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posted by deedragongirl
Two Lives have begun now!
Two Lives have begun now!
Hi everyone, I had read that Disney was originally going to make a sequel that features Gaston's younger brother, Avenant. Now, here are my suggestions on the sequel if the midquel have not been at all.

Turning the Prince back into the Beast

Avenant's motive was to harm the relationship between both Prince Adam and Belle by turning the former back into the beast! Belle will have to start from scratch by breaking the spell, and both tried stopping Avenant along the way.

He Kills Belle

I read this from a fan-fiction site many years ago and my suggestions is this, Avenant participates in a cult...
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There's something about the Enchantress!
There's something about the Enchantress!
Hi guys, I was inspired by a video on Youtube to write this article, so what you are going to read is my theory on whether or the Enchantress is really Prince Adam's mother.

A Valuable Lesson

In both the 1991 and 2017 versions, both his parents had died and his mother is so disappointed on her only son's behaviour as she watches him from the above. That she became the Enchantress to test him, ultimately turning him and the Enchanted Objects!


In the 2017 version, she is upset that her husband has shown his true nature of being a cruel, abusive and selfish man. That she retaliates by...
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posted by pcarmistead-13
just as soon as me and my two other siblings got to the beasts balcony we saw that the curse was broken and we were worried about beast so we ran and ran un til we head over to the west wing we could see that the beast has turned into the prince we were shocked we saw the lumber cogs worth and mrs Potts and chip and the dog are turned back to normal we went over over there to get a better look and we gave him a big hug we were all so happy that we went to belle and beats oh I mean prince Adams wedding me Katie and my brother Eli were dressed up so pretty me and Katie were dressed up in the finest dresses and less jewelry from madame de wardrobe then I decided I might take a walk in the rose garden but the prince and princess belle caught me off guard so that me and my tow younger siblings had to stay here
In the Great Wide Somewhere.
In the Great Wide Somewhere.
Well since I'm a fan of both films, I will be writing on how similarities both films are.

The Story

Since I grew up with both films, the intro starts off with a musical number that we grew to love. To which I will come to that later on as to how they are connected, as the story goes on. It goes from dark to happiness, especially the second half of the film.
The scene where Belle runs down the hill during her song reprise, is a reference to Maria during the opening number. Which is another topic that I will later talk about the character similarities for both Maria and Belle.

The Music & Songs...
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posted by pcarmistead-13
so this is the story of how the curse ended belle and prince Adam finally loved each other I stayed with them for husband and wife issues and my sister and brother . stay also there were dangerous adventures the good thing is that prince Adam aka the beast rescues belle and me and protects us from any harm such as wolfs invaders and Gaston he wants to win belles heart and belle rejects him and belle did a good thing. and she is my best friend a girl could hope for but are real problem is the enchantress she is the powerful woman she cursed prince Adam but when belle came around it went rough when they first met but it was a little great after belle ran away when she first went to the west wing bit this is the new fan fiction with me and my sister and my 6 year old brother danger will be coming against us but we will fight it because we are brave , we are bold but the most powerful thing of all is love
posted by deedragongirl
The Original Belle.
The Original Belle.
Hi guys, I would like to write some of my favourite actresses who play Belle the best, starting from the best to the lowest. Ready?

Paige O' Hara

I was really happy that Howard Ashman (RIP) made the right choice by choosing Paige to voice the 5th Disney Princess, he discovered her when she was doing the Showboat the Musical back during the late 80's.
I find both her speaking and singing voice relaxing and pleasant to listen to, she has a European sounding in it and sounds like Judy Garland at some point of the film.

Susan Egan

Another Broadway actress who originated the role for the Original...
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posted by abbygrace
(Young Beast) 'Days in the sun, when my life has barely begun.
Not until my whole life is done, will I ever leave you?'
(Maestrol Cadenza) 'Will I tremble again? To my dear one's
gorgeous refrain?'
(Lumiere & Plumette) 'Will you now forever remain, out of reach
of my arms?'
(Mrs. Potts) 'All those days in the sun! What I'd give to relive just
one, undo what's done, and bring back the light!'
(De La Garderobe) 'Oh, I could sing, of the pain these dark days
days bring. The spell, we're under,
still, it's the wonder of us, I sing of, tonight!
(Belle) 'How in the midst of all this sorrow,
can so much love and hope endure?
I was innocent, and certain,
now I'm wiser, but unsure.
I can't go back into my childhood,
one that my father made secure,
I can feel the change in me,
I'm stronger now,
but still not free!
(All except Belle and Beast) Days in the sun,
will return, we must believe!
As lovers do,
days in the sun will come shining through!'
posted by deedragongirl
Team 1991?
Team 1991?
Hi guys, since I had done the review for the 2017 film, here is my comparison for the 1991 film with the 2017 version like what I did previously with Cinderella & Maleficent.

The Story-Line

Despite my initial skepticism for the 2017 live-action reboot, I was very happy with a number of things, especially about both Belle and the Beast's childhood, both lost their mothers and we also get to see their interactions more than the 1991 version.
Unlike the 1991 prologue, the 2017 version added more details as to how the inhabitants were cast under a spell. Forgetting about the Prince and the castle!...
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Broadway style!
Broadway style!
Hi guys, I had posted a poll on the Disney Princess site and here are my favourite Prince Adam's Finale Outfit, ranging from most to least favourite.

1. The Broadway Version

I have always love this version, because it show details towards his outfit, especially the jacket which we can see the flower patterns on it! I always thought it was a Spanish style due to the design overall, but it's actually French style from the 18th century.

2. The Animated Version

Considering that this was animated, the animators wanted it simple at the same time keeping faithful towards the time period of the story.

3. 2017 Live-Action Version

This was very similar to the Broadway version, excluding the hairstyle. Indicating it is from the early or mid 18th century, however it's to cliche for my taste.


So here they are, which of these 3 are your favourites?
Dance like there's no tomorrow.
Dance like there's no tomorrow.
posted by deedragongirl
Hello Beast!
Hello Beast!
Hi guys, since we heard the latter on Youtube, here are my opinion on both songs.

If I Can't Love Her

Since I got the Original Broadway Musical cast, I fell in love with this song. I was very disappointed that it was not going to make it into the film this year, because it plays an important role especially since it develops the beast's personality more.


Okay, I heard Dan Steven's rendition for this year's movie, and I felt that it doesn't hold out as powerful and does not follow suit with If I Can't Love Her.
For strange reasons, it reminds me of Out There from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, especially the tempo and the lyrics itself.

Let The World Be Done With Me!

Ironically, these 2 songs are covered by Josh Groban, go ahead and listen to them, then you'll be the judge.
Toast to the Movie!
Toast to the Movie!
Gaston's vain sister!!!
Gaston's vain sister!!!
Hi guys, I am not really sure whether or not Disney should introduce Gaston's sister if they make a sequel to the 1991 classic.

A Sexy Gaston's Sister!

Of course, we all love to see a beautiful and sexy but vengeful sister that goes by the name as Glinda or Gale! Her character will be very vengeful as mentioned, thinking that both Belle and Prince Adam killed her brother. Especially the latter! Until she decides to redeem herself in the end, forgiving the couple and finally accepting that he died of a freak accident.

Not Again!

Okay, if they include her, the story will be a repetition of the first story. Especially if her character is a vengeful out to kill Prince Adam!

A Sexy Villain or Not?

Do you want to see Gaston's sexy sister in a possible sequel?
No one has a sexy sister like Gaston!
No one has a sexy sister like Gaston!
posted by deedragongirl
No one is handsome like Gaston!
No one is handsome like Gaston!
Since I had done for both Belle and the Beast/ Prince Adam, now is Gaston's turn to find his handsome actors.

1) Tom Burke

I first saw him as the arrogant Bentley Drummle in Charles Dicken's Great Expectations, he has the same personality and muscular figure for Gaston!

2) Colin Farrell

The Irish bad boy who played Alexander the Great in the 2004 Oliver Stone's biopic Alexander, his Irish accent is very sexy for Gaston, I wouldn't mind casting an Irish as Gaston!

3) Christian Bale

My favourite Welsh actor, I personally think he is an even better choice than Luke Evans, his fellow Welsh. In fact,...
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The latest artwork.
The latest artwork.
Hi everyone, I would like to write about my favourite songs and scores from the 1991 animated film. Here they are!

The Scores

The scores themselves are very memorable, there 2 of my favourites and they are To the Fair and Transformation. However, for the 1991 release of the West Wing, the second half was when the beast leads Belle to her room after releasing her father.
In the 2002 release, the second half was changed to the wolf chase. To which I never came to understand the reason why for this.
The transformation has 2 versions which were heard from the 1991 and 2002 version of the soundtrack,...
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I love this poster.
I love this poster.
Hi guys, since I have both the soundtrack and had seen the stage version on Youtube. Here is my review on both versions.

The Animated Version

Like all of you, I grew up with the animated version. The music and the scores are really spectacular that it's no wonder that Alan Menken won an award for the movie! I was very blessed that I grew up with the soundtrack and I got it again along with the musical!
The story also has 2 moral values, don't judge a book by its cover and beauty comes from within. It taught us that humans are very complex with their behaviour and we have our strength and weakness....
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posted by Silverrose1991
Hello! This is my first article and I hope you enjoy it. It's my ranking of Belle's outfits. I know this has been done before and I warn you my choices can be quite previsible. This list includes five gowns (four from the original movie and one from The Enchanted Christmas) and two cloaks.

7. Blue peasant dress

"This is... nice" - Madame de la Grande Bouche (musical)

Yes, it is. I like the shade of blue used and the neckline, but it is very plain. I prefer it with the apron, because it brings more variety in the coloring of the lower half.

6. Christmas gown

Again, it has nice coloring and...
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posted by BraBrief
As you can infer, this is my personal rank about Belle's outfits, one of the best dressed Disney animated females, in my opinion.

See also my list about link.

The brown sequel cloak
The brown sequel cloak

8. Brownish-red Cloak

Movies: Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

I know I can't expect so much from a sequel animation, but this cloak is awful. The color is too dark, I've never liked brown. Belle wears it with her blue dress and this is a really terrible combination. The hood also doesn't fit with her hair: brown hood with brown hair? Bad.

The every-day blue outfit
The every-day blue outfit

7. Casual Blue and White Outfit...
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As you can infer, this is my personal rank about Belle's hairstyles.

See also my list about link.

4. Low Ponytail

Movies: Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World.

The most usual Belle's hairstyle is my least favorite. I think it's very plain and it doesn't value Belle's pretty face. She has the low ponytail for the most part of the movies with different bows, but my favorite is the green one. The green bow fits perfectly with Belle's brown hair. I love the pink one too, pink/brown is also a good combination. I really dislike...
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posted by BookWorm26
A few years passed.

Nialla: Mommy, can you read me Mother Goose?

Belle:Sure sweet heart! *Getting out mother goose*

Nialla giggled about how her mother reading such funny poems.


Belle:What sweety?

Nialla:Where is Daddy?

Belle:Taking some business with Cogsworth and Luimere.

Nialla:What does Daddy have to do?

Belle:Take care of the kingdom

Nialla was yawning

Belle:I thinks someone needs to take a nap

Belle carried her daughter up to her room. She kissed her on the forehead
posted by BookWorm26
You have heard the story of Belle and the Beast, but you haven't heard of their daughter.

Belle: She is so beautiful!

Adam: She is a diamond in the rough!

Belle:I want to name her Neilla.

Adam: I love her name

*Mrs.Potts comes into the room*

Mrs.Potts: She is such a beautiful child! She has her fathers eyes, and her mother's face.

Belle:Her blue eyes are spell bounding!

Adam:I want the best for her!

Belle:I will take care of her until I die!

so they hugged their child in their arms.
posted by lol12345678101
It was a horrific
Night for the beast that day. To him getting ready for something was dreadful. The Beast opened the door. Belle was there. She glanced at him. "Shall we?" Belle said. The beast did not know how to respond to that.
LUMIERE: Say yes!!!
BEAST: Of course. The beast took her hand.
BELLE: Don't you think we should have music?
BEAST: *GULP* Umm... Sure. Why?
BELLE: Excuse me?
BEAST: Oh sorry. I meant to say why not.
BELLE: Mrs. Potts?
POTTS: of course I can sing a bit.
BELLE: How did you know I was gonna ask that?
POTTS: I just knew.
Beast took Belle to the dining room.
BELLE: Oh my! This...
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