It has been a long time since I wrote an article so this might not be as good as my other work but I still hope that you will enjoy it.

Here I will tell you about the characters in the Movie Beauty and the beast that I wish we could have learned more about since they got little screentime and/or no explaination.

Babette (Human Form)

First off is Babette/Fifi/Featherduster:
What we know about Babette is that she is working as a maid in the Beasts castle and because of this she is transformed into a featherduster by the enchantress by the same spell that transformed the master into a Beast and that she is having a relationship with Lumiére but if this is just flirting or romantic love is up to everyone person to decide.

What I would like to have known is when did her "Relationship" with Lumiére start and how doe they feel about eachother? and also a little bit more of her personality would have been nice.

but one thing I am happy that they did was give her a human form.


Belle's father Maurice
This guy is a mystery, Why did he raise Belle on his own? Was it bad luck or fate that guided him to the castle and started the whole thing?

There is alot of things that we don't know about this man.

Madame Wardrobe

Madame Wardrobe
She was originally supposed to have Mrs. Potts's role in the movie but was replace probably around the time Chip was created, And even thou I can't imagine how the movie would be if she had a bigger part it still makes me curious as to what her job at the castle was and one thing I am REALLY curious about is what her human form looks like, I mean seriously Babette has less screentime than her but get a human form.

All things concidered I like this character and I wish more was done with her than just being someone for Belle to talk to during her first day in the castle.


Gaston's side-kick and eternal punching bag LeFou, To be honest I don't really care for this character but I can relate to him since he seems to have no luck in anything and I am curious to how he got to the point he is at during the movie but that is about all.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed this article and hopefully I will have a few more up in the near future and I also hope that they will have a tiny bit more quality than this.

What characters would YOU have liked to know better in Beauty and the Beast? Please give you answer in the comment secion :)

Bye for now.