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Blaze1213IsBack said …
I just had to say but I feel a lot fan forget to thank the guys for working so hard on this new album that just came out. Like these guys work so hard for all these new songs that just came out and even making time for a lot of us fans to go put a big performance for us around the world. That's pretty tiring you know and I hate hearing fans complaining. Look you don't like the songs cool, you don't gotta listen but honestly BTS thanks for this awesome album with these amazing songs. Posted 7 days ago
Blaze1213IsBack commented…
For those of you who thank the guys, that's awesome of you!!! 7 days ago
Blaze1213IsBack said …
I have idol stuck in my head and I don't know why but I already listened to it three to four times already.=_= I guess I really find that song really catchy that I listened to it that many times.XD Posted 20 days ago
CutsieWoots said … Posted 29 days ago