)
Snow White: I don't care for any of them.
Sleeping Beauty: Once Upon a Dream
Cinderella: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
The Little Mermaid: Part of Your World
Beauty and the Beast: Gaston
Aladdin: One Jump Ahead
Pocahontas: Colors of the Wind
Mulan: I'll Make a Man Out of You
Princess and the Frog: Almost There
Tangled: Mother Knows Best
Brave: N/A
Frozen: None, I'm afraid. :(

16. Who is your favorite character from each DP movie, besides the DP?
Snow White: Evil Queen
Sleeping Beauty: Phillip
Cinderella: Fairy Godmother
The Little Mermaid: Ursula
Beauty and the Beast: Gaston
Aladdin: Aladdin
Pocahontas: John Smith
Mulan: Mushu
Princess and the Frog: Naveen
Tangled: Mother Gothel
Brave: Elinor
Frozen: Hans, before the "plot twist"

17. Favorite and least favorite DP sidekick?
Favorite: Mushu
Least favorite: Olaf

18. Favorite Disney movie? (Not being a DP or Pixar movie)
The Emperor's New Groove

19. Favorite Pixar movie?
Finding Nemo

20. Favorite non-Disney animation?
How to Train Your Dragon

21. Which DP do you want to be best friends with?
Rapunzel! :)

22. Which DP do you think you would not get along with?
Jasmine or Snow White

23. Do you have favorite crossover couple? If so what is it?
Shang and Naveen, oddly enough. ;)

24. CGI or Hand-drawn animation?
Hand-drawn animation. There's something about CGI that doesn't sit well with me, which may partially be due to my childhood fear of claymation.

25. What is your favorite thing to do on fanpop?(write/read articles, vote polls, make icons, comments, wall posts etc.)
I love voting in polls and writing articles, although I wish I did the latter more often.

26. What are your hopes on...
Fanpop: I hope that everyone here becomes more open and tolerant of others' opinions and differences.
Upcoming Disney movies: I really want to like Moana. I hope it's not like Frozen.
Future Disney movies: Let's see more diversity in the lineup! That includes personality as well as race and overall appearance.

Congratulations again to audreybrooke for being awesome member of this club!