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This Adventure Time With Finn and Jake fan art contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Anyway this a fan fiction that includes the reader(s)! So you hang out with Marcy or anyone (I don't care) and you hear this faint cry and its because of the ice king you say “that complicated jerk ruins every thing" and ask if they want to investigate and they " yeah why not" so you heard that was from PB and looked in her room with Finn and surprisingly you kinda dislike him for the Flame Princess break up which was bad beacuase you thought they were perfect! After you search PB's room you remember she was leaving for a sience thing so you tell the others. Anyway you see Ice king with...
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Well, rumor has it that Fionna and Cake will come back, which is probably true. It is seen on the adventure time wiki that theere are adventure time comics for about every show they made. It is shown on one page that ice king is making the sequal to his book Fionna and Cake. The sequal is called Fionna and Cake meet Finn and Jake, which could give us a hint to a upcoming episode. It is shown that ice king is writing his fan fiction until a green portal appears in his home, sucking in all objects that are in his home. There aren't any more pages I could find of this, but I hope this helps you. THANKS!!!!!
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Lemongrab and LSP go out on a date
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