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Stained Glass Wallpaper
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beauty and the beast
stained glass
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This Beauty and the Beast wallpaper contains chainlink fence and stained glass window.

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Belle, The beautiful female lead character in the 30th animated feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios Beauty and the Beast.

She have always been my favorite Disney character but even if she is my favorite that doesn´t mean that she is perfect.

I will here explain what i like about her and what i dislike and after that i will explain my reasoning.

Good Points
Here is the categories that i will talk about, I will use these on the bad parts aswell since there is always two sides to every coin.
Her Looks
I love how she looks, brown hair and eyes is very nice and I like the fact that...
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Belle's introduction
Belle's introduction
This was one of the movies that I wanted to get (but I am getting it next month on DVD thank god)as it was so romantic yet very sad as it was one of the best Disney movies I have seen in years. So sit back and enjoy my countdown of the best scenes and why I like them.

#1 Belle’s introduction

Firstly I loved this song and this scene as she is the only one in blue and she likes to read books and sing along. I know pretty much the whole song off by heart as its so nice and it reflects on who Belle is as a person.

#2 Gaston song

I absolutely found this scene hilarious as there was a couple of drunken...
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