Story Line: What would of happened if Korra and Mako never broke up after she defeated Unalaq? What would of happened if Amon did not die? Well I decided to write a story that answers those questions.

Chapter 1: Amon Is Alive Part 1

It had been 2 weeks since Korra had defeated Unalaq. Since then Mako decided he wanted be closer to Korra and protect her, since he almost lost when she faught Unalaq. So Tenzin allowed Him and Bolin to live at the Air Temple. Asami also lived there now since she no longer could go home since her father was arrested and the home was took as evidence. One day Tenzin got a call from Lei saying Amon was alive and was seeking revenge on Korra since she ruined his plan. So Tenzin decided he would take her, her friends, and his family to fire islands for protection. He knew someone there that would them stay there until they could find a way to defeat Amon. Tenzin hung the phone up and decided to go meet Korra and her friends at the Republic City dock to tell them and get them so the could leave.

Korra ( at Republic City Dock with Mako, Bolin, and Asami):

I decide while I waited for the boat to get here I go to the Pr- Bending Arena to get my favorite wool skirt I left there when we last had a match. I told Mako who wanted to come but I told him I was fine that there was no danger. I told him Unalaq and Amon are both dead they can't harm me. It took a while, but I finally convinced him to let me go on my own. He had been so protective me ever since I defeated Tarlok. I got my skirt and was just heading home when I hard footsteps behind me. I turned to look and I saw 6 chei blockers. I did not know why they were here I just faught back with them that is till they chei blocked me, then I ran. I had got just at the the top of the hill a little ways from the boat and saw the boat was there but did not want the chei blockers to get near the people and hurt anyone so I ran toward the woods on my right. I hoped no one saw especially Mako, because I loved him and if they hurt him I would not be able to forgive myself.

Makko,Bolin, Naga, and Asami( at the boat dock in Republic City):

"What was that"? Bolin, asked as he saw something at the top of the hill. " It looks like Korra". Mako replied. "Where she going? Looks like she is heading into the woods. Wonder why." Bolin said. " She probably forgot something else in the arena and is going back to get it". Asami replied to Bolin. " I don't think so Asami it kinda looked like she was running from someone". Mako replied back to Asami. " You really think so"? Asami had replied to Mako. Just then the chei blockers ran the same way Korra had ran. "Um I think Mako was right. Look". Bolin said pointing toward the hill at the chei blockers. "I thought Amon was dead why they still want her if he is dead"? Asami said. " I am not sure but go tell Lei Asami, Bolin you wait here for Tenzin and tell him when he gets here I go after them". Mako said to them as he got on Naga, who also knew Korrra was in trouble and ran up the hill and then into the woods. Asami then took off to tell Lei the cheif of police. Bolin stood waiting for Tenzin he could see a sky bison comeing his way.

End of part 1.

I made this a 2 part chapter since it is a little long. If you are reading this and part 2 is not up that means I am eaither writing it or posting it. I will have it up soon after part 1 is up. Hope you like it. Please leave a comment on what ya think or if ya want me to make a chapter about something. Also if ya ever want to make a fan art to go with my story leave a comment I won't mind. If ya do I be sure to let everyone know who made it.