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two bro's in the land of Ooo
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Why do i "hate" Marcy?
Well, i "hate" Marcy for three reasons (the first 2 you guys can think they are crap):

I. I dont like anything related to vampire so this makes me dont feel good about Marcy
II. In someway, she is kinda ruining adv time spirit (as i said it before)

But the next reason is what you guys may not have noticed.

III. Marcy is rude and selfish... Proofs?

1.In "Evicted", i think she took over F & J treehouse which caused them alot of troubles just because she wanted to "play games". Also, i think she intended to suck Jake's blood (or even killed Jake).
2.In "heat signature", in...
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[]cake and fionna were playing in a big skeleton [Marshall lee] hmmmmm [Fionna] this is fun... hey whats that( goes over to the bushes and sees marshall lee and some old lady) hey cake look it's marshall lee the vampire king [cake] (gasps) [fionna]are you still tarifyed of vampires [cake] (hides in tail ) nooooo [old lady] please master realese me [marshall lee] hench woman for life means hench woman for life!!![fionna] stop! [marshall lee] hey what's up fionna[fionna] marshall lee you can't order this old lady around [marshall lee] sure i can watch hench woman amuse me [old lady ](uses cane...
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Le AT Awards of 2014

ye so this is something we never finished back in 2013

i'll just take it seriously

There's three categories:

-- Adventure Time
This is where you could vote for Best/Worst Eps/Ships/Chars and stuff.
-- The Fanpop Club
This is where you could vote for those awards for the active/inactive users of the club or something.
Where you could award someone for being themselves.

AT Category
Best Episode, Hands Down
The Feeljerker (ye the one that made you cri everytiem)
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Ok how in my last fanfic Mack kissed Finn and now a new adventurer comes.

Finn walkes to PB and says "Hi what you doing?" PB says nothing then her boo comes and they kiss. Finn says "Yuck" Then PB says "You kissed Mack and your disgusted by this!?" A mysterious young girl enters the kingdom quietly. PB and GB go to see her while Finn comes with.

5 min of questions but no answers.

The white hair girl says "I'm Cho Ito from the middle sky and came to help and save Finn. Everyone likes what. She leaves saying Finn your honey will kill you when she reaches her point. Finn says ''What? Mack?"

Part 2 coming soon
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Source: This is an adventure time sword I made for one of my fan made characters.
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