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Superboy and baby
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SuperBoy sat on the couch, steamed while M'gann sat in her room crying. They just had a fight. Kaldur sat on a stool on the island. Watching SuperBoy put his head in his hands. Kadlur was not much one to socialize especially after the Mole In The Team fiasco. But SuperBoy looked very much out of sorts, even for the usual. Kaldur didnt want to pry but he did want to help.
He walked over to SuperBoy, slightly unsure on what to say when he reached him. He sat on the couch and glanced over To Conner, "Is everything alright?" Uneasiness in his voice. SuperBoy only looked the other way. Kaldur was...
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have you ever wondered what Kaldur does on those lonely days at the mountain? Well, this is just ONE day

The rest of the team was away at school, like every other weekday. Therefore, I was alone here at the Cave. I tried to put myself to work, I really did! But it was just so boring with no one here. Even listening to Artemis and Wally argue was more exciting. I sat down on the couch and flicked on the news.
“The President has called in the Swat to watch over him while he is in a conference with Wayne Industries, fearful that there may be an assassination attempt on either him or Mister Bruce...
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A little thing called the Young Avengers! They are cool!!!! Marvel Comics' version of YJ; but they came before YJ!
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When I first heard this song, I instantly thought of Superboy. :D
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I laughed so hard when I saw this for the first time. :D
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Coming this Friday! Of course, if you want to read this and the next four episodes, go to the Red Revenge Club!

"The party, Mr. Grant." the driver said, opening the door to the limo.

Sam groaned before stepping out.

"Do I really need a limo drive to my school?" he asked aloud. 

"You are a high profile character." a voice said beside him as Holly slipped her arm through his.

"Nice." he commented at her outfit.

"You think?" Holly asked.

"I think it fits you perfectly." Sam said.

Holly blushed.

She was dressed in a skin-tight black body-suit, which just happened to be her Nightbird costume, with a red trench coat behind it and a red miniskirt over her pants. 

The two walked through the door into the school.
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Here is an exclusive sneak-peek for the next episode of The New Adventures of Red Revenge! Please enjoy!

"What Chief?" Revenge asked, dropping next to the police chief. The head of police was standing in front of a burning building while emergency officials tried to put out the fire and tend to burnt citizens.

"One of your friends dropped by for a visit and left a present." Draxx said.

"What kind of present?" Nightbird asked. "And for who?" 

"For you two." Draxx replied. "Couple packs of C4. Thankfully no one was hurt. I just can't believe she did it."

"She?" Revenge asked. "Ice Crystal?"


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