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PurpleDragon02 said …
What do you guys think of, Alpha and Omega: Missing Parents for a title for my script of A&O 9? Posted 1 hour ago
TimberHumphrey said …
*sees R34 art of Stinky, Claudette and Runt*

......... KILL ME! Posted 1 hour ago
QueenWhiskey commented…
Lol 1 hour ago
Kishin_Kira said …
So I got a PSVR headset for my birthday when it first launched in 2016. I haven't really played it that much due to my at the time poor internet and just not a lot of time or space to play. Now that I have my own place and have amazing internet, I just tried it for the first time since maybe early last year and VR has come a long way since then. Its awesome. Posted 15 hours ago
QueenWhiskey commented…
Lucky! 14 hours ago