Over the next several days, Kuki seemed to be getting worse....but at the same time, she was getting "better". Along with the paleness, short temper, and the fangs, Kuki's other senses started to heighten up (which is really useful on missions)....especially her hearing:

Kuki: Wally, is that your stomach growling?
Wally: ...No. It shouldn't be. I just ate.
Kuki: Hot dogs, orange soda, and a seafood platter......for two?
Wally: O.O

....One night, however, things took a turn for the worse.....

"Don't say anything, Wally." Kacey yawned, as she recieved the mission specs. Everyone else poured into the mission prep room; dazed, confused, and kind of pissed off.
Kacey sighed.
"OK, guys. The DCFDTL are up to something..." she said.
"...Up to what, exactly?" Hoagie asked.
"That's just it. It just says 'something'."
"That's some horrible intel." Megan pointed out.
"I know, right? We need all avalible operatives. NOW!"
Everyone groaned and got their weapons.
Kacey looked around.
"NUMBUH 3! Get down here now!!!" she yelled.
Kuki did as she was told....but very slowly. She didn't look 100%.
"Are you OK?" Kiki asked, a bit worried.
".....Not really." she answered, using the door frame for balance.
"Kuki? Why don't you stay behind?" Kacey suggested.
"....Kace'? Can I stay behind with her?" Wally asked.
Everyone started giggling. Wally blushed wildly.
"BLAAAAARGH. You know I hate that nickname! And because you called me that...No. Not tonight. She'll be fine with Minerva and Valentina. Now, come on!"
Wally looked at Kuki.
"I'll be fine." she reassured him.
He smiled and went to catch up with the rest of the team.
She turned around and found Val in her PJs.
"Can Minerva and I watch a movie?" she asked.
Kuki smiled.
"Sure. But after that, straight to bed. Got it?"
"Got it."
"Alright. I'm gonna turn in. 'Night."
"Minerva! Quit shoving!"
"Well, stop screaming!"
"I can't help it if this movie's scary!"
Kuki covered her ears with her pillow.
"I said stop screaming!"
Kuki sat up, aggrivated.
"I THOUGHT I SAID I WANTED IT QUIET!!!" she shrieked. Kuki sighed and layed back down. Suddenly, something shone through her window.
The moon. It wasn't full, but give it another night or two, it would be.
Kuki sighed and started staring at it. Just then, a supernatural process started to take place. Her hand started to throb, her widow's peak and fangs started to point more, she lost all of the color in her face. I think you can guess what's going on....
Kuki looked at herself in the mirror (she could still see herself b/c she wasn't a complete vamp) and stepped back.
Her ears perked up. She could hear voices.
"...Childrens..." she said, smiling.
Suddenly, there was a CRASH! and the same voices saying SHIZ-NIT!!
Kuki's smile dropped.
"..... NAUGHTY childrens..." she snarled.
"Oh man, oh man, oh man!! We're dead. Kuki's gonna kill us when she found out what happened to her Rainbow Monkey figurine!" Val whined.
Minerva smacked her arm.
"Will you relax? She won't find out as long as we get rid of the evidence! Go get a broom."
"Why do I have to get it?"
"...Because I have 2nd grade power."
"...You're starting to sound like Kacey. I'll be back."
Suddenly, something smacked Minerva's back.
" OW!! Val, why'd you do that?"
"...How could've done that when I'm half-way across the room?!"
The same thing smacked Val's back.
Both girls turned around. Standing in front of them was Kuki.
Both shrieked like banshees and ran to the game room. Val locked the door and started dialing Kacey on her KN-communicator.
"This is Numbuh 7. What is the-"
"Woah, woah, woah! Slow down! Val, what are you trying to say?"
Minerva took the comunicator.
"Numbuh 3's a vampire!!!!!" she cried.
"WHAT?! We'll be right over!"
"Ok, Minerva, unlock the door." Val said, shaking like a leaf.
A shadow entered the doorway. Both girls battle-cried and began hitting the owner of the shadow with Rainbow Monkeys.
"Ow! Ow! Ow! DUDE! Back down! It's me, Kacey!!"
Both stopped and blushed.
"Sorry! We thought you were Kuki!"
Kacey blew the pieces of Rainbow Monkey felt off of her.
"Ok. So! Where is she?"
"Follow us...." Minerva gulped. They led the group to where they last heard Kuki...her room. Kacey knocked on the door. Val and Minerva hid behind Wally's back. The door swung open, and there stood....a normal (as in "how she's been looking for the past few days" normal) looking Kuki.
Wally was the first one to speak up "K-kuki? Is that y-"
"Of course it's me, you twit! Who were you expecting? Bela Lugosi?" she snapped.
"......Yes, actually." Kiki put in.
Kacey rolled her eyes and turned to the two girls, both with dropped jaws.
"BED. NOW." she ordered.
"What?! Why?!" they both whined.
"You inturrupted a mission for no reason!" she snapped.
Kuki hissed and raised her hand. Both girls ran screaming.
Kacey turned to Kuki.
"You all right?" she asked.
"...Yeah! I must have been sleepwalking. I don't remember hitting anyone...."
"It's fine. Listen, we've got to go back to the mission...so, let me know if Minerva and Val give you any more trouble."
"OK, then. 'Night!" Kuki smiled.
She closed the door behind her and went for the window. She jumped down to the walkway and laughed evilly.
" Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, AH-HA-HA-HAAAA!! "
"Kaaaaacccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!" Val cried.
"GO TO SLEEP, VALENTINA!" Kacey yelled.
She hid under the covers and clutched her 'Boogeyman-Go-Bye-Bye' Rainbow Monkey tight.
The next day, Kuki's condition seemed to have slowed down. And it's a good thing, too! Tonight, everyone was going to the movies. It would suck if they had gotten tossed out because of one of her tantrums, wouldn't it?
Kacey and the others stood in line, going over what they were going to see.
"OK...So, Kiki, Raleigh, Christian, Megan, and I are going to see Nature Trail To Hell (in 3D!) , Minerva and Val are going to see Rainbow Monkey's Hug-Smile-and-Funtacular , Hoagie, David, Maddy, and Abby are going to see It Came From the Jeresy Shore ...what about you, Wally? What're you and Kuki going to see?"
"That new romance movie: Kissyface !" Kiki teased.
Kuki smacked her arm, pretty hard.
"SHUT UP! It's perfectly fine for a guy to see a girly movie."
Wally blushed.
"Y....Yeah! What she said!"
Kiki rubbed her arm and rolled her eyes. She felt sorry for Wally. It was going to be a long night. Not just for him, but everyone else as well....