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QueenWhiskey said …
Oh God. If We Go To War With North Korea.
Its Gonna Be Bad. Really Bad. Posted 23 hours ago
Kishin_Kira commented…
Nah. We'll nuke the hell out of them and it will be over before you know it. Not worried at all 8 hours ago
Kishin_Kira commented…
Kim is not that stupid. 8 hours ago
QueenWhiskey commented…
Idk He Does Think He Is God. Sooooo. Lol Besides Trump Will Get Impeached Or Something. All those civilians That Would Die From That? And All Over Some Hurt Feelings. Hmph. Pretty Sad If You Ask Me. 5 hours ago
Kishin_Kira said …
A great darkness is about to fall upon this land. I fear they call it... Alpha and Omega 9 Posted 1 day ago
QueenWhiskey commented…
The FUCK? 1 day ago
QueenWhiskey commented…
Boy Dont Be Fuckin' With Me Lol 1 day ago
GreyFox99 commented…
NANIII? 7 hours ago
GreyFox99 said …
Thinking back on the film's, I kind of wonder if it was better that Garth and Lilly didn't appear often. I mean no offense but Tom Kane didn't do a perfect job at writing some of the more prevalent characters from the first movie and it's possible that he would've ended up writing those two badly. Posted 2 days ago