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Zippy100 said …
Light Yagami from Death Note is probably the most complicated character ever created. I still can't tell whether he's an anti-hero or a villain. Amazing character design. Posted 10 hours ago
applebear123 commented…
Agreed 6 hours ago
kawaiitard said …
ATTENTION ALL FAIRY-TAIL FANS: Hiro Mashona is releasing a all new series called Eden’s Zero. It looks fucking amazing!!! I posted a picture of the promo art on Images if you want to check it out 👍👍 Posted 12 hours ago
applebear123 commented…
Thanks for the info!!! Most of them look kinda like the FT charai 6 hours ago
applebear123 commented…
Character* 6 hours ago
applebear123 said …
Tokyo Ghoul Re: / Season 3 Episode 13 will air in october 2018. Posted 4 days ago