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Here's the interview for Jayden-G..our FOTM for March 2013!

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be Fan of the Month?

It feels great. I joined in mid February, and Ina month an a half, I am Fan of the Month. I feel like I am a part of this wonderful community with these wonderful people, and me being Fan of the Month means you all appreciate my contributions and opinions. Thanks

2. Your favorite Princess and why?

Jasmine is my favourite princess. She is my favourite because there is so much to her. Sure she is bitchy at times and does need help in the movie (we all need help), she is proactive when given the chance to, is genuinely nice and respectful. She only gets mad a few times and when she is talking to her father for the first time, she is completely calm. She has been told what to do and stuck in the palace for her entire life, and she REALLY only wanted to be able to make her own choices and to find love on her own. She is a flawed, but not irritating person. She is sassy too, which she does not constantly rub into people's faces.

3. Your least favorite Princess and why?

Aurora is my least favourite princess. She is my least favourite because she is pretty bland. Her being a classic princess is not an excuse to why she is bland; Snow White is nice, innocent, bossy, and likes to have fun, and Cinderella is spunky, friendly, patient, and a bit bitter, Aurora is just a pretty face who sings and wants to find love. She is not in her movie for long and when she is in it, I want to pass out. She does not feel like a person, just a symbol.

4. Your favorite Prince and why?

Aladdin is my favourite prince. Like Jasmine, he can be a bit selfish and greedy at times, but we all are from time to time. He robs to survive, not so you can make profit out of it selfishly, and he knows he can do better but is not allowed to because of his class, situation, and for what the people perceive of him. He is adventurous, kind of daring, relatable, and a good-hearted kid (he is not a grown man like most other princes), which is why he is so relatable. He is the most developed to me.

5. Your least favorite Prince and why?

My least favourite prince is Prince. This is because he is a plot-device and nothing else. He is in 5 minutes maximum, and all he does is sing to Snow White, kisses her, and they both go off to his castle for happy ever after. He has little to no personality except the fact that he likes to sing and is a romantic. He is a bland bore who I could care less about. They couldn't have made him a generic Prince Charming stereotype. Even Phillip and Prince Charming have more spunk and personality. I don't like paper-thin characters disguised as a plot device.

6. Your favorite DP villain and why?

Lady Tremaine for sure is my favourite. She has so much class, but at a same time is a colossal mess all put together. She uses her daughters as pawns to make herself richer and of higher class, and she treats her stepdaughter like vermin. She is so intimidating and powerful, and does not need to be a witch to be one of Disney's greatest villains.

7. Your least favorite DP villain and why?

Governed Ratcliffe for sure. He is a pompous, arrogant, pathetic fo who bed ark take his stock out of his fat ass. He doesn't even do anything until the climax where he shoots John Smith. He is so unlikable that I do not want to talk about him anymore. Ugh

8. Your favorite DP movie and why?

I would have to say Mulan. It has entertaining, insightful, developed, likeable characters, good pacing, consistent in every aspect, a full plot, great animation, good comic relief, excellent music, and I like the fact that it takes itself seriously, but not too seriously. A lot of DP movies and even Disney movies has that issue. It is stronger than some of the "Fearsome Four" of the Renaissance *CoughBeautyAndTheBeast,AladdinCough*

9. If you could chose one Disney heroine to be in the line-up, who would it be? Where would they rank on your pretty list and favourite list?

Definitely Esmeralda. Since critical reception (Pocahontas), not being a protagonist (Jasmine) and princess (Mulan) does not factor, she should be a princess if a heroine gets to be in the franchise; she has been on merchandise and was once a DP (I have proof and pictures). She is Romani, strong, passionate, likeable, sympathetic, and good-hearted, which is a fantastic role model. She thinks with her heart and her mind, which barely any of the DP's do, and she does reach out to a demographic.

10. Which Princess do you relate to most and why?

I relate to a of them for different reasons. Practically why everybody relates to each and every single one of them, but i do not look up to cartoon characters as role models though.

11. Who is your...

- Prettiest?
- Funniest?
Tiana Sarcastic humour is the funniest to me
- Smartest?
- Nicest?
- Most underrated?
- Favorite singing voice?
- Least favorite singing voice?
- Most annoying?
- Least annoying?

12. Your favorite DP couple and why?

My couples list is going to change soon, but Aladdin and Jasmine. They talk to each other, get to know one another (more than the other couples), have great chemistry, and they constantly think about one another through the entire movie. They feel the least superficial and the most believable to me as well.

13.Your least favorite DP couple and why?

Cinderella and Charming. They meet, like each other because of their looks (at least on Charming's perspective), dance for a few hours, and married the next day when they did not know one another's name. Superficial, unrealistic, and shallow to the maximum.

14. Your favorite DP song and why?

Just Around the Riverbend. The score with the song is brilliant, the lyrics show how Pocahontas is so lost and gives you an insight on her character, and the vocals are on top. Everything flows perfectly in this song

15. Your least favorite DP song and why?

When will my life begin. Do not like the Billboard 100 score, the lyrics are not the best, and the vocals are decent. The song is kind of a bore, but it does show what she does on a daily basis.

16. What is your favorite song from each DP movie? (It doesn't have to be sung by the DP)

- Snow White: Someday My Prince Will Come
- Sleeping Beauty: I Wonder
- Cinderella: Sing Sweet Nightangale
- The Little Mermaid: Poor Unfortunate Souls
- Beauty and the Beast: Belle
- Aladdin: A Whole New World
- Mulan: Honor To Us All
- Pocahontas: (do I have to choose?) I guess Just Around the Riverbend
- Princess and the Frog: Almost There
- Tangled: Mother Knows Best Reprise

17. Who is your favorite character from each DP movie, besides the DP?

- Snow White: Grumpy
- Sleeping Beauty: Flora
- Cinderella: Lady Tremaine
- The Little Mermaid: Eric
- Beauty and the Beast: Lumiere
- Aladdin: Aladdin (didn't say anything about the prince)
- Mulan: Mushu
- Pocahontas: John
- Princess and the Frog: Mama Odie
- Tangled: Mother Gothel

18. Favorite and least favorite DP sidekick?

Favourite: Mushu or Sebastian (both are hilarious)
Least Favourite: Maximus (too extra)

19. Favorite Disney movie? (Not being a DP or Pixar movie)

I will do this in Eras, I do not have a favourite out of the 52
Golden:Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Silver: Lady and the Tramp
Dark: The Great Mouse Detective
Renaissance: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Post-Renaissance: Lilo and Stitch

20. Favorite Pixar movie?

Toy Story 3

21. Which DP do you want to be best friends with and why?

Tiana or Pocahontas. They are so cool, and seem like the type of people to not be in the drama and foolishness.

22. Which DP do you think you would not get along with and why?

Ariel. She is too selfish and wreck less for my liking, and I would want to cuss her off.

23. Favorite crossover couple? (the princess with another Disney character or prince)

I don't like crossover couples. Sorry

24. Have you ever been to any of the Disney theme parks? Which one? If not, which one would you like to go to?

I went to Walt Disney World in 2009. Best time of my life.

25. What are your hopes on...

- Fanpop?
I just want the club to grow in every aspect, and for us to have many debates and topics to discuss about. I also wish we have a lot more active Fanpopers to keep things fresh.

- Frozen?
I like the whole fairytale thing, and I hope Disney does not abandon it, or they will lose A LOT of fans. I am excited to see it, but I am afraid it will replicate the formula of Tangled, and I do not want a formula for the future films.

- Future Disney movies?
I hope they continue with the good-quality films that will be as good as the classics, and hope that there will be a balance between traditional animation and CGI. I also hope that they make a lot of money, and do well critically, so it can renew interest in WDAS.

And thats the interview! Congratulations, once again! :D