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Blue Haired Anime Characters
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orihime inoue
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Hey there! ~ I decided to make this step by step article on how I make an icon just because I felt bad because I couldn't include some people's entries in the polls of the Anime Icon Contest because they don't follow the rules given. I'm not really sure where to put this, but since the Anime Icon Contest is here, I decided to post it in this spot.

Making icons are really easy. In fact, you don't really need a fancy software to make one. You could just always crop a picture and re-size it on your computer. If you want to add some fancy effects, you could always use a photo editing software or...
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NOTE: The reason the whole story refers to me is 'MimiBlue' instead of 'animegurl235' is because i copied and pasted this straight from my fanfiction account


and I was to lazy to edit anything :P. So yeah! ENjoy!

Hi guys! This is MimiBlue and it's my first fanfiction! YAY! I really want to be a writer when I grow up so I just wrote this small story based off of Episode 5 of Attack on Titan I love love LOVE the pairing of Eren and Mikasa so I just HAD to write this! :D SO without further ado…. 'Promise Me'. (Told from Mikasa's POV) And the title SUCKS I know
P.S: plz R&R

NOTE: At...
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Erza from Fairy Tail
Erza from Fairy Tail
The names of my top 10 fav anime characters and the reasons why I like them are given below-

1.Erza Scarlet(Fairy Tail)- She's strong,beautiful and everyone,even the boys are scared of her.From her,we can learn that GIRLS RULE!!!

2.Tear (Tales of the Abyss)- She's cute,kind and Strong too...That's why I like her very much.

3.Mio Akiyama (K-ON!)- I just love her reserve and shy personality!

4.Mei Terumi (Naruto Shippuden)- She's the 5th Mizukage and is very awesome,strong and pretty too!

5.Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara)-She's very cute,and I love the name Hoshina...

6.Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)-She's...
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Naoya Shirakawa (白川 直也, Shirakawa Naoya?)

Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (drama CD), Mitsuhiro Ichiki (anime)[1]
A male student at Seika High School who initially dislikes Misaki because of her forceful methods of reforming Seika. He and his friends discover that she works at a maid café early on in the story, but after she is defended by Usui, they quickly become her biggest fans, as well as regulars at Cafe Maid Latte, often referred to as the "idiot trio." His nickname is “Shiroyan.” He also used to be a delinquent in middle school known as White Tornado Beast.
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All Anime Fans, can you lend me your ears.

We have a massive infection problem. The infastation are creatures called Creeps of the Deep. They infect other worlds and increasing thier numbers by 60%. How to combat these creatures is anyway you can, their weak points are the Brain or Heart; it kills the creature for good and it won't get up. If you take a limb it will grow it back and fight even more, but dont get scratch or bitten. There is no cure for the infection still.

We have lots the Chibi Vampire/Karen world and Love Hina world. I just defended the Tokyo Mew Mew world but without some loss. I been at this for almost 6 months and now I need more help. The worlds that are safe and Bleach, Negima and almost any world that has combat or fighting assets.

If you don't help its ok, but the choise is yours. If you do, you have top go through training. But this is YOUR choice.
posted by Dearheart
There is no such thing as a perfect story, but Fullmetal Alchemist comes extremely close. Doesn’t matter if you’re into action/adventure, fantasy/scifi, comedy, tragedy, drama, suspense, romance...FMA’s got something in it for everyone.

Now I’m a nerdy bookworm, not an anime “otaku”; though I do appreciate it as a wonderful form of art and storytelling. And yet Fullmetal Alchemist has become as dear to me as any of the precious books sitting on my shelves. (Seriously, the last time I cared so much about a story this epic was Lord of the Rings.) I don’t even CARE that it’s an...
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