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posted by ilovesushi101
Operation W.E.D.D.I.N.G.S part 2 (That was the proper name for the 1st part sorry)
Hoagie and Abby 
Now, it was just minutes until the wedding. Hoagie's heart was beating louder than a marching band. Tommy placed his hand on his bro's shoulder.
"Hoagie, just relax. Everything's going to work out just fine!" he said, trying to calm him. Hoagie took a deep breath and by now he was completely chilled. The band started playing, as Abby got out of the limousine and walked right up the long, white carpet, which had been laid against the golden sand. Hoagie's jaw just dropped, as soon as he made eye contact with Abby. He couldn’t believe that she was finally wearing a dress, after years of wearing a long t-shirt and shorts. He grabbed her by the hand and lifted her up on the stage. Everyone took their seats, as the ceremony began. The vicar took his position and spoke:
"Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today, in holy matrimony, to celebrate the marriage of Mr. Hogarth P. Gilligan Jr. and Miss Abigail Lincoln. Hopefully there are no objections towards this wedding, so we may continue..."
"You look beautiful!" Hoagie quickly whispered to his future wife. Abby smiled.
"And you look real handsome yourself." she replied. They then turned their attention back to the ceremony.
Kuki and Wally :)
"Oh my goodness, you look absolutely stunning!" Wally told her, just as the wedding began. Out in the audience, Mrs. Beatles was quietly weeping away, as she watched one of her sons get married. She could not believe that her oldest son was leaving her and starting his new life with his new wife-to-be. Wally took hold of Kuki’s hand and looked, deeply into her emerald green eyes. Her big round pupils reflected back into his. The vicar stood up, cleared his throat and began his speech.
“Dearly beloved, we have all gathered here today, in this historical, but rather beautiful church, to celebrate the marriage of Sir. Wallabee Beatles and Miss Kuki Sanban (he was quite an old fashioned vicar, so he called a lot of men-young and old- “sir”) I trust that there will be no objections to why these two should marry, so we will therefore continue…”
(Sorry there’s a huge blank gap there, but I don’t know what a vicar person actually says at a wedding)
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The biggest CN cameos EVER
kids next door
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numbuh 4
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Scooter licked Kuki's face. She giggled, and it woke her up. Kuki had passed out from all the fighting, and Wally dove downstairs to grab Scooter. Why he didn't grab Teddy, I don't know.
"You OK?" He asked.
"Yeah," Kuki said. "Is Fanny alright?"
"She left."
"And the others?"
"They escorted Fanny out. She was trying to 'get' me or something."
"Oh." Kuki looked around her room. "So it's just me and you?"
Wally felt weird. He blushed, then sighed. "I think so. Unless you count Scooter." Scooter dooked and ran out of the room. Wally got wide-eyed. "Never Mind."
Kuki smiled. She thought of something....
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Before we can get to the story, I think you might need to know this:
If you didn't get the "Entrance to Hell is by the Hollywood sign' joke I shall explain. So, I recently read the book 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians'. And in the book, they have to go to the Underworld to talk to Hades. And of course, the entrance is next to the Hollywood sign.
I thought that was a little funny, so I included it in my story.
If you are not OK with the word 'hell', leave this story right now. Because I say it in here a bunch.
Just thought I'd get that out.
Now, to the story:
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