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posted by renesmeblack
End of Chapter 13

"Nessie," Jacob whispered. It sounded like the nickname was sung by angels. I stared into his eyes.
"Yes?" I breathed.
"You're a..."
"Vampire? I know."
I was disappointed. There has to be something better to say, we're together again, after I was kidnapped! An, "I love you," was the first on my list. I turned away from him.
"Renesmee, what's wrong?"
The first time I actually wished there was tears on my cheek.
"There's got to be something wrong. Is it the fact you're a vampire? Oh, honey, I love you, not what you are."
I felt his hands pull me back, against his chest....
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posted by renesmeblack
... Hi! Okay, I know this took a while, so I'm giving you a reminder of what happened last chapter. Yay!...

End of Chapter 12:

Karrie squeaked. Jeffery turned to her.
"Mom!" She whispered. They both pulled at my arms to make me follow them. Bella and Edward ran with me. It seems as though the chidren had the speed of a vampire. Then they did something unexpected.
Karrie jumped in midair, along with Jeffery. In Karrie's place was a bronze colored wolf, and in Jeffery's a golden wolf. Bella gasped. I decided to shift as well. Now there was three wolves in the hallway. We all ran farther into the...
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posted by renesmeblack
10. Discovery

I spent the last three days watching the babies, trying to figure out what else they can do. I've descovered that since they have both vampire and werewolf genes, they developed faster than Renesmee did. During an "experiment," I told Casper to sit in another room and try to attack me from across the hall.
The cold wave hit me about three seconds later.
"Daddy, I can't get into Bella's mind!" Karrie once thought to me. They took on Renesmee's habit of calling everyone by their names.
"Karrie, stop trying so hard. Bella has a sheild," I told her.
"Like Jeffery?" Karrie asked, surprised....
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posted by emmaliecullen18
This is a continuation of LOVE CHECK MATE. Set after 3 weeks from the ending of LCM... :D

Emmett's POV.

"Hey Sweetie, where are you?" The drama - queen squeaked. "Right here, dream-girl ," I replied in a much sarcastic and less concerned way. OH yes ! let me tell you that I don't know who I am and I don't even know who I was....or well what and with whom I was. It has been 3 months and I am here in Miss Bella Swan's luxurious bungalow but whenever I dare to ask her about my identity all that I am told is that it is nothing that I should mind. I would doubt if anyone would readily accept such...
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posted by 2468244
Your lips are nettles
Your tongue is wine
Your laughter’s liquid
But your body’s pine

You love all sailors
But hate the beach
You say come touch me
But you’re always out of reach

In the dark you tell me of a flower
That only blooms in the violet hour

Your arms are lovely
Yellow and rose
Your back’s a meadow
Covered in snow

Your thighs are thistles
And hot-house grapes
You breathe your sweet breath
And have me wait

In the dark you tell me of a flower
That only blooms in the violet hour

I turn the lights out
I clean the sheets
You change the station
Turned up the heat

And now you’re sitting
Upon your chair
You’ve got me tangled up
Inside your beautiful black hair

In the dark you tell me of a flower
That only blooms in the violet hour

In the dark you tell me of a flower
That only blooms in the violet hour
posted by bookworm4nero
Jacob all the way!!
Jacob all the way!!
Dear Edward

Edward, you are THE guy according to 99.9% of the girls out there but not me no siree! here is why:

Watching Bella while she is asleep:
I get that you wanna protect her blah blah all the romantic stuff, but you started doing the watch-her-while-she-is-asleep thingy RIGHT after you met her. What were you protecting her from? oh right you were scared that she would die in her sleep or something, would have been interesting to see how you would have saved her from that one.

The whole deal with blood:
Do not care whether you drink human blood, animal blood or any other blood. Its disturbing...
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posted by LexisFaith
Breathe Me

~4 months later~

Edward Pov.

I can't believe my little girl is turning two today. I don't want her growing up. I'm very much enjoying her little voice when she calls me daddy, or her giggles when I tickle her, or the way she smiles at Bella. The way her eyes sparkle like Bella is a living, breathing princess. In Adria's book, that's a big thing.

Bella and Adria were in the driveway drawing with chalk. Bella had drawn a sun and put Adria's name inside. My little sunshine. Adria of course was drawing scribbles of different colors. As Bella would 'ooh' and 'aww' at her work, Adria would...
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posted by AmberrBlueeyes
This is DayBreak...
This is DayBreak...
I'd like to thank my Closest Friend For Inspiring me to write and post this story.


We got to the airport and I quickly decided to use the passports with 'Mrs.Lexi Walmont and Mr.Howard Walmont' on them and boarded a plane to New York. "Can I think of something else now? I'm actually bored of my own thoughts." I giggled at Jake, he never ceased to amaze me, I shook my head as his face leaned closer to mine. "Not until we're out of forks, or at least in the air properly. There's still a risk my Father might hear us, there's nothing to say we can't think of each other though. You're what I'm...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Seven
    I heard something, but I didn't know what. All I knew, was that whatever I heard, had awoken me at 11:56 a.m. I lightly pushed Jerek's arm off of me, wanting to wake him up, but knowing that he couldn't protect me, I had to protect myself. I walked out of the room quietly, tip-toeing to the weapons room, wanting to grab something for a defense mechanism besides my fists and feet. I grabbed a gun, knowing that this would do the best damage. I then started my way towards to the stairs,...
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posted by rubytuesday101
The Pancakes
The Pancakes
I woke up the next morning with Emmett basically jumping on the bed,with a big grin on his face.To be true he looked like a kid on Christmas morning,being pregnant the jumping was making be fell sick.
"Mornig Bells,come on get up we gotta get you and mini you breakfast!"he nearly shouted
"OK! i'll get up if you stop jumping youre makeing me feel sick"i moaned covering my mouth,he stoped and got off the bed with an apologitic look on his face.
"Sorry bell's i just excited you know you are a hard women to get alone"he said shaking his head.
"Sorry you know i cant normally be alone because i am heavaly...
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posted by rubytuesday101
I woke up the next morning feeling very comfortable,this bed is like heaven and the smell coming from down stairs is just as good.I smell eggs and toast,i get out of bed and go down to the kitchen edward is cooking breakfast for me.
"Good morning"he says smiling while surving the food onto my plate.
"Good morning"i say back to him while sitting at the table.
"How did you sleep?"he asked while i put a piece of egg in my mouth.
"Great that bed is really nice"i answered back smiling he smiled too happy with my answer.
"What do you want to do today?"he asks after i take a couple of bites.
"Well we could...
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posted by rubytuesday101
2 Days later:
Edward and everyone has gone hunting,i have to stay with charlie all day incase Victoria comes again.Edward didnt want to go but i made him because his eyes were pitch black,he said he was fine but i told him if he doesnt go hunting he would end up hurting me and that would hurt Renesmee,that made him agree to go.Charlie was filling out some papers and i was just sitting there then my phone started ringing.I took my phone out and looked at the caller ID it was mum.
"Hello"i said to her wondering why she is calling me.
"Oh bella where are you?"she asked worried.
"I am at the ploice...
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posted by rubytuesday101
1 Month later
It is two months till Renesmee is born and i look like i am 9 months pregnant.Me and edward are moving into the house in two weeks and i actually cant wait it will be nice not being cramped in this house.I am packing things up for edward to bring to the house alice is here too to decide what stays and goes.
i like them,and i will be the one wearing the clothes not you"i said to her as she looked at my jeans.
"I know but you will have to have nice clothes to go with your new face"she moaned,what did she mean my new face i looked at edward he was looking at alice as if he could kill...
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posted by rubytuesday101
I sat down on the sofa and so did edward,He sat down right beside me.After a while i drifted off to sleep,i dont know when i woke up but it was really dark.Then i noticed my head was on edward's shoulder,when i was asleep i must have leaned on him.I looked at edward he seemed comfortable and happy really happy,i took my head off edwards shoulder and looked at him.
"Your awake"he said smiling that dazzleing smile,he had dazzled me one again.
"Ya,i was really tired sorry"i said getting akeward.
"Its okay i didnt mind"he said smiling even wider.
"Of corse you didnt"i said and he laughed a bit i looked...
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posted by indistarz
This is my first fanfiction- hope you enjoy it!

Seeing them together brought back memories I didn’t want to think about. I blinked as thoughts of my sweet Didyme rushed back into my mind. Edward, with one arm still curled protectively around the human girl, flashed his eyes over to my face. His expression,formerly cold, softened for a split second, and then flitted back to Aro’s questioning face. Feelings that I’d blocked for centuries crowded my already overworked brain.

“Marcus,” she whispered softly, “you don’t have to leave.” My expression hardened.

“No” I growled “I...
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posted by rubytuesday101
1 Month later:

I have 3 months to go untill Renesmee is born,i look like i am 7 months pregnant but i dont mind.I have been spending nearly everyday with jacob we have become even closer than before but i dont see him more than a friend i think he knows that.Today is Friday and it is the end of school today is graduation,alice got me something to wear and i went to my graduation.The ceremony only took about and hour and a half then it was over i went to a restraunte with charlie then alice brought me up to her house because she said she had stuff for me and renesmee.We drove up there and went...
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posted by LexisFaith
The next morning I was hesitating by the phone. I didn't want to do this, but we needed to. We had to. There wasn't much time left. I dialed the number and wished I hadn't as soon as it started ringing.
"Hello?" Alice's voice on the other end was bouncy.
"Alice? It's Renesmee." I sighed. Jacob stood beside me with a wet towel across his head. Okay, he was over reacting. "Jake and I....we uh," I looked at him and sucked in a breath. "We need you to go with us to buy stuff for the babies."
As Alice squealed with delight, I held the phone out from my ear as Jake held both hands over his ears. "I...
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posted by CarlislesLover
This may sound like the end but it isn't.

I did what I did with every other country. I saw the Cullen’s in the audience along with Charlie, Jacob and Billy. Jessica, mike, Angela and Eric were all there too. I knew so many people in the audience, but I had to ignore them and carry on. I finished at last and went back stage. My boss was going back early and said I could stay here for as long as I wanted. I got changed in to something else. Then Charlie walked in. He drove me home, the Cullen’s following behind. We all entered the house and sat down on the sofa. “What happened to you?”...
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posted by amy_r_cullen
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Renesmee, happy birthday to you
Everybody sang out.

After Renesmee blew out her candles
Carlisle and Esme walk over to her in a slow human pace, and handed her an oddly shaped small box, saying happy birthday Renesmee love granddad Carlisle and grandma Esme on the top of the tinny gift.
Happy birthday Renesmee chuckled Carlisle, Renesmee giggled and leaped on Carlisle and squeaked in her high pitched voice thank you granddad, thank you grandma. If I didn’t know that you grow so fast I think I would have mistaken you for a thirteen...
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posted by rubytuesday101
When i got to biology mike sat in his seat and i went and sat at the only empty desk looks like i will be my own biology partner.At that moment that boy came in the class the one i bumped into.He looked around the class room then saw me and his eyes seemed to get bigger like he was shocked at something.Mister warner told him to go sit at any empty seat then i realized the only empty seat my the one next to me. He looked around the room again and saw the seat next to me and i saw what looked like pain flicker across his face.Then he came and sat beside me i looked at him and...
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