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Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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The next morning, Kiki got up at the crack of dawn. She got on the computer and opened Fanpop, and Facebook. Or course no one was on. So Kiki decided to mess with her younger brother, Chris.
"Chriiiiiiiiiis," Kiki said into Chris's ear while he was lying in bed. Chris didn't flinch. "Darn." Kiki muttered.
Then, one of the kittens, Pecan, peered from underneath Chris's covers. Kiki jumped back.
"Pecan? Sleeping with Chris is a no-no!" Kiki whispered. She lifted up Pecan and brought him into her room. She chased him around the room for a bit, until he out-ran her.
Then, Kiki got a CRAZY idea.
She grabbed an anonymous pencil, and gently jabbed it into Pecan's side. He barely flinched, but gave Kiki one of his WTF? cat faces. "Poke." Kiki said with a laugh. "You've been poked!" Kiki ran around her room teasing Pecan who had no idea what was going on.
"BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!" The computer in the hall went. Kiki tripped over a few random things lying on the floor, but made it into the computer. There, sitting blankly on her screen was this:
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Quarantine. Everyone dreads it. Others can't take it. But when you let Kacey, Kiki, and Wally in the science lab, you're screwed. So when Quarantine hit the KND, everyone was forced to go back to their houses. And they've got Numbuhs 4, 7, and 8 to thank.
Gilligan's House ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"WHY ARE YOU HOME?" Hoagie's Grandmother shouted when Hoagie arrived at his house with his over-night bag, smelling like chemicals.
"My friends caused our tree-houses to go into quarantine." Hoagie said, rolling his eyes.
"QUARAN- WHAT?" Hoagie's Grandma yelled.
"You're impossible." Hoagie muttered.
"HOAGIE!" Mrs. Gilligan came down the hall and hugged her son. She took one whiff, and dropped him plain on the ground. "Go take a shower!"
Guide by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Now that I've handed over the Wizard of KND to Megan, I've been wondering about my next KND Idea.

And you'll never believe what I found.

KND *drum roll* *suspense builds* *elevator bings* *commercial break* *commercial break over* FACEBOOK!!!

Thank you, applause.

So here's the idea fully:

When the KND Treehouses go into Quarantine (After Kacey, Kiki, and Wally got into the science lab) all members are forced to go back to their houses. And so everyone gets a wild idea to join Kacey and Megan on Facebook. Wild Secrets are released, brief cussing is involved, and when a twist in the end... Wait, why would I tell you?

To be released as soon as I post Chapter 1.

Kacey Kreations Inc. Contact us at kacey.dodson@cox.net or 623-523-9497. And I only have so many minutes on my cell so only brief messages when you call me. XD
Fan fiction by amy23000 posted over a year ago
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"uhhhh numbuh 2?" "yeah?" "you should start going up to your room and locking all doors" kuki was pretty sure wally was gonna eat him and cough up the goggles "um i agree" megan was now pushing him up the stairs but nobody even looked at wally they just assumed that he was pissed by this time hoagie was up in his room but megan was in the locked in that room with hoagie "soo what'cha wanna do?" hoagie raised one eye brow and did that little purr thing. megan ran to the bathroom, barfed and was holding her stomach running out of the room but... back to the story line wally was listening to his I-Pod and he apparently wasn't listening to anything past the words 'sing-off' "wally seems awful calm" numbuh 5 whispered to kiki just then they noticed that he had ear budds in "umm wall-" but she got interrupted by a running and barfing megan running down the stairs "AWW NAW WHOS GONNA CLEAN THAT UP?" numbuh 5 obviously didnt like barf going down stairs like water down a water slide but hey we all know whos gonna clean it up (kacey) "well crap" kacey said agitated "any ways wally WALLY!!!" kiki screamed in his ear and shook his shoulder "WHAT THE FU-dge?"kuki, and maddy laughed a little...
Fan fiction by amy23000 posted over a year ago
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"OH MY GOSH!!!!" kuki was screaming repetitively she ran into the 'GIANT TV ROOM' where she found numbuhs 2,4,5,7 and megan and kiki watching Yipper except for kiki and megan who were fighting over the remote turning the thing on mute, full volume ,they had to have gotten 4 complaint phone calls from kaceys cell phone especially since they unknowingly were fighting over the radio remote rather than the one that mattered "GUYS!!!!" if kuki wants somthing shell get it one way or another mostly by yelling they were all rabbling saying 'sheesh' or 'man that girl has a voice' or something like that "you all know that Thanks giving is coming up right?" ever one nodded their head in-sink "well lime-rick-" "please dont say sing off please dont say sing off!" numbuh 4 was hoping "well then your not gonna like this news wally lime-ricky's is having a sing off!!!! and guess what the best part is?" "wha-ow!" kiki was about to make a sarcastic comment but kacey jabbed her in the arm with her elbow kiki whispered something under her breath AT kacey which made kacey hit her 2 times as hard (you all can guess what it is!) "ANY WAYS!!! the best part is? WE GET TO MAKE UP OUR OWN SONG!!! so who...
Fan fiction by kndluva posted over a year ago
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Really should have put this on the part 1, but:

O.verthought out


Everyones jaw dropped a few feet at the so-called R.V. Val turned to Numbuh 2.
"Are you sure we can't use the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. ?" she asked.
"Sorry, its been having engine troubles." he answered.
Val the turned to David.
"What about the M.I.S.S.I.O.N. M.A.C.H.I.N.E. ?" She then asked.
"We drove it through a WALL, remember?" he answered.
The "R.V. Rental Dude" swaggered out of the main gates. He was wearing a bright green suit and a cowboy hat.
"Hey! Whats the big idea givin' us this rusted peice of junk?" Wally cried out.
"Well, lil' partner," he responded with a fake/cheesy sounding southern accent. "I said I would get'cha a R.V."
"No offense, "Partner", but this peice of rusty crap ain't a R.V." sneered Minerva.
"Well o' course it is!" the man nearly shouted. "R.V. stands for *Really-suckish Vehicle* !
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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Vampire Baby!
"You picked HIM?" Kacey shouted.
"Vell, vhy shouldn't I? He's a good biter, he's his brother's mortal enemy, and he's freakin' ADORABLE!!!" Kiki responded.
Her sidekick babbled his usual babble in a Transylvanian accent.
"How'd you get into the Beetles House?"
"Very carefully!"
Kacey rolled her eyes.
"Ha ha. But seriously, JOEY?! Why not Tommy, Mushi, or the Count?"
"Cuz I have no idea vhere they are and Fangface still creeps me out!"
Joey nodded. Then, his eyes fixated on something. He wriggled out of Kiki's grip and crawled around the graveyard.
"Should we be concerned with the whole blood thing?"
"No. He's a baby. He'll only need small amounts of the red stuff."
Joey squealed and picked up a bug.
"You mean he'll get it from bugs?" Kacey asked, her face slightly turning green.
Kiki nodded.
"God, that is such a cliche...."
"I know. Now come on, ve've gotta find the others."
Fan fiction by kndluva posted over a year ago
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"Lets se...The *Lets Go Campin'* Ranibow Monkey? Or.... Maybe the *Happy Holiday* RM? Oooooo...! The *Fantastic Fall Break* one!!!!! Kiki listed on and on.
Kacey and Wally were slowly loosing there minds. One more *Victorious Vacation* Rainbow Monkey and they were gonna snap. Everyone was planning on what they were gonna take on the vacation. It was decided that they were gonna stay at a resort a town or two over. One Adult/evil person/anti-evil woods/crazy holiday/teenager fee vacation was exactly what they needed. BADLY.
"Hmmmmmmmm..." Numbuh 5 started to list. "We've got.....

*ALL Kaceys cats
*Scooter, Bonnie, and all there little weasel-ings

and me."
"Are you sure the bus-rental dude was OK with all the animals on the bus?" Megan asked.
"Well hey, its not my fault our last pet-sitter had a mental break-down. Anyway, the dude had sounded cool about it over the phone." Kacey answered.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"Oh great. HIM...."
"Ugh, my head! Wally, why'd ya have to-"
Kacey immediatley covered her mouth. She had a pretty thick Austrailian accent....which meant one thing: she looked in a nearby piece of a broken mirror. The sight was the most HORRIBLE thing ever: all she saw was...Wally. Then she looked over at the ACTUAL Wally. He was out cold... and all furry.
"W-w-w-Wally? A-a-a-a-are you-?"
His eyes sprung open and he jumped to his feet. Wally growled like a wild animal when he saw Kacey.
"N-nice puppy...."
He made his way towards her.
Just then, a voice said: "NO! Bad puppy!"
The Wally-wolf felt a finger through a long sleeve flick his nose. He whimpered.
Kacey opened her eyes and found Kuki chewing him out.
"No...it can't be..."
Just then, she heard a high-pitched meow behind her. She turned around.
The black cat stared at her for a minute, then affectionetly rubbed her leg.
Hoagie groaned and sat up.
Maddy meowed and jumped on him. A smile formed across Hoagie's green and stitched-up face. He giggled like an idiot. More so than usual.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"H-h-hi...." Kacey stuttered.
The old woman stepped our of the shadows. She looked like a stereotypical granny: kinda short, kinda chubby, and had pink rosy cheeks.
She walked up and pinched Kiki and Wally's cheeks (the FACE ones, not the other ones, thank god.)
"Aren't you kids sweet!" she giggled.
Kiki winced.
"We're- ow!- not supposed to be sweet..we're- ow ow ow ow!!- supposed to be scary!" Wally whimpered.
She let go of both operatives.
"Oh, I know that...I can't help it though. I LOVE kids!"
"Not in that Creepy-Stranger-With-A-Van-Supposeldy-Filled-With-Candy way, right?" Kiki asked while rubbing her sore cheek.
"Of course not! We've gotta keep this story G-rated, don't we?
"PG at times." Megan added.
"You kids want some cookies and punch?" the lady asked.
Hoagie's eyes sprung open.
"Who mentioned food?" he asked.
"Sure, we'd love some." Kacey said.
"YAY!!!!!" the group cheered...well, all except Kiki.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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"Oh! Guys, look!" Raleigh yelled.
"What'd you find this time?" David asked.
"A ROCK!!!" Raleigh screamed. Kacey was about to roll her eyes until Raleigh began to talk again. "But not just any rock! A rock in the shape of Wally's head!"
"Raleigh, they're all in the shape of Wally's head." Kacey said. She motioned them to follow. "If you guys actually help maybe I could win this bet."
David laughed hysterically.
"What?" Kacey asked, offended.
"Wally? Win a bet?" David was still laughing. "He didn't even win against Kuki in the water drinking contest."
"So?" Kacey said. "He might actually be DOING work! We're only following this trail of shredded monkeys which is getting us nowhere!"
"Guys!" Raleigh yelled.
"If it's another rock, I don't wanna hear it." Kacey said.
"No! We're at Christian's house!" Raleigh said.
Kacey looked at the house they were in front of. Sure enough, it was Christian's.
"Wow!" David said. "I didn't know Christian got his house painted."
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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Halloween morning. Only about a bajillion more hours til trick-or-treating began (well, actually, it was only about 7 or 8...but you know how much kids and teens exaggerate). Kacey trodded down the stairs in her Halloween PJS (ones with a bunch of bats on them). She went into the kitchen to get her self a bowl of Rainbow Munchies when she heard a strange noise coming from behind the door. She sighed.
"Kiki, I know it's you." Kacey said while rolling her eyes.
Kiki stomped her foot and cursed under breath as she stepped out from behind the door. She had her "Darling Dracula" Rainbow Monkey nightgown on.
"I can't wait for tonight! All that candy...." Her mouth began watering.
"Didn't you have enough last night?"
She shook her head.
"I'm a semi candy-holic. I can't help it."
Kacey rolled her eyes and stuck a spoonful of cereal in her mouth.
(7:30-ish, Halloween Night)
"Silver items?" Megan asked.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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"Just walk away." Kacey said. "We don't wanna piss him off-"
"HI KYLE!" Raleigh yelled.
Kacey slapped her forehead.
"What the-?" Kyle turned around. He saw the three standing there, two bug-eyed, and one waving her hand violently.
"Kyle, we're solving a mystery. Don't bother us." Kacey said. Raleigh remembered about the mystery and ran up to Kyle and questioned him.
"Where were you about a half hour ago?" Raleigh asked in a British accent.
"Um, I was at my house...?" Kyle said. Kacey did the hand gesture to Raleigh telling her to stop.
"Did you rip up the Rainbow Monkeys?" Raleigh asked.
"What's a Rainbow Monkey?!" Kyle yelled. "And what are you creeps doing here?"
"Well, 1) A stuffed, plush, huggable monster. And 2) This is OUR meeting place." Kacey said.
"Yeah." David said.
"Oh," Kyle said. "Wow, a Rainbow Monkey sounds disturbing."
Kacey nodded.
"Well, it's football practice and I gotta go." Kyle said. "Bye."
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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The next morning, Abby woke up to the sound of the TV. She walked downstairs and found several empty bottles of Code Red Mountain Dew, several empty bottles of Cactus Cooler, one empty box of Rainbow Munchies, one empty box of Count Chocula, and four hungover operatives.
"Again?!" she yelled.
Kacey jumped. "We didn't stay up all night watching scary movies! Did we, guys?"
Christian, David, and Kiki were sleep-singing:
"1, 2 Freddy's comin' for you,
3, 4, Better lock your door,
5, 6 Grab a crucifix,
7, 8-"
Abby went over and pinched David, who let out a yelp, which jolted the other two operatives awake.
David rubbed his arm and shuddered, "When you get pinched in your dreams, you get pinched for REAL!"
Christian did a facepalm.
"What day is it?" Kiki sleepily asked while rubbing her head.
"October 30th." Abby answered.
"Don't we have to start drawing up trick-or-treating plans?" David asked.
Kacey yawned and nodded her head.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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The day was normal, Kacey, Raleigh, (Numbuh 16) David, and Christian were all hanging out on the fence by the tree-house.
If you're wondering why David screamed, it's because he saw a squirrel, threw a pebble at it, and missed.
"Dude, it's not the end of the world." Raleigh said.
"Says the girl who has major spaz attacks during class." David argued.
"You're not even IN my class!" Raleigh said.
"Hey, he's not lying." Kacey said.
None of them noticed, but Christian had left.
"Shut up." Raleigh told them.
"Wait, where'd Christian go?" David asked.
All three turned to see Christian walking up the small hill.
"Dude! He ditched us!" David yelled.
Raleigh smacked him with her water bottle.
"Hey, what happened?" Kacey had caught up to Christian.
"You know what? I just wanna be alone." Christian said.
Kacey felt hurt. "OK."
Christian left and went back to his house.
"Ugh! Is he emo again?" David asked.
Opinion by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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About a few days before Halloween, Sector V was decorating their treehouse...with a little help from Sectors Q and SV. Megan, Maddy, Valentina, Kuki, David, and Kiki were singing at the top of their lungs while Halloween songs blared on the "Sounds of the Seasons" channel:
"Who ya gonna call?!"
Kacey, Hoagie, Abby, Minerva, Christian and Wally answered back:
Yep. You guessed right, it was that time of year again. Now, Halloween wasn't the most successful holiday for Sectors V and Q (neither was Christmas...but that's a completely different story). In years past, they've dealt with getting lost in the woods, near-death situations, and being transformed into monsters (vampire or otherwise). This year, however, things were gonna be different. This year, Sectors V and Q VOWED to have an AWESOME Halloween; One filled with enough candy to give everyone a huge candy hangover.
Kacey turned down the volume.
"Come on, guys! We gotta get to the costume store before it closes!" she said.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Kuki was the first to dart out the doors after Kiki screamed.
"What happened?" She asked.
"Who do you punks think you are?" Kiki yelled. Three boys who looked about Kacey's age, were throwing rocks at a ferret.
Everyone else piled outside.
"This dumb ferret was making a weird noise and we're fixing it." The tallest boy said.
"Ferrets are supposed to make that noise, Smart One!" Kiki yelled. Kacey got wide-eyed.
"What are you guys doing?" She asked.
"Oh, hi Kacey." The tall boy said.
"You know these buttmunches?" Kiki asked.
"Yup. Brandon, Thomas, and Kendall." Kacey said. (These guys are not really mean. They're some of meh closest friends.)
"Sup." Kendall said.
"Why are you guys throwing rocks at a ferret?" Kacey asked.
"Hey, Brandon was pissed at it." Thomas said. "So we threw rocks at it."
"Dude, that's animal cruelty and you could get arrested." Kacey said.
Brandon, Thomas, and Kendall got wide-eyed.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"It's been 2 hours, he should be out by now!" Kuki said while inpatiently pacing the floor.
Kacey sighed. "Kuki, we'll just have to wait and see what happens."
She scoffed, "Jim Henson had a 'wait-and-see' additude and look what happened to him!"
"Yeah! Now we've got wrong-sounding Muppets!" Kiki added.
Abby did a facepalm.
"HOW wrong-sounding are we talking?" Maddy asked.
Before she could get her answer, the doctor came out.
Kuki was the first one to jump up and go, "How is he, doc?"
The doctor sighed.
"I-I'm not sure how to put this....."
Kiki, Megan, and Kacey gasped.
"You mean he.....?"
The doctor nodded sadly.
"He's sleeping with the fishes now. I'm sorry."
There was dead silence. Then Kuki started to cry. LOUDLY. Kiki and Kacey joined in. Then David and Christian (David mainly because he spilled his drink), Then Abby (not as hard though), Megan (who actually buried herself into Hoagie's shoulder), Hoagie (who buried himself into Megan's shoulder), Maddy, and even Minerva, the one with a block of ice where her heart should be.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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“Hi, I’m gonna sing the song Just the Way You Are.” Wally said.
Kuki shrieked.
Wally gulped, and then he began:
Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day
Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don't see what I see
But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say
When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are
Her lips, her lips
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think it’s so cute
She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"Status report, guys." Kacey said half an hour later.
Kiki caught her breath.
"Zip. Nada. Nothin'." she said.
"Dang it. What about you, Val?"
She smiled.
"I found another quarter!" she squealed.
Both older operatives did a facepalm.
"THIS IS SERIOUS!" Kacey shouted.
"We've got aproximatley...." Kiki looked at her watch. "...an hour and a half to get Wally into that operating room before all the "kablooey-ness" starts."
"What happens if it DOES go kablooey?" Val asked.
Kiki gulped "He'll get this REALLY bad infection, puke everywhere, and....um.....y'know....go belly up."
Her eyes began watering.
"WHERE could he be?!" she wailed.
Kacey thought for a few moments. Then snapped her fingers.
"What's the one thing that Wally LOVES to do?"
Both girls thought for a minute.
"Be an insensitive little punk?" Val guessed.
"Close." Kacey said.
"Play videogames!" Kiki shouted.
"Exactly! And where do they usually have videogames in a hospital?"
Guide by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Hi everyone! Numbuh 7 here, and I've got some CRAZY ideas for new fanfics! But I can't decide on my own, you see.


Here are your choices:

1) Op. S.P.A.R.K.L.E. (Simple Parody Awesomely Re-Creates Kid-Friendly Losing-Award (Or SHOULD have) Episode)
Kuki's new in town, and she just can't fit in. Her old friend, Wally, is like, her only friend. But when pale, Edwin Coolen is partnered up with her in Science, things get a little weird. Then, Kuki finds herself in love! What will Wally think?

2) Your Typical Whodunit, KND Style!
When Kuki's FAVORITE Rainbow Monkey is stolen, Kacey immediately becomes Sherlock Holmes. With her friends at her side, they will solve the mystery. Or will a shocking twist to the story stop them in their tracks?

That's all! Don't choose yet, I'll post a pick that will expire in a week for you to choose!

Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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“SO CUTE!” Kiki yelled. She picked up all the ferrets. Wally took back Thrasher and hissed.
“What are their names?” Kacey asked.
“Mine is Thrasher.” Wally said.
“This is Jean!” Maddy said holding up Jean.
“And this is Bobby.” Megan said. Bobby was sleeping.
“What about the others?” Kacey asked.
“We were gonna let you guys name them.” Maddy said.
Kiki squealed.
“OK. Kiki, pick one.” Kacey said. Kiki closed her eyes and grabbed one. She grabbed the bigger one.
“I’ll name you Sniggers!” Kiki said.
“I’ll name mine…..” Kacey thought for a bit. “Waki.”
“Waki?” Wally asked.
Kacey winked at Kiki and Megan, who immediately got it.
“Hey, do you guys know where Kuki is?” Wally asked.
“Yeah, she went back to her house to practice singing. She said she didn’t want you to hear.” Kiki said.
Snickers from everyone.
“Oh.” Wally said. He felt like an idiot.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"Like, I'm booooooooooooooooooooored!!!" Minerva whined.
Abby rolled her eyes and sighed for what seemed like the 671,945,832th (YAY RANDOM NUMBERS!) time.
"Tough. We're not leaving this place one operative short!"
Minerva scoffed. "Like it makes any difference. I don't really care if he-"
The other operative spun around and pointed a finger in her face.
"YOU are SO asking for it! Yes, I'll admit, he is a putz, but I don't hate him so much that I don't care if he.....y'know....pushes up daisies."
Minerva smirked. "It's cuz you LIIIIIIIIKE him, right?"
She didn't answer.
"I KNEW IT! Abby and Wally, sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love...."
Abby growled and did a facepalm (what is this? National Facepalm Day?...No wait, that's on Friday. My bad.). She began to wonder what floor the psych ward was on since she was thinking about checking into it if she had to deal with Minerva anymore.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Wally had been looking for Kuki for 2 hours. She was nowhere. Then, he decided to check the most dangerous place in the whole world.
Kacey’s room.
Wally knew that Kacey and Kiki had gone to the skate park. It was safe to go in. Wally had never really been in Kacey’s room before. He’d seen it, stood in the doorway, and even been in the vents above it. (To spy on Kuki and Kacey’s conversation a few months ago) But never before had he been in it. He had heard rumors from Abby that it was booby trapped. But Abby was probably messing with him. He took a deep breath, and he opened the door. It creaked open. He looked inside. It didn’t look like Kuki was in there, but it wouldn’t hurt to look.
Or would it?
Wally put one foot in Kacey’s room. He closed his eyes tight, waiting for the lasers.
Wally sighed a sigh of relief and took another step forward. And another. And another.
He knew for sure that is was safe. He checked under Kacey’s bed. Then in her closet. He even checked in her bathroom.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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The note passing day turned into the note passing night. Kuki’s last note was slipped under Wally’s door. He picked it up and read it.
Dear Wally,
    Are you sure? I mean, Sing-A-Song is in a week, and I haven’t even come up with my song! Well, that’s OK. We can talk like this every day! But, it’s getting late and I’m tired. I bet even Kacey’s asleep.
Wally hurried so he could reply. He scribbled down on a piece of paper quickly. It looked sloppy, so he did it over. This one he liked better. He slipped it under Kuki’s curtain, and knocked on the wall next to it to make sure she got it. Then, he ran back to his room. Kuki had just changed into her pajamas, and she was ready for bed. Then, she saw Wally’s note. She read it: