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Various anime wallpapers I've found on the internet. Some are of pre-existing characters, some aren't.
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This Anime photo might contain hot tub.

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Please don’t state I’m trolling, I love Cowboy Bebop. In fact, it’s one of my favorite anime ever and it even tops Cardcaptor Sakura. It has great animation and a great cast of English voice actors. I actually like it better than Samurai Champloo. I’m sorry to be an idiot here, but in my opinion, Cowboy Bebop’s movie: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door kinda destroyed Spike’s personality. In the anime, he’s sweet, earnest, and loving. He’d almost never lost the kindness inside of him and always had a calm attitude, especially towards his friends. He was a lot like Jet is now. He...
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Source: Unknown anime artists from around the globe.
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"Whatever else, she needs to be painted in as a bitterly unhappy young girl with little sense of presence." Hideaki Anno, to Yoshiyuki Sadamoto on Rei's character design[3]

At the start of the series, Rei is socially withdrawn, seemingly emotionless, and rarely interacts with anyone, except for Gendo, to whom she initially displays loyalty but with whom she has a generally distant relationship (she says in episode 15 that she "doesn't know what kind of person he is"). She lives by herself in a drab, dingy, sparsely-furnished apartment in Tokyo-3, a clutter of books being her only apparent luxury...
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Hello Everyone!
This is my first time writing Fan Fiction I hope you like it! :D
Please comment and fan my story if you like it, Thanks.


As I awoke from my long slumber there was nothing but blackness surrounding me. I slowly began to sit up and my head felt dizzy and my limbs were stiff. Atop of me I felt a thin sheet and where my head rested there was a thin feathered pillow. I carefully stood up and my legs wobbled and my ankles rolled. I quickly pulled my hands out to protect my from the fall but I felt a hard wall.

It was...
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